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Purple Garden
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Purple Garden Review

Available Readings

  • Live psychic chat
  • Online psychic reading app
  • Clean and easy to use interface
  • Live video call
  • Wide variety of psychics


Pros and Cons

  • Video readings
  • Psychic chat
  • Clean and easy to use interface
  • Reputable company
  • Informative profiles
  • A wide variety of readers
  • A wide range of reading types
  • No free psychic readings
  • No psychic blog or information
  • There could be a better customer guarantee

Is Purple Garden A Credible Site?  

Purple GardenPurple Garden provides their service through their mobile app which is available both for Android and IOS it has been developed by an established and experienced company who provides psychic services, which means that Purple Garden also has sister sites which include Purple Ocean and Bitwine Psychics.  

As you’d expect from a good psychic site, Psychic Garden has taken measures to ensure your safety and protection from most foreseeable risks such as:

  • By monitoring the calls and requiring their advisors to adhere to their policies.  
  • Through their reader reviews.
  • Through their application process for their psychics.
  • Through their refund policy.

What is Purple Garden?

Purple Garden is a physic network and sister site to Purple Ocean and Bitwine Psychics. They have a very simple and easy to use mobile phone application that provides an enjoyable browsing experience.  Purple Garden provides access to live psychic video readings or psychic chat whereas their sister site (Purple Ocean) offers taster video readings that answer one or two quick questions.  

It’s easy to browse psychics, to see their reviews, add funds and interact with a psychic right from your phone 24/7.  This is a mobile application that makes it easy to access a psychic right when you need to.

At first glance, the site appears to be easy to use, a great way to dip your toes in the water and enjoy a psychic reading.  

Keep on reading to explore more and find out if the Purple Garden application stands up to our first impressions.  But, in the meantime, if you have a burning question, that you need answering now, all you need to do is to get your reading with Purple Garden in 5 easy steps.

4 Steps To Your Expert Psychic Reading With Psychic Source

  1. Download the Purple Garden Application.
  2. Register your details.
  3. Select your favorite psychic. (check out ‘staff picks’ if you are unsure)
  4. Click ‘Live chat’ or ‘Live video call’’
  5. Add funds to your account (and start talking to your psychic). 

If you enjoyed your reading, let others know by leaving a comment below.

How Is Purple Garden Psychics Different From Other Sites?

  • Purple Garden Psychics are a mobile application based service only.
  • They have a unique feature called ‘Journeys’  – there’s more on this next.
  • Purple Garden Psychics specialize in providing video readings and live psychic chat readings.
  • The way that Purple Garden provide their video reading and psychic chat service is extremely convenient.
  • Purple Garden Psychics also highlight psychics who are considered to be ‘top accuracy’ which makes it easy to pick out a good psychic without becoming overwhelmed.
  • Each psychic charges a different price per minute but the price is very clearly displayed on each psychic’s profile.  

Purple Garden Psychic’s Unique Feature

There is also a unique feature that Purple Garden Call ‘Journeys’, which allows you to share an experience that you had where a Purple Garden Psychic helped you, so that you can help others with the same issue and you can also view people’s ‘Journeys’ and learn from their experiences also.  

The ‘Journey’s’ feature covers a wide variety of life issues that you can explore for free.  They cover topics and questions such as:

  • Breakups
  • When will we be together?
  • When will I find love?
  • Infidelity
  • Is he thinking about me?
  • Soulmates/Twin flames
  • Relationship problems
  • Feeling uneasy/stressed
  • Feeling sad
  • Career
  • Making a decision 

To access this feature, simply click on the main menu and it will be right there waiting for you.  

What Types Of Readings Do Purple Garden Psychics Offer?

Purple Garden Psychics offer a good variety of different reading types, which are clearly demonstrated in their app – just select ‘categories’ from the main menu.  Of course, these categories are just how Purple Garden have categorized and prioritized the types of readings they want to showcase – if you dig around on the psychic reader’s profiles though you’ll probably find many of their psychics are experienced in many other forms of psychic readings too.  

Here are the categories of readings that Purple Garden Psychics promote:

Tarot Readings

Tarot readings are probably the most underrated type of psychic reading.  They provide immense detail and accuracy about a person’s life and often help the psychic who has natural skills bring their visions into life.  

Tarot readings can also offer a sense of timing and also let you know what you should be thinking compared to what you are thinking so that you can navigate your life into a better place, or be better prepared for what changes might be coming up for you in the future.  

Psychic Readings

A person who has psychic ability performs a psychic reading.  They may see, sense, hear or even know information about you and whatever energy is surrounding you.  Often a psychic reader does not see or sense a clearly as most people imagine, they often receive faded dream-like visions that the psychic has to develop a skill to translate.  

Finding the experienced and highly rated psychic readers will help you to find a great psychic reader who has a firm grasp on translating their visions for you.  

Relationship Coaching

Relationship coaching may well be a fancy name for a ‘love psychic’, although many psychics also train in the ‘helping’ services such as in counseling or as a love therapist etc.  The psychics who appear in this category will all specialize in love and relationship issues in some way – so it’s well worth browsing this category as there might be a variety of different skills that each ‘relationship coach’ brings to the table.  

Palm Readings

Palm readings are a unique service that not all online psychic sites can provide, mainly because many don’t offer video readings.  And without seeing your hands, a psychic cannot read your palm! Take advantage of a palm reading and find out what is laid out for your life and where you are heading.  

But don’t forget you can ring the changes in your life if you don’t like where it’s headed, and if you do, you’ll also change the lines on your hands. Having a good palm reader on hand (pun intended) will help you keep updated with how you are manifesting the reality you desire.  

Astrology and Horoscopes

Astrology is a fascinating topic that provides us with a map of pretty much everything experienced in life – at least it would if we all knew how to read it.   Horoscopes are our personal life maps; they show us our true nature, challenges we face, luck we might experience and where we will be at our best.

Astrology and horoscopes can predict too, but it’s a fine art.  If you don’t know how the stars line up for you, booking an astrology or horoscope reading should be on everybody’s bucket list.  

Oracle Guidance

Oracle cards are similar to tarot cards but less specific and easier to understand the message.  They can be read individually and convey a simple but profound message, whereas a tarot card on its own is generally too subjective because it has so many different meanings that depend more on context.  Examples of oracle cards are angel oracle cards or psychic oracle cards.  

Oracle guidance can also include crystal ball readings, I-ching, Runes, and even crystal reading.  

Angel Insights

If you want to connect with the angels around you, and want to have them guide you in their life with their unique but ‘oh so gentle energy’ then an angel reading is for you.  These types of readings are particularly beneficial to somebody who is grieving, or healing.

Dream Analysis

Our dreams say so much about our psyche and what’s in our psyche creates our existence – so it makes sense to check out the meaning of our dreams, doesn’t it.  Get some insight into what your unconscious thoughts are trying to communicate with you.

In many cases you dream because your unconscious mind is trying to alert you to something, such as to encourage healing, assisting you with managing your fears or it’s asking you to let go or move on from something.  

These are all important issues that your mind is gently prompting you about – usually because it needs the storage space for other issues and to maintain your optimum health and energy distribution.  

Seriously, paying attention to your dreams is a much bigger deal than you might think and dream analysis is well worth exploring – all you have to do is contact your favorite psychic the morning after a dream and wait for their feedback.  

It’s therapy in your pocket! 

How Does Purple Garden Psychics Work?

Here’s everything you need to know about Purple Garden, including the terms and conditions you should know about!

How Purple Garden Psychics Work

As we’ve already mentioned, Purple Garden Psychics are a mobile phone application based psychic reading provider.  Readings are obtained through their app only. Which is very convenient and easy.

The Purple Garden Application

To enjoy a reading all you need to do is download the app using this link right here register your email to use the app.  And browse the psychics. Click on a psychics profile to find out more information about them, and read their reviews, and don’t forget to click on the main menu to explore and make the most of Purple Garden’s unique  ‘Journey’s’ feature

Clean & Easy Interface

Purple Garden’s interface is extremely clean and easy to use.  You will spend no time at all trying to figure out how to use the app – it’s that simple.  Which means you get more time to browse and chat to the psychics.

The whole application is well thought out, clean and easy to use – we couldn’t praise it enough.  Purple Garden really have thought about everything you might need to help you make a good decision about what psychic you might like to choose.  

Simple Payment Facility & Clear Prices

The ‘top up’ funds are taken from your Apple or Android account and once the money transfer is authorized you can then click on your chosen psychic and start chatting or talking via your video facility on your phone.   

The Psychics

There is a wide variety of psychics, to choose from on the Purple Garden App, most of them have clear headshot photos to help you choose out the psychics you like the look of and most psychics also record a video message too.  So you really can get a sense of what the psychic is like before you hire them.

You can also see an overview of the psychics’ review stats, read the reviewers comments, and keep track of all of your recently viewed psychics.  It’s a very transparent service, that we highly recommend.

Purple Garden Screens Their Psychics

To read for Purple Garden psychics have to submit an application, which also includes a test reading before they are selected.  If the psychic fails to provide an accurate reading they don’t read for them – this means that Purple Garden psychics are accurate and reliable.  

The Guarantee

While Purple Garden don’t advertise that they have a guarantee of any sort, they do have a refund policy which claims to provide a refund for services if the client emails the support team within three days of the reading.  

The client must include specific information about the reading in question such as; the date, time and readers details along with a reason why they want a refund. Once submitted, Purple Garden customer service team will review it on your behalf.  

What is unclear about this process is on what terms Purple Garden decide to issue a refund.  It’s also worth noting that they clearly state that refunds can be full or partial, and either in credit or real-time money depending upon the discretion of the company.  Purple Garden also does not define how long it will take them to respond with a decision.

This isn’t the strongest of guarantees, but you can lower the risk by sticking to a twenty minute reading for the first time you use them.  

The Costs

  • Each psychic set’s their own price, the most popular price point seems to be around $2.99 per minute.   

The Service Overall

The service from Purple Garden appears to be good quality, they are doing most things that should be required to help you reduce the risks involved with purchasing a psychic reading, and they make the whole experience fun, easy to use and very interactive.  

Plus they demonstrate their desire to help people by providing the ‘Journey’ facility which helps you by presenting you with similar real-life experiences that others have had that you can learn from too.  

Of course, in any company, there is always room for improvement, and we feel that the Purple Garden could provide more clarity on their refund policy and on how they screen their psychics to really stand out.  

But the app by far compensates for this small issue the whole experience feels fair and reasonable.  

Which Psychic Do I Choose From Purple Garden?

Here are our favorite psychics from Purple Garden.  If you are unsure about which one to choose, you could simplify the process by selecting one of our favorite psychics.

Purple Garden Psychics - MiaMia_the_psychic

“Loved my reading! I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds!! I’ll definitely be back” – Customer Review

Mia specializes in tarot readings, psychic readings, and relationship coaching, she’s highly rated and taps into your energy, so that she can guide you on your life path.  

Mia claims to be able to give you timelines and to be able to confirm her accuracy by explaining to you what you are currently experiencing and also what you might need to do to move forward in your life.

Purple Garden Psychics - ElaineSpiritual Elaine

“I find so much comfort with Elaine and her pendulum” – Customer Review

Elaine doesn’t just provide psychic or tarot readings she also offers pendulum readings – which are great for ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answer.  

Elaine is very honest, and will not tell you what you want to hear – instead she’ll tell you what you need to hear which is a very strong sign of an honest reader too.  

If you enjoy a reading with Elaine she will help you move forward in your life – there’s no doubt about it.

SagestPurple Garden Psychics - Sagest

“Such a kind soul, love readings from her, always makes me feel better about my current situations” – Customer Review

Sagest is a highly rated and very approachable psychic reader who doesn’t just give a psychic reading she also combines her life coaching expertise to help you with all aspects of life – in particular relationships.  

Sagest likes to approach all of her readings with integrity, love, and wisdom and is the perfect type of reader for those who are trying out psychic readings for the first time – you’ll be in good hands!  

Our conclusion?

If you are looking for a vibrant and considered mobile phone app then Purple Garden is well worth considering and they appear to operate in a fair and consistent manner too.  They have worked hard to make using their application and accessing their psychics as easy as possible.  

If you like convenience and fairness – you’ll like Purple Garden.

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Purple Garden
4 (80%) 9 votes
Expert Review
Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!
  • Love and Relationship Advisors
  • Available 24/7
  • Live Video & Chat Readings
Purple Garden
4 (80%) 9 votes
Expert Review

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