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Psychic Penelope Review

Available Readings

  • Phone readings
  • Horoscope readings
  • Tarot readings
  • Free readings


Pros and Cons

  • Clairvoyant readings by chat
  • Text a psychic
  • Free online readings
  • UK clairvoyants
  • A selection of psychics to choose from
  • No email readings
  • Not a lot of information about the services provided
  • Prices aren't clearly stated on the website
  • Psychic Penelope doesn't do the readings herself

Who Is Psychic Penelope?

My grandmother was a strong influence in my life and taught me many things.  She never said she was a witch or healer or anything, but certainly she seemed to have mystical powers, and an uncanny healing ability and a way of knowing things that were not told to her.

As I grew up I became a student of the occult, learning about various methods of divination, and spiritual practices such as meditation.

Contrary to what some believe, ‘Psychic Penelope’ isn’t a psychic or a clairvoyant.

However, she has always been interested in readings and the power of the mind always fascinated her.

According to her, she started to get interested in all things psychic ever since she was a small child. This passion was born thanks to her grandmother, who used to read her tea leaves when she was just a child.

Her grandma didn’t see herself as a psychic either, although as Penelope says, she seemed to possess mystical powers and the ability to know and see things that others couldn’t.

Although Penelope is also quite interested in the mystical and has even spent a lot of time learning about numerous spiritual practices and divination techniques, she didn’t quite get into the whole practice. She didn’t quite master the tarot or any of the other methods used in readings.

Even though she has her own deck of tarot cards that she uses from time to time, as well as a pendulum which helps her make everyday decisions, that’s as far as her knowledge and involvement in the mystical goes.

That’s why Penelope has a whole team of psychics that work for her.

Let’s check out her website and her readers to see if ‘Psychic Penelope”s Clairvoyants are the right choice for you.

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Does Psychic Penelope Do Readings?

Although she is extremely immersed in the subject of clairvoyance and enjoys learning about all the different techniques and methods used during readings, she doesn’t consider herself a psychic. Therefore she doesn’t do any readings herself.

She does, however, write blog posts for her website, which she calls the spiritual self-development blog.

Although she hasn’t posted anything for a while now, she does have a few interesting pieces about fear, problem-solving, self-improvement and so on.

About the Psychic Penelope Clairvoyants

Over the years, Psychic Penelope has often consulted psychics, especially by phone. She’s had mixed experiences with the readers she’s consulted. So this is why she wanted to set up her own site, where she could connect people to professional psychics.

Penelope has a small team of psychics that is slowly growing bigger. She wanted to select readers who were also good counselors so that they can give their clients helpful advice as well.

Although her site does offer a choice between several different psychics, we can’t find any information about how she selects the psychics, or what their experience and knowledge on the subject is. All we know is that she’s the one who picks them, and according to her, she is very selective about who she chooses to represent her name. There is, however, no tangible evidence of this.

The fact that we cannot even see the team she works with, or that there’s very little information about her psychics is a huge red flag for us.

You cannot see who she works with, learn about them, read their reviews, or compare them with each other, as you can on larger, more professional sites like Psychic Source or Keen.

What to Expect From the Reading

The Psychic Penelope clairvoyants will be able to give you guidance and advice in several areas of your life. Here are some of the most common reasons why people go to them:

Her Prices & Services

According to her website, Psychic Penelope’s services include clairvoyant readings by chat or phone call, as well as free online readings. You can also receive a reading via text messages for £1 per message.

She offers free online mini readings, including free daily horoscopes and free online card games that she claims reveal hidden insights about the player.

Although the prices for the readings aren’t included on the website, she does offer some discounts and special offers from time to time. She posts these on her facebook page.

She also has a free psychic chat which allows you to choose your reader and test them out before you get a paid reading from them. You can see if you have a connection with them and if you want to get a full reading from them afterward.

Although the reading is free, the psychics are not allowed to go into detail and give out the answer for free. They might answer a question or two, or do a quick tarot card reading for you, but that’s as far as they can go for free.

What Tools Do Her Psychics Use?

Her psychic readers use a variety of techniques and tools that help them make a prediction about the future and sense what the outcome of a particular situation will be.

Penelope’s psychics claim to be able to see the future. According to her, some see it in the form of visions in their head, while others use other divination tools and techniques, such as a crystal ball, palm readings and so on.  Some of them also use tarot and angel card readings, spirit guides, pendulums, numerology, astrology, crystals, and runes.

What If I Don’t Like or Agree With The Advice or Reading?

According to Penelope, her psychics are hand-picked and trained to give empowering advice that helps clients in their decision-making process and allows them to see what their future looks like.

Although you might be satisfied with the advice given since we don’t have any background on her psychics we cannot say for sure if they are genuine and if their readings are correct.

If you’re not satisfied with your reading or you find their prices to be too high for you, you can use one of our favorite verified psychic sites, to get a credible and affordable reading right now.

Be careful!

Don’t trust any psychic who promises you that they can tell you exactly what your future looks like. Know that no such thing exists, and no genuine psychic worth their salt will be able to promise you that.

Although your psychic reader will be able to give you an idea of what your future might look like if you were to choose one path over the other, that’s as far as their predictions can go.

Think about it for a second. If the future was fixed and there was nothing you could do about it, would you have the need to go to a reading?

You’re the only person with the power to control your own destiny and change your future. So that’s why you need to choose a credible and experienced psychic so that you can better understand your options and be able to recognize what’s important in life.

So if you’re looking for an affordable, genuine psychic that you can consult with at a time in need, check out some of the numerous psychics, clairvoyants, astrologers, and mediums available on the following top-rated psychic websites:

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Have you ever had a reading from the ‘Psychic Penelope Clairvoyants’? What was your experience like? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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