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Medium Zoltan Sends Manipulative Messages From The Start

The way that this scam psychic Medium Zoltan works is very similar to Psychic Medium Theresa. It’s quietly aggressive, instantly manipulative, and attempts to raise hope, fear, and confusion right away (if you fall for it).

There is nothing genuine about this ‘psychic’ and if you want to find out why, then keep on reading on. In the meantime, however, are you are looking for a genuine reading? One that will assist your life, rather than create problems, then we recommend that you check out the link below:

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Who Is Medium Zoltan?

Medium Zoltan is a fictional character created to represent a fake psychic service and owned or promoted by Miller Plus Ventures. It’s designed to be an affiliate programme that online businesses can promote and receive financial rewards for their efforts.

Sites like these create a character to represent a psychic who is usually very appealing to the eye. They might appear to be kindly, attractive, humble, warm or friendly, but the visual identity of the ‘character’ is usually created using stock images of models.  Zoltan is no exception.

How Does ‘Medium Zoltan’ Work?

Here’s everything we know about how Zoltan works.

What His Creators and Promoters Want You To Believe About Medium Zoltan

The idea behind this ‘psychic system’ is that people who land on this website will believe that they’ve found a genuine psychic. Most of the people who fall for this service may be new to readings and don’t have a solid understanding of how psychic abilities work.

Creating Drama and Problems

Visitors to Zoltan’s site read the messages on the screen and believe that Zoltan is talking to, and tuning into them. ‘Zoltan’ then invokes drama by saying he’s had a sudden message that you will be in trouble of some kind. If you don’t have your wits about you, you might fall for it and begin to desire a reading from Zoltan.

Which means that you’ll hand over your email address so that you can get your free reading. When you receive your email, it will follow the same pattern as the first message you receive from Zoltan.

It will invoke a sense of hope, fear, urgency or anxiety. Furthermore, it will bring a pile of new problems into your life that you didn’t have before you encountered Zoltan. All of the solutions to all of the issues suggested in that email can only be solved by ‘Zoltan’. At least that’s what ‘Zoltan’ would like you to believe… that it’s only Zoltan who can solve the problems!

Solving Problems, Sort Of 

Zoltan will then offer you a paid reading or other services such as a psychic clearing, healing, prayer, tarot reading, spell, meditation, a talisman. Once you pay for that service, the problem won’t go away.  Zoltan will make you believe that you need to spend more money to purchase more solutions from Zoltan for the problems that HE is creating. It’s the SPIN technique, which is prevalent in politics and sales.

A Never-Ending Cycle

This cycle will then continue until you realise it’s a scam and stop spending your money. It’s a cycle that has cost people thousands of pounds! It must make money for the affiliate companies because there are so many of them around.

Why Do People Fall For This Psychic Scam 

Falling For The Fantasies Of What A Psychic Might Be

People who haven’t experienced a reading before probably don’t know that genuine psychics don’t create a mystical vibe. Nor do they use language that invokes fear, anxiety or false hope. But they probably think that this is how psychics operate because that’s the reputation they tend to have. People who also fall for this scam are also probably highly suggestible or vulnerable in some way. Take a look a Psychic Source and you’ll see for yourself the difference between Zoltan – a fake psychic and the real deal.

Hypnotic Manipulation

When the hypnotic and manipulative text appears on the screen, it messes with the reader’s emotions.  Many people begin to believe that there is something terrible about to happen in their life. Or they might believe that they can have some good fortune, but if they don’t speak to Zoltan, they will miss out.  Zoltan ensures that you are aware that he is taking a significant amount of time and effort in sending you a free personalised reading. It’s the perfect guilt trip, but it’s not the truth.

Canned Readings

The emails sent will be canned, meaning that everybody will receive the same email. It may well have taken the copywriters a long time to write, but it won’t be for your benefit. They will have spent that time ensuring maximum manipulation and to take your money. Even the readings that you will pay for if you fall for Zoltan’s message will be pre-written and canned.

Scams Like This Can’t Happen These Days

Most people feel as though we are protected very well by legislation. We believe that such blatant scammers can’t get away with what they do, but they do, and it happens a lot. You only have to check out the reviews on our website to see how many of the sites we review are scams to get the idea. In this situation, we let our guard down, because we believe that we are protected from such scams.

Hiding Behind The Law

All Psychic Services have to inform their customers that their services are ‘for entertainment purposes only’. It’s the law. Even genuine psychics have to abide by this legislation.

The genuine psychics have to discredit themselves and have no way to stand out as real, while the fake psychics can hide behind this law. They can hide because if anybody challenged them for selling fake services, they could say that their terms and conditions state that this service was for entertainment only.

Unfortunately you, as the consumer, won’t have a leg to stand on if you tried to take this issue to the courts.

You can be sure that these scam sites all have up-to-date terms and conditions too.

How Does The Medium Zoltan Service Compare To That Of Legit Sites Like Keen?

Website Navigation

The navigation at Keen is immaculate. The site is modern and has been built to meet all of your requirements as a customer; there is tons of information and all of it is easy to navigate. When it comes to Zoltan, even though there is more to navigate than meets the eye, you’ll probably head over to the chat screen in the middle of the page. You may not even notice the terms and conditions or information about Zoltan at the bottom of the page.

The interesting thing here is that the scam psychics know they are using the legislation to their advantage. That’s why you have to check a box to say you agree with the terms and conditions before you can request a free reading.  By ensuring that you have agreed to the terms is how they get away with what they do.

Keen, on the other hand, has different intentions. While they also specifically design their website for optimum use, they ensure that they create a browsing experience with your convenience in mind.

The Quality of The Readings

We’ve already explained in detail how and why the Medium Zoltan readings are fake and automated, which are no use to anybody.

Keen, on the other hand, hosts a variety of readers, they are one of the largest sources for great psychics. Psychics are tested and monitored to make to ensure excellent readings and reviews are in real-time, which helps you to find the right psychic to suit you.

But if you happen to have a poor experience, Keen also offers a satisfaction guarantee.

Service Guarantees

There’s no money-back guarantee or any other service guarantee with Zoltan. But you do receive a satisfaction guarantee from Keen!

Avoid Medium Zoltan No Matter How Tempting He May Seem. He’s A Scam!

Zoltan is a scam psychic. We highlighted this from the beginning of this review, and hopefully, by now, you can see why we believe this to be the case. Even if some people still believe that Zoltan is legit, they surely have to be able to see by now how differently Zoltan operates by comparison to known and well-established psychic providers.

If you are disappointed and would like to speak to a psychic, we guarantee that you will find a fantastic psychic from any one of the two companies recommended below. The psychics you find there are legit, monitored, verified, and real.  

Here Are Our Top Rated Psychic Providers:

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Have you ever registered your email with Medium Zoltan? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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Leslie Bradley
Leslie Bradley
1 year ago

I have many emails from zoltan some have upset me a lot what he said concerned my family & many other things followed. Its wrong to make money like this & also evil. It toys with ones emotions & upsets & plagued my thoughts day & night. It also still leaves a ongoing effect mentally even after you realize the truth. Its really cruel.

1 year ago

I think Zoltan is very professional and has helped me in many ways. Every one of the psychics has bad and good experiences. Look at all the rest of them to confirm. Get your information straight before you say anything negative to ruin someone’s livelyhood. I’ve been a client for a long time and am very satisfied with his work. He is confident in his work and it shows.

Rachael Barnes
Rachael Barnes
1 year ago

My name is Rachael and I’ve never believed in none of this stuff well I was deeply depressed because of my financial situation!!!! I’m flatt ass broke and I don’t no how I’m going to make it I believed in this zoltan and had my few friends send him money I don’t have … even for thanksgiving dinner… I wish I would of saw this first because all the spells and all the things he was to send me to help me get out of this mess it’s only gotten worse…. I feel so foolish to believe in Hope’s for… Read more »

2 years ago

I thought that there was something about this Zoltan that was not right, That is why I searched his name. I am glad I didn’t fall for this. Although I could see what most are talking about he tells you great things are going to happen for you, then knocks you down with anxiety and fear…

2 years ago

I thought there was something that was just not quiet right about him and that is why I searched his name. Luckily I did so before sending him any money…..

2 years ago

I don’t believe thks anymore.He promised To Hove me the Numbers To win.With euro milliions.Bud evertime there is another payylent. Lire expensive than the otter.
Have you information about that medium.
I Thank it’s SCAM ??

2 years ago

I am sorry but I don’t think what’s written in here is correct, I met Zoltan personnally in Serbia and he gave me some advice and lecture that hchanged my way of thinking, He helped me a lot!

2 years ago
Reply to  Josh

How can i meet him
Max be interessting

1 year ago
Reply to  Josh

What’s his real phone number..wants a video chat for his reading before I pay him to unblock dark forces around me.

2 years ago

Nice grammar Scott, “I only has a psychic reading once in my life.”

2 years ago

I’ve only has a psychic reading once in my life and that was at a county fair. It was pretty interesting, however she did ask for more money as we kept the reading going. After about 30 bucks I had to stop it before it cost me a fortune. It was very interesting never the less. I just can’t see how a “psychic” can do the reading over the phone or via broadband. I’m pretty skeptical about doing a reading in person, let alone over the computer. I once dated a woman who claimed to be psychic, and she was… Read more »

Carmella Battiste
Carmella Battiste
2 years ago

Yes! I have and l was asking him why every time he writes he’s asking for money. Because money isn’t something that l have lm a full time student. And the prices change for from $89.00 to 25.00

1 year ago

Yes he change his charges amount but the same service though 😳

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