• Very Cheap Rates
  • Low Prices as Standard
  • Tarot Readings
  • Psychic readings
  • Angel insights
  • Mediumship readings
  • Owned by: Live Lines UK Ltd

Social Psychics Review

Available Readings

  • Email readings
  • Telephone Readings


Pros and Cons

  • Cheap Psychics
  • Easy to use
  • Text Services Available
  • No free readings
  • Unclear how psychics are verified
  • No information about the company or site owners
  • No satisfaction guarantee

Who Are Social Psychics?

From browsing Social Psychics website alone, we are not sure exactly who Social Psychics are. Because there is no information on their website to explain who they are, what their company ethos is, how they screen their psychics or even what some of the hidden costs are for booking a reading with them. To find out more you have to dig around.

We couldn’t even see a contact button, although there was a link to a Facebook Page on the site. So, we assume that’s how you’d contact somebody if you have an issue.  

All that aside, Social Psychics appear to provide affordable psychics that you can access via telephone, text or email.  

We are not sure how legit these psychics are, but we’ve been researching. So, if you want to know more about what we have uncovered, then keep on reading on.

If, in the meantime, you need to access a legit and highly recommended psychic provider, here’s how to connect to one right now:

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How Does Social Psychics Work

Social Psychics are, by all accounts, a marketing business who use premium rate telephone services to provide psychic services.  They are owned by a premium rate phone provider called Live Lines UK Ltd. Live Lines delivers all kinds of phone services, such as psychic services and adult chat sites too.  They have two psychic brands that they acknowledge on their website: Social Psychics and Trusted Psychics but we also found another psychic company that also appears to be run by Live Lines UK called ‘46p Psychics’.

The only reference to Live Lines on Social Psychics website is in the small print at the bottom of the home page.  

The services you can get from Social Psychics are a variety of telephone psychic services, email readings, and text readings. They are also scouting for new psychics so if you are a psychic reader looking for work, it might be worth checking them out.  

The Social Psychics Verification Process

The psychic verification process is a vital component for a successful and reliable psychic provider. So. we thought we’d check out the Live Lines recruitment process to see if they lived up to the current psychic market standards.

And unfortunately, we are not sure they do. Here’s what we found out:

Psychics apply to work for Live Lines, by completing an application form. And if they are selected, they can go live on Live Lines psychic sites within two days.  Live Lines UK does specify that you should have some psychic ability to apply for the job, but they don’t explain how they test. Not even in the handbook which describes how to set up your profile if you are selected.  

This makes us question the quality of the psychics.  If the phone provider is receiving too many calls for the number of people that they have working for them, they are going to be quick to recruit new psychics.  Which means that caution should be applied if you decide to have a reading from Social Psychics.

Psychic hotlines should be taking the screening process seriously so that you can trust that people ‘in the know’ are happy that the psychics who work for them are indeed psychic.  We are not so sure whether this occurs with Social Psychics, although we can’t prove this either way. A good example of a company with a great verification process is with Psychic Source.  

The Reader Profiles

The reader profiles on Social Psychics are minimal. They have a short paragraph an image and some reviews, which do appear to be real-time. Initially, we questioned whether the reviews were curated, but we did find a few negative reviews, which is to be expected with readings.  Especially when some people don’t hear what they hoped they’d hear.

The Service Guarantee

Social Psychics don’t advertise a service guarantee. Nor do they have any terms and conditions or details about what to do if you are unhappy. This is very poor in comparison to other psychic providers.

Service Costs

Costs vary with Social Psychics depending on what service you choose, which is understandable. But they are also a little confusing. Social Psychics advertise prominently that their services cost £0.45 per minute, but that’s not strictly true. There are also network connection fees involved too for every call. So, while Social Psychics let you know that there are additional charges, it’s written in small font. This meant that we could not find out exactly what these charges are.  They could be pounds or pence.

Here’s what the prices are at the time of writing:


Telephone Services

Pay via phone bill

  • £0.65 per minute + network connection fee

Pay via credit card

  • 20 mins £12
  • 30 mins £18
  • 45 mins £27
  • 60 mins £36

The thing that is confusing is that Social Psychics provide an 0904 number which they say is £0.45 per minute plus network connection fees.  But when you look at the readers’ profiles, they all have 0906 numbers which are charged at £0.65 per minute plus network fees.

The only thing that we can think is happening here, is that you may get reduced call rates if you call the 0904 line, but that perhaps you don’t get to choose your preferred psychic when calling that number.

Which is one sense is a great option, but when it comes to readings, they are useless if you don’t get a legit psychic. There’s literally nothing you can take from the reading.

And so on that basis, we advise you to choose your psychic yourself and pay the slightly higher rate.  

Types Of Readings Offered By Social Psychics

Medium Readings

Medium readings are the type of readings that help you connect with your lost loved ones or spirits in general. It’s important that these types of readings are carried out by a professional and responsible psychic who knows how to keep the space and the connection between you and them clear from any unwanted energies.  To find a good clairvoyant psychic take time to read their reviews and follow your intuition; it’s usually right. If you are not sure. you probably shouldn’t do it.

We know that Psychic Source fully tests their Mediums and not only that, they also provide a service guarantee too. Sometimes paying less for something is counter-intuitive and in the case of clairvoyant readings or healings, you really should take caution. Make sure that you are in the right hands.  We couldn’t recommend Psychic Source mediums for this enough.

Fortune Tellers

If you are the type of person, who likes to find out their fortune, this option is available with Social Psychics. Although you really should take any fortune telling reading with a pinch of salt.  Our future can change in a heartbeat. Somebody might make a decision which is not directly related to you, and it could change the course of your life.  

Nothing is set in stone.

The best way to work with a psychic is to ask for guidance on how best to manage a situation and then follow the advice. The steps to move into a better place won’t always be easy, and no fortune teller who tells you otherwise should be trusted.

Horoscope Readings

Social Psychics also provide horoscope readings. These can be useful for finding out what crosses you bear so that you can learn to work with them instead of blaming yourself for not handling something ‘correctly’.

We are all often too hard on ourselves, but many of the traits and personality challenges we face are also life lessons.  We are learning through life how to balance the extremities of our personality. Horoscope readings are good for this and are worth exploring.

Just remember that we don’t know if Social Psychics verify these skills.  Ideally, you’d benefit from going to a verified Horoscope reader.

Love Psychics

No psychic provider will be a bonafide psychic site if they don’t have some love psychics on their team. It’s one of the most popular categories and with many people also experiencing problems in their love life including psychics, this type of reading is probably going to do less harm if you don’t get a good psychic.


Clairvoyants are real psychics who glean their information visually. You can have other psychics too though who may get their information through a sense of knowing, through feeling or hearing. These are all valid and valuable psychic skills.

Psychics tend to give great all round readings, and often pick up on the most important issues for you at the time of the call.  

Tarot Card Readings

Tarot card readings are great for telling the story of your life. They give any reading a sense of direction along with additional information and even context to a situation which can often be challenging to place in a reading.  Live Lines UK specifies that you don’t have to be psychic to read the tarot. This is correct, although you’d get much more value for money if you booked a tarot reading from a psychic. You can find those at Psychic Source or Keen.

How Social Psychics Differs From Other Psychic Providers

Unfortunately, the ways in which Social Psychics differ from other providers are not in good ways.  Most providers explain how they assess their psychics’ abilities. They also offer a satisfaction guarantee. Social Psychics does not provide any of these features, which makes us question how much faith they actually have in their psychic readers.

It’s also surprising to find that there are no terms and conditions nor any explanation for how you can contact their customer service in the case of a problem.  The lack of customer oriented features makes us feel as though this is a money making site rather than a customer-focused one.

Our Conclusion?

Social Psychics are cheap psychics that’s for sure, but we don’t have a lot of confidence in the quality of the readers. Sure, you might hit the jackpot and find a great psychic from there, but the chances of finding a poor psychic are probably equally as good.  

We would recommend that if you do intend to use this service that you really take time to read through the reviews for each psychic. This is the only way you can find one that has a strong reputation. But remember, the good psychics often have a few poor reviews too because they are honest.

That said, the negative reviews shouldn’t reflect a psychic’s bad attitude or anything like that. If you see those types of reviews, it’s worth moving on. Similarly, if you see a psychic with only good reviews it’s worth proceeding with caution. They might just be skilled at saying what people want to hear.  

Which leads us to our conclusion. The fact that you have to second guess everything on this site makes us doubt the quality, and we would not be quick to recommend this site. It’s MEH! from us.

If you do want to enjoy a reading from a psychic provider who gets a HURRAH! From us rather than a MEH! Then check out our top-rated providers below:

Here are our picks:

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Have you ever tried Social Psychics? What psychic did you enjoy? How did you find it? Let us know in the comments below!

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nicole aka tara
nicole aka tara
3 years ago

Hi my name is nicole simpson aka tara or tara lotus 24 melbury drive lostock bolton i have used these so called psychics for months now ,, i have fed them nothing but bullshit just to find out if they are credible i have spokent o numerouse people and the y only tell me what they think i want to hear psychics such as alexa 6380 and mags 4731 and many more from http://www.socialpsychics.co.uk on of them let me into a secret about joining them that you get commission on evey call tax free income of around #600 per week.… Read more »

2 years ago

They are the same group of people from Trusted Psychics. The only difference is the website name and call costs. Save money and stay away from them. NO ONE KNOWS TOMORROW! It is all GUESS WORK!

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