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Psychic Medium Susan Rowlen Review

Available Readings

  • Phone readings


Pros and Cons

  • In-Person Readings
  • Phone Readings
  • Small Group Readings
  • You Can Schedule a Group, Event, or Party with Susan
  • No e-mail Readings
  • No Free Readings
  • High-priced Readings
  • No facility to chat instantly
  • You Have To Preschedule a Reading
  • Can’t see upfront reader’s reviews and star average on the site

Who Is Psychic Medium Susan Rowlen?

Psychic Medium Susan Rowlen claims to be a personal, business and investigative psychic medium, as well as a paranormal investigator.

She also appears a successful psychic medium with appearances in a few popular radio shows, podcasts and YouTube channels, such as FOX 32 Chicago, The WGCI Morning Show, WINDY CITY LIVE, WGN Radio, as well as her on her own YouTube channel, called Psychic Medium Susan Rowlen.

While we are not saying that Susan Rowlen isn’t a psychic medium, we do have some suspicions and concerns regarding her work.

There were a few red flags about her website that you should look out for. So, we suggest that you proceed with caution if you want to use Susan Rowlen’s services.  

Keep on reading to find out what we have discovered about her and her services.

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An Overview Of Psychic Medium Susan Rowlen’s Website

Let’s have a closer look at Psychic Medium Susan Rowlen’s website to see who she actually is, and whether or not she really possesses the powers and abilities she claims she does.

Is Psychic Medium Susan Rowlen Real?

We can agree that the woman on all the pictures and videos on the website is the woman who appears on all social media accounts as well, including Facebook and YouTube.

She uses a professional photographer for her shots used on the website, but nonetheless, she uses her own photos, rather than using stock images. (These are red flags for the dodgy, scam artists!)

If you’re interested in getting a psychic or medium reading but aren’t sure Susan Rowlen is the right choice for you, follow us as we take a closer look. We’ll go over her website and the services that she offers in order to see if she is really what she claims she is.

We work hard to connect our consumers with reputable psychic hotlines and talented psychics. So this is why we’ve conducted extensive research into Psychic Medium Susan Rowlen’s life and career to see whether or not her talents and readings are genuine.

Is Psychic Medium Susan Rowlen’s Website a Scam?

The reason why many people are skeptical about psychic sites and people who claim to possess such powers is that there are tons of scammers out there. People who are in the business only for the money.

They do not care about other people and do not wish to help them; all they want to do is help themselves earn some easy cash.

Although Psychic Medium Susan Rowlen’s website seems legitimate and genuine, and she does seem to care about people, there are a few key facts about her that stand out. That’s why we cannot necessarily say that it is a scam, although it might not be suitable for everyone.

Before we give you an overview of her services and her offers, let’s have a closer look at her website first.

How Does Psychic Medium Susan Rowlen’s Website Work?

Unlike most well-known psychic sites, like Psychic Source, or Keen, Susan Rowlen’s Website doesn’t offer free or discounted readings. The prices for her readings are pretty steep which is why not everyone can afford a reading from her.

She offers:

    • 15 Min readings for $40.00
    • 30 Min readings for $75.00
    • 45 Min readings for $115.00
    • 60 Min readings for $150.00

Her services also include:

    • 1 to 1 Individual Readings – in Office or by Phone
    • Group Readings (Limited to 8 people/ 30 minutes each)
    • 1 to 1 Business Consultations
Career, Acquisition, Position, or Growth
    • Paranormal Investigation Assistance
    • Cold Case Review & Assistance

What Makes Psychic Medium Susan Rowlen Different From The Rest?

  • Female-run business, owned and run by Susan Rowlen herself
  • Doesn’t have more readers to choose from
  • Offers small group sessions
  • Accepts PayPal, MasterCard, Visa as payment methods
  • Offers only 15,30,45 and 60-minute readings
  • Doesn’t offer free readings
  • Doesn’t offer discounts
  • Charges flat rates

Is Psychic Medium Susan Rowlen Right For You?

The gifts I have been given are the reason I serve others! To be able to provide answers to a person’s questions and curiosities of the unknown not only brings me joy, but provides me with my own peace. I am so happy to have been able to find my own direction in my life, one of helping others!

So looking forward to speaking with you!

Much Love Susan!

Although Susan seems to be very forthcoming and honest, there are a few qualities of hers that make us question her true intentions.

First of all, her readings are very pricy. This means that although she claims to help people in need, not all of those people could afford her readings. Especially if she asks them (and she will) to schedule their next meeting soon after their first one.

Have you already used her services and received some information that has caused you concerns, but you can’t afford to schedule another reading with her? Or perhaps you don’t want to? If this is the case, then there are a few things you can do.

You can call a reputable psychic hotline (such as Psychic Source or Keen). Choose one of their trusted psychics instead and share your concerns with them.

Let them guide you and alleviate your concerns by going over the problem with you and helping you figure out what your next step should be.

Once you get some clarity and ease of mind, you can choose to hang up. Or, if you wish, you can continue talking to your psychic about some of the other problems or concerns you might be experiencing. You can rest assured that if you choose a psychic from a reputable company such as Psychic Source, you’ll be able to drill down to the core issue you’re experiencing. They will help you find a suitable solution that applies to your situation, and no one else’s.

If, however, you don’t mind that Susan’s readings are a bit overpriced or that you need to schedule your reading ahead of time, instead of getting immediate help and advice, and you wish to support a smaller site, rather than going to an established psychic site, then a reading with Psychic Medium Susan Rowlen might be a good fit for you.

What if I Get a Feeling That I’m Being Scammed?

Are you not sure whether or not you’re getting a genuine and honest reading? Are you feeling a bit scared as to what your psychic medium has told you is true? If so, here are some of the tips that you can use to see if you’re being scammed:

  • What is your gut feeling telling you? Are you feeling suspicious of your psychic? Are you unsure whether or not your psychic is telling the truth? What is your first impression of them?
  • Do you feel like your psychic is trying to scare you just so they can get you to book another session with them?
  • Are they withholding information just to get you to pay for another session?
  • Do you feel a genuine connection with them? Or do you feel like they don’t have your best interests at heart?
  • Do you feel like they are not paying enough attention to you?
  • Are their insights and advice applicable to your situation? Or are they very general and vague?

If you experience some of these feelings during your reading, chances are you’re dealing with a scammer.

Unfortunately for you, Susan Rowlen’s services don’t come with a money back guarantee. So, if you’re unsatisfied with your reading, there isn’t much you can do. If you’re not satisfied with your reading, you can go to some of our trusted psychic websites for further help and advice on the issue.

Our Conclusion; Not Worth the Money

Even if you enjoy getting readings from different readers so that you can get some different insights and opinions, we believe that Psychic Medium Susan Rowlen’s services are not suitable for everyone’s budget. This means, therefore, that she’s not as focused on helping people as she is on making a profit.

Her services are not only twice as expensive as most reputable psychic sites, but they are also not that convenient. Susan only does phone and in-person readings, and since she does the readings herself (as stated on her website), it takes time for you to get an appointment. Whereas, with popular psychic sites, you can find tons of readers, some of whom are bound to be available at your given time.

Are you experiencing some difficulties or problems in your life? Are you in need of guidance and advice? If so, we recommend using some of our favorite and reputable psychic sites that have passed our reviews and research with flying colors.

Through these websites, you’ll be able to get in touch with a genuine, experienced psychic. They will give you real advice and guidance faster and at much more affordable prices.

Plus, most of them usually offer amazing discounts and free readings to clients who are new to their services!   

Here are our recommended sites:

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Have you ever had a reading from ‘Susan’? What was your experience like? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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