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Zodiac Psychics Review

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  • Variety of psychics
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  • Unclear how psychics are verified
  • No satisfaction guarantee
  • No realtime reviews

Who Are Zodiac Psychics

At first glance, Zodiac Psychics appear to be very typical of a legit psychic hotline. They offer all of the ‚Äėthings‚Äô that you‚Äôd expect: A variety of psychics, a satisfaction guarantee, reasonable prices and easy ways to connect with a psychic. Zodiac also specifies, in detail, how they screen their psychics.

They appear to have been around since around 2014, which makes them reasonably experienced. Their website also seems to be simple and easy to use Р at first glance.

So we decided to dig around to see if Zodiac Psychics are as good as they seem to be and if you keep on reading you’ll find out what we have discovered.  

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How Does Zodiac Psychics Work

Zodiac Psychics provides telephone readings and psychic chat. They also offer horoscopes and a regularly updated blog with information about topics such as Tarot, chakra healing, clearing your space and a variety of other mind, body, and spirit related subjects.  

The psychics who work for Zodiac Psychics appear to set their own prices and readings can cost from around $1.99 per minute to $8.99 per minute (at the time of writing). To order a reading, however, you’ll need to open an account. Once you’ve done so, then you add funds, choose your psychic and chat or speak on the telephone.

There are some great features on the Zodiac Psychics website but also some that leave us slightly confused or in doubt. We will discuss these further on in this review.  

Here are some of the features we have observed on the Zodiac Psychics website.

The Readings Provided by Zodiac Psychics

There is a wide variety of psychic skills available at Zodiac Psychics covering topics such as:

There’s a section on Zodiac Psychics website that highlights these topics, and when you click on them, there are quite a variety of subtopics too. ¬†All of which leads to a selection of psychics who appear to have the skills you are exploring.

Some subtopics don’t seem to relate to their head topic though. For example, under Astrology and Horoscopes, you’ll find Palm Readings (we are not sure how they’ve made that connection!). ¬†

The lesson here though is that if you are looking for an inspiration for a particular type of reading, it’ worth browsing through this section on the website. Especially if you need some inspiration as to the kind of reading you would enjoy.

Here are the subtopics:

Astrology and Horoscopes:


Love And Relationships

Tarot Readers

  • Tarot Cards
  • Crowley Cards
  • Kipper Cards
  • Lenormand Cards
  • Osho Zen Cards
  • Rider-Waite Cards
  • Skat Cards¬†

Potentially Misleading Psychic Skills

On the Zodiac website, if you click on the links in the sections explained above, you’ll find readers who claim to be skilled in these areas. Although we have an issue with this. ¬†

When we tested, many psychics popped up for every skill! So, while we could understand that most psychics are experienced in love and relationships because that‚Äôs an extremely popular topic for psychics, it’s not possible for one human to be skilled to a professional level in ALL of those disciplines. Especially because some of these disciplines take many years to master correctly. ¬†

We guess that the psychics are selecting all keywords so that they are more visible, which means more people will book them. Unfortunately, though, this practice is a little deceptive and renders this excellent feature pretty useless.    

So, if you are specifically interested in a particular skill, it’s worth making sure that the psychic you have chosen actually does have the experience you are interested in. You can do this by asking them outright as soon as you connect with them. That way, if you decide that the reader isn’t for you, you’ll be able to move on to a suitable psychic. ¬†You may also have grounds for a refund too.

The Psychic Verification Process

There appears to be a stringent psychic screening process at Zodiac Psychics. ¬†At least, that’s what they describe on her website. They claim to regularly review all of their psychics and hold them to high standards of accuracy, speed, and empathy. ¬†They also claim that it’s not easy to become a psychic at Zodiac because they have such a rigorous screening process. Their process includes performing test readings with ‘highly trained’ readers. ¬†

According to the Zodiac Psychics website, it takes around a month to get through the whole verification process. Then, only one in ten applicants make it through successfully. Once they are through, they claim to have developed a meticulous process for evaluating and nurturing psychic excellence.

This is a significant claim and one that we’d like to see implemented for all psychic providers. ¬†However, to practice discernment, it’s important to remember that this is only the explanation. We can never prove that this process is followed or not. ¬†The proof will be in the quality of the psychics; which we will get to shortly.

Unfortunately, the information about the psychic screening process is buried on the Zodiac Psychics website.  We found it by selecting the FAQ section linked from the page footer.

The Zodiac Psychics Satisfaction Guarantee

Everything appears to be above board when you read the Zodiac Psychics explanation about the satisfaction guarantee.  They even go as far as to provide you with the link to the terms and conditions around this part of their service.  

And this is where we ran into problems.

We could not find anything in the terms and conditions that outlined the ‘satisfaction guarantee’. ¬†This might be an oversight on Zodiac Psychics’ part, but it means that there might not be a real guarantee, or that you won’t know what you need to do to meet the requirements to qualify for a refund. ¬†

If you do find yourself unsatisfied with a reading you generally need to follow steps similar to these below:

  • You usually need to end the call as soon as you realise it’s not good. ¬†Many companies will require you to do so within the first five minutes.
  • Generally, you’ll be required to contact customer support via email. Then you should state the date and time of the reading, who the reader, and the reasons why you are dissatisfied.
  • You’ll also need to be mindful that most companies reserve the right to determine whether a claim is valid or not. ¬†
  • Many companies also refund directly to your psychic provider’s account rather than your credit card. So, that might be the same for Zodiac Psychics. ¬†

If you need to know the full terms, we recommend you contact the Zodiac Psychics customer service department.    

The Zodiac Psychics Reader Profiles

It seems as though the readers write their own profiles, which is useful in a sense because it allows you to glean some insight into the nature of the psychic you are interested in.  However, there can be a lot of writing to sift through without any breakdown of skills or even paragraphs for that matter. This can make it difficult to browse each psychic.

If you scroll to the bottom of the profile though you can see the skills that the psychic claims to be talented in. However, it is these keywords that you use when you search for a psychic under the different types of readings (which we discussed earlier in this review).  The fact that many psychics repeatedly turned up on a search for a variety of skills tells us that some psychics probably exaggerate their skills in order to appear in more searches.

Reader Reviews

All reviews appear to be in real time, with customers adding their reviews after a reading.  Zodiac Psychics tend to show the highest-rated psychics first in all of their searches, which is useful because you can still find some low priced, yet highly rated psychics on their website.

While the psychics’ profiles on Zodiac Psychics are not the cleanest looking or easiest to scan through, they do provide all of the information that is necessary and expected for you to find the right reader for you.

Excellent Search Function

Several psychic providers do not provide a search function, or if they do, there are only specific search terms they can use. For example, they might not allow you to search for a skill and only provide the facility to search for a psychic by name. Thus, if you don’t already know the name of a preferred psychic, then the search button is useless. ¬†

You don’t have to worry about that with Zodiac Psychics though as they have covered all angles. ¬†They just need to make sure their psychics are definitely skilled in the talents they claim to be. ¬†

Service Costs

Prices are charged in US dollars and vary.  There is a generous introductory offer for your first reading, which is 3 minutes free and 50% off.  After that, you pay the price that your preferred psychic charges.

We noticed that prices could range from around $1.99 to $8.99 per minute.

How Zodiac Psychics Differs From Other Psychic Providers

Zodiac Psychics demonstrates the kind of set-up that we have seen on most of the highly reputable and recommended psychics such as Psychic Source or Keen. It’s just that their website is not as clean as that of Psychic Source and their variety of psychics and experience is not as strong as that of Keen. Zodiac Psychics does, however, appear to be making great strides toward these high standards. ¬†

You can see the difference between Zodiac Psychics and some of the psychic providers that we have identified as a scam. This is both in their business model and in the way that they present their services (and provide live psychics).  

Zodiac Psychics definitely appears to be a legit psychic provider!

Our Conclusion?

Zodiac Psychics appears to be doing good things in working towards being a reputable and highly-recommendable psychic provider. Especially if they are doing everything they say they are and it’s not all smoke and mirrors. And mainly if their missing service guarantee terms is just an oversight. ¬†

Ideally, they would check and test the psychics’ skillsets against their claims though. This would provide much greater reassurance and also a handy search function that isn’t found on many psychic providers. ¬†

Without these amendments, however, and without time to watch how Zodiac Psychics develops over the coming years, we cannot say that we are 100% sure. You’d need to practice your discernment, and we recommend easing in with caution, just in case. ¬†

While Zodiac Psychics doesn’t beat the service and experience of our top-rated psychic providers, they are certainly showing some promise. ¬†

If you do want to enjoy a reading from one of our top-rated psychic providers for the same kind of price and with similar introductory deals to Zodiac Psychics then check the links below:

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Have you ever tried Zodiac Psychics? Which psychic did you enjoy? How did you find it? Let us know in the comments below!

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