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Psychic Violetta Review

Available Readings

  • Phone readings
  • Tarot readings
  • Live video call


Pros and Cons

  • Skype calls available
  • Client reviews displayed on the website
  • Prices and service clearly displayed on the website
  • Only skype and phone calls
  • A bit on the expensive side
  • No e-mail readings
  • No discounts
  • Can't chat instantly
  • No selection of psychics to choose from

Who is Psychic Violetta?

According to her website and social media accounts, Violetta is a psychic, a medium and a co-owner of a small antiques shop called Red Deer Antiques and Collectibles, located in Canada. She was born in Poland, and is now living and working in Alberta, Canada.

Violetta co-owns the store with her partner but also works as a spirit medium and psychic, revealing the mysteries of the Past, Present, and Future. She also has her own YouTube channel where she makes predictions about famous politicians and worldwide events, providing a unique and interesting take on things.

People come to her to buy antiques, but also call her for advice, guidance and psychic predictions.

Her Services

Violetta offers only Skype and phone call readings. She doesn’t do email readings and in-person readings. She only offers 30, 45 and 60-minute readings and her most popular offer is her 45-minute one-on-one Skype reading. This is a private and confidential psychic double reading. It includes answering several questions through using her Vision and her deck of Tarot cards.

She claims to use her vision and her experience with tarot readings to reveal the mysteries of the past, present, and future and to help her clients find enlightenment and guidance. She wants to help them make more informed decisions and make better choices for their future.

Her Prices

As you can see on her website, her prices for both Skype and phone call readings are pretty steep!

She charges:

    • $100 for 30-minute readings
    • $140 for her 45-minute readings, and
    • $170 for 60-minute readings

If you find these prices too high, or you simply want to get a more reliable, yet affordable reading by a real psychic, you can use one of our favorite verified psychic sites, to get a credible and fast reading.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

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An Overview Of Psychic Violetta’s Website

When it comes to the design and layout of the website, we can definitely agree that not only is the website easy to navigate, and use, but it also has a nice design and a simple layout.

You can easily find whatever it is you’re looking for on the website, and you can book a meeting right away using their booking calendar or by calling the number on the home page.

All the necessary information is listed right there on the website, including available services and their prices.

The thing we can see right away when we go to her website is that unlike most top-rated psychic sites, including Keen and Psychic Source, Violetta’s Website doesn’t offer any discounts or free readings.

Her prices are not affordable for everyone. So this is one of the reasons people choose to opt for a reputable and popular psychic website where they can find many different offers. These start with free minutes, discounted sessions, and various other attractive promotions.

One thing that we saw as a red flag when it comes to psychic Violetta is that it’s hard to find any personal information on her website or her social media accounts.

We cannot say for sure how old she is, where she grew up, how long she’s been working as a psychic, or how many people she’s helped.

Is Psychic Violetta’s Website a Scam?

We can all agree that the person who appears on all the photos on the website and on social media is the same person who does the video call readings as well. So this means that the person in the photographs is a real person.

If we have a look at her social media accounts and her customer reviews we’ll notice that they are all talking about the same person. This tells us that Violetta is a real person and not some scammer using stock photos on her website while pretending to be a psychic to trick people into spending money.

Although we know that Violetta exists, we are still not convinced of her psychic powers. There simply isn’t enough evidence to back her story up.

Violetta has tons of positive reviews and testimonials on her website. Although many praise her for her gift to help people, there are others, however, who are not so convinced of her psychic abilities.

Some say that her technique is quite an obvious one that many fraudulent psychics use. She usually throws a few entirely plausible predictions at the wall and eventually one of them is bound to stick. She declares herself a psychic, although many people have found her predictions to be a tad off.

Is Psychic Violetta Right For You?

Although she seems to be honest and caring, she does beg very steep prices for her readings. So, given the fact that she claims to care about helping her clients, this is a bit of a paradox.

The fact is that most of the people who are in need of help from a medium or a psychic, rarely go to their readings for fun. Most often they are dealing with problems that they are unable to solve on their own, and so they require some help and guidance from a professional in order to find their right path.

Given the fact that you’ll probably want to schedule a follow up reading, depending on the depth of your problem, you’ll be better off using professional psychic companies. Ones that not only offer $1 readings, discounts and more, but which also offer a selection of verified and tested psychics. They are available 24/7 via phone, e-mail, text and live chat to boot.

What Can You Do If You’re Not Satisfied With Her Predictions?

Although Violetta is more flexible about cancellations and re-scheduling, she doesn’t have a refund policy and doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee.

Are you unhappy with her reading? Have you received some troubling information that you want advice on, but you don’t want to continue using her services? Or have you simply found her readings too expensive? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then the best thing you can do is call a reputable psychic hotline (such as Kasamba, Psychic Source or Keen).

These are reliable, top-rated sites with trusted and experienced psychics that will help alleviate your concerns and help you find your right path.

Not only are these psychics good at what they do, but they are also way more affordable, and usually offer discounts and free sessions to new clients. A big plus!

Our Conclusion; A Bit on The Expensive Side

Although Violetta has received a lot of praise on her website, there aren’t a lot of available reviews outside her website and social media platforms to go on.

According to her YouTube channel, she cares about connecting her clients with their past family members. Her mission is to help people who are stuck at a crossroads, by helping them learn more about their past, present or future, or even about their past lives.

Although that all sounds well and good, the only thing that we can give her credit for is for being open, friendly and willing to help people in need. Even though we cannot say for sure whether or not she possesses any real psychic powers, we can at least admit that she is a very upfront, open and communicative person with a warm smile and a will to help others. For a price, of course.

However, if you’re looking to get a reading from an affordable, genuine psychic, at your own convenience and choosing, then you’re better off consulting one of the numerous psychics, astrologers and mediums available on the following top-rated psychic websites:

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August 2022

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Have you ever had a reading from ‘Psychic Violetta’? What was your experience like? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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S Krill
S Krill
2 years ago

Psychic Violetta is an EXCEPTIONAL reader. Contrary to what you have written about her, SHE DOES READINGS IN PERSON IN HER STORE. NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY AND FOR AN EXTREMELY REASONABLE RATE. She DOES GIVE AWAY FREE READINGS through draws of viewers who comment. Excellent readers don’t run down other readers. Excellent and exceptional readers welcome all to enjoy the experience, no matter who they want to get a reading from.

Amy Vandertuyn
Amy Vandertuyn
2 years ago

Anyone who doubts Violetta’s abilities can go to her YouTube channel, and judge for themselves. All of her past videos have come true even down to predicting precise locations. She is also very sweet and funny.

Jeanne Clark
Jeanne Clark
3 years ago

Please, please make sure you intensify Violetta’s voice. We can hear her son ok, but she mumbles and does not speak up naturally. I think she is wonderful, but get frustrated trying to hear her.

Linda kasten
Linda kasten
3 years ago

You cut her down because you want her business. She is Excellent!

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