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Pros and Cons

  • Offers phone readings
  • Claims to have inherited her powers from her father
  • Has appeared on various radio and television shows
  • Does yearly predictions
  • Not a lot of info on the website
  • Doesn't offer details about her services and prices on her website
  • Posts around 600+ world predictions each year
  • No free readings
  • No e-mail, chat or video readings
  • No reviews or star ratings by clients on the website

Who Is Psychic Nikki?

Psychic Nikki claims to be an astrologer and a clairvoyant. She claims to have inherited her gifts from her father, who had the gift as well.

Nikki claims to have the power to see objects or events that cannot be perceived by our senses.

She describes herself as an audient clairvoyant, and says that she has an acute intuitive insight.

“What I see is almost like a television camera, my vision has technicolor pictures, that’s how my predictions work,” she says. “Sometimes they don’t come up right away.”

Psychic Nikki is Canadian born. She lives and works in Toronto and is famous worldwide. She has had numerous appearances on famous radio and TV shows, but can we really consider that as enough evidence of her psychic abilities?

We don’t think so.

So if you’re thinking of using Nikki’s services or thinking of scheduling a consultation, make sure you read on till the end first, because there are a lot of things about psychic Nikki and her “gifts” that are a bit too fishy to us.

Keep on reading for an overview of some of the red flags that were raised as we reviewed psychic Nikki and her services.

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An Overview Of Psychic Nikki’s Website

Although she claims to be a psychic to the stars and has listed numerous famous Hollywood actors and actresses as her clients, Nikki’s website is one of the worst, low-budget, low-quality websites you’ve ever seen.

Red Flag #1: The Website’s Design and Navigation

Nikki’s website is poorly designed, and hard to navigate. She has two or three pages in total, and each of them basically consists of a bunch of bullet lists with unverified information, and vague and untrue predictions as well as a list of A-list clients who we are unable to confirm that they use Nikki’s services.

If her list of clients does include Shirley MacLaine, Cher, Rod Stewart, Matt Dillon, Tom Cruise, Survivor Contestants, Donald O’Connor, Hal Lindon, Roger Whitiker, and many others, then wouldn’t her budget allow for her to have a better-designed website, with all the required information and an easy-to-navigate menu?

Red Flag #2: The Services She Offers

Although we cannot confirm whether or not these stars actually use her services for their personal psychic needs, the truth is that many of them have previously praised her for her ability to entertain.

Tom Cruise, Rod Stewart, and the Toronto Sun have said that Nikki is a great entertainer and that she’s great to have at dinner parties and events.

She also had her own show, On Stage with Psychic Nikki, where people could enjoy a three-course meal as well as some entertainment in the form of predictions and celebrity gossip. As people enjoyed their shrimp cocktails, jambalaya, or chicken, Nikki entertained them with general predictions about worldwide events and celebrity gossip.

Sometimes she’d even take questions from the audience and “predict” their future.

Red Flag #3: Information About Nikki

If you visit Nikki’s site, the first thing you’ll notice after the bad design and layout of the website is the lack of personal information about Nikki.

Other than claiming to be clairvoyant, and mentioning her father’s abilities, which she says to have inherited from him, there is no other info on her, her services, and what she offers. You won’t even be able to find out where Nikki is from, or what kind of psychic services she offers from the site alone.

This isn’t the case with just her website, she gives off even less information on her active Twitter account, where she has a following of 15K people, but practically no likes, comments, or retweets.

This is yet another proof of how “popular” and “accurate” she actually is.

Other than sharing that she’s from Toronto, Canada, she doesn’t give away much info about herself.

If you want to talk to a psychic from a reputable psychic hotline (such as Psychic Source or Keen), you can choose one of their trusted top-rated psychics and share your concerns with them, instead of trusting a person you know close to nothing about.

You can rest assured that if you go with a psychic from a reputable company like Psychic Source, you’ll be able to find out everything about your psychic before your session. You can easily find customer reviews, positive and negative experiences, and ratings so that you can make the choice that’s right for you.

You’ll be able to choose a real and not to mention experienced psychic you can trust with your problem.

Red Flag #4: Inconsistent and Wrong Predictions

As we already mentioned above, what makes Nikki so popular when it comes to talk shows and radio shows, is the fact that she doesn’t just make predictions about a particular person she’s doing a reading for. She also makes a lot of predictions about celebrities and famous people and also tries to predict events from around the world.

As she says on her website, she makes predictions year-round; on her website, on radio, television, newspapers, magazines, and on the internet.

For example, you can find all her predictions for 2019 on her website. She also has a death and health watch, which is a list of people who have a higher risk of getting sick or dying in 2019, as well as weather predictions for countries and cities across the globe.

Although this list seems like an interesting read and might make anyone curious to see what we can expect in the future, there are a few things that have raised more red flags, including her:

  • Inconsistency

You don’t need to search too deep to see that Nikki’s predictions are nothing more than pure entertainment, speculations and sometimes even gossip.

Every year she makes some general, often vague predictions about the following year. These are along with some very specific ones, like the one she made about a Hollywood star who will be crushed by an elephant while on location in India. Although most of her predictions are fun to read, the percentage of correct guesses is quite low.

Even the ones she gets right are so general and vague that virtually anyone could have speculated about them.

But that’s not the only worrying thing about her. Whenever some of her predictions didn’t come true, she’d either delete or replace them on her website, or say that she had gotten the year wrong.

Here’s what she had to say when she was asked about her predictions that didn’t come true:

“Sometimes when you make a prediction, the time frame could be off,” she said. “[Sometimes] psychics have problems making the exact time frame, but eventually the prediction does happen.”

It’s also not unusual for Nikki to add names to her death and health watch list after a famous actor or celebrity dies, and claim that she had made that prediction beforehand.

People who follow her website and her predictions closely noticed that on the 23rd or January 2008, she added Heath Ledger’s name to her death watch list, and claimed to have predicted his death, which happened on the 22nd.

What’s astonishing is that the cached version of her website still had Ledger’s name missing from the list.

Where Can I Find a Genuine Psychic?

These are just a handful of the many examples of false predictions or lies that Nikki’s claimed over the years. So, if you don’t want to risk getting a false reading you are better off calling a reputable psychic hotline (like Psychic Source or Keen).

Instead of trusting a person who sees clairvoyance and psychic powers as entertainment and as a tool to make money, go with a genuine psychic who will be able to shine some light on your problem and help you out.

Let them guide you through your difficult situation, and trust them to help you figure out how to handle your problem the right way.

  • Vagueness

Not only does Nikki make false predictions and alters predictions she’s already made in the past, but she also makes her predictions as vague and as general as they can be.

This way she’ll have a higher chance of getting something correct, and make it seem like she used her “special” powers to predict it.

Here’s a list of a few such predictions that she’s made for 2019:

  • A royal baby and a royal divorce
  • Fergie behaving weirdly
  • Royal Funerals
  • A heat wave covers London, England
  • An earthquake in South Africa
  • An earthquake in Denmark
  • Tsunami in Malibu
  • A Hollywood hunk will have a breakdown and serve jail time
  • Sexual allegations against a gameshow host
  • An increase in UFO sightings worldwide

These are some of the many “interesting” predictions she’s made for 2019, most of which are so general and vague that they’re very likely to happen for real this year.

That’s how Nikki makes most of her predictions and that’s why we have to say that our instincts and our research are pointing to the fact that Nikki is more of an entertainer than a genuine psychic.

If you’re looking for a psychic with genuine clairvoyant abilities, you can check out some of our top-rated psychic websites for 2019 below.

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2 years ago

My husband and I saw Psychic Nicki about 7 years ago downtown Toronto. She saw us separately and left us with about 15 pages of scribbled notes and said for us her predictions could take as long as 5 years. Well, I’m sorry to say that not one of her predictions happened. My neighbor (94) still hasn’t passed, I did not win a large lotto max. As well, my husbands were not even close. He did not travel to places she indicated, work life was opposite what was predicted. So all in all our experience was a total bust –… Read more »

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