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An Inappropriate Name For This Psychic Site

We’re not sure whether Psychic Trust is an appropriate name for this confusing website. It’s not conveying a feeling of trust for us that’s for sure! The whole experience has made it very difficult to explain the site for this introduction briefly.

Keep on reading to find out why.

But in the meantime, if you are looking for a trustworthy psychic provider and an instant reading, then check out the link below:

Get A Genuine Reading From A Real Psychic In 5 Easy Steps 

  1. Visit Psychic Source.
  2. Register your details (you’ll need to enter your payment details).
  3. Choose a psychic who stands out to you.
  5. Click ‘Call’ (the psychic will call you back).

Who Is Psychic Trust?

At first glance, Psychic Trust appears to be a clean looking website. However, it’s also a sparse psychic website that looks like it’s half a psychic site and half a corporate business site.

There’s a picture of a lady on the website who appears to portray the psychic involved with Psychic Trust. However, the site doesn’t explain who this lady is or why her photo is so prominent. We assume that the lady featured in the picture is meant to be the psychic involved with this website. And if she isn’t associated, then we can’t understand why her image is there.

The thing is, however, that this photo is a stock image of a model, not a psychic, which is very misleading. And it’s certainly not the only misleading feature on this website.

A Free Tarot Card Reading

The next thing we noticed was the free tarot card reading. For some reason, we were drawn to this feature and thought it looked appealing, even though we knew it would be a quick tarot reading game. At least, that’s what we thought it was, but it wasn’t really. It gave the illusion of being one of these games; however, to find out the meaning of the cards, you have to register for a free reading. This is yet another misleading feature because you don’t get the tarot card reading promised.

Constant Redirects To Encourage A Paid Reading

After registration, you land on a page that promotes a telephone reading for $1 per minute as a special offer. However, we cannot see who the psychics are to verify them. So, if you decide to proceed, you will be taking a significant risk.

At the same time, you also receive an email that once again tries to redirect you to a psychic service. So frankly, by this point, it becomes annoying. They offered a free reading, which you don’t get. They gave the illusion of a psychic who is just a stock image model. Then, finally, Psychic Trust appears to offer you a free tarot game. But when you take part in the game and register your details to receive the free reading provided, you end up on a magical merry go around that only leads to a paid reading.

Has This Website Mimicked A Scam Site?

It’s as though this site has looked at the scam psychics that we have reviewed and attempted to copy or hack their system. But they did it poorly. We don’t have anything good to say about scam sites. However, if you are interested in copywriting and hypnotic language you will find it difficult not to appreciate the skills demonstrated by these sites in those fields. It’s just unfortunate that they are put to poor use instead of used for the good of others.

As we said, this site is confusing from the offset and one that we do not trust one bit.

What’s Really Going On With Psychic Trust?

We don’t know for sure what is happening with Psychic Trust. We can guess that they are trying to promote an affiliation with some other psychic provider, which is no bad thing at all. The way in which they are approaching it, however, seems to be by mimicking scam sites and manipulating their readers. It’s hard to see how Pluton Media, the owner of the Psychic Trust website, is working in your best interests at all.

What Services Does Psychic Trust Provide?

Well, it’s not easy to determine which services Psychic Trust provide. What we do know, however, is that they attempt to hook you up with a telephone reading.

How Do We Rate Psychic Trust?

We don’t rate Psychic Trust at all because we don’t get them. They are either scamming you or they are unorganized and illogical. Both situations mean that you have to question Psychic Trust’s integrity and ability to research and connect you with a great psychic provider.

Is Psychic Trust Legit?

Psychic Trust might be promoting great psychic sites, but we cannot confirm this.  Nor do we know enough about them to trust their decision making about what psychic providers to recommend. What is also confusing is understanding what their purpose is. Transparency doesn’t seem to be their thing!   

All of the red herrings on this website are just clickbait, a waste of your time and frankly disrespectful. 

How Does Psychic Trust Compare To Psychic Source?

Website Navigation

The navigation at Psychic Source is immaculate. The site is modern and has been built to meet all of your requirements as a customer. There is tons of information and all of it is easy to navigate.   Psychic Source is a very ethical company who ensures you feel considered even through their web-browsing experience. There are no red herrings anywhere in the site.

When it comes to Psychic Trust, everything is misleading. It’s like the horror version of Alice in Wonderland! Although the website navigation is straightforward.

The Quality of The Readings

We don’t know what the quality of the readings that Psychic Trust promotes is like because we can’t see any information about the psychics involved. 

It’s not good enough.

We also wouldn’t trust their decisions because of the nature of this website so far.

Psychic Source, on the other hand, hosts a variety of readers, all of whom they have recruited and verified. They also monitor their psychics as they work.

This monitoring process ensures that their stringent ethical policies are followed, meaning that their readings, in general, are excellent. Still, if you do happen to have a poor experience, they also help you out in that situation too. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You really can’t lose with them!

The variety of readings at Psychic Source is also vast. There are plenty of different options to choose from. Finally, all readings are live, which means that you can talk in person to your psychic in real-time, rather than receiving a pre-written and generic email reading.

Quality of Reviews

Psychic Source offers real-time reviews. Real-time reviews mean that you get to see what the psychic’s customers think about their experience, without any editing.

We can’t see any psychics from Psychic Trust so without any reviews we can’t verify the psychics and therefore can’t trust them. How ironic that we can’t trust the psychics from a company called ‘Psychic Trust’.

The Psychic Verification Process

We can’t verify Psychic Trust positively, because once again we don’t know where they are trying to take us.

Psychic Source goes out of their way to explain how they verify their psychics. They make sure that they only have the best psychics and maintain standards by monitoring them too, which offers you peace of mind that you are making a great buying decision by using them.

A Time-Wasting Magical, Mystery Merry-go-round of A Psychic Service

If you like to waste your time, then Psychic Trust might be the website for you to do that on, but frankly, that’s all it’s good for.

There are far too many red herrings leading us to the same place. That place is to call for a reading that we would be too dizzy to be in a good enough space to make the most of a reading anyway.  

This is a poor show and unfair on anybody who lands on this website. We don’t recommend them.

Instead, we recommend our top reviewed psychic providers listed below. We can guarantee that the psychics you find there are legit, monitored, verified and real and you can check them out for yourself by clicking the links – there’s no mystery involved here!

Here Are Our Top Rated Psychic Providers

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now. 

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