Spell to protect your home

Clean your house. Open the windows and doors. Sweep the floors all the way to the front/back door, sweep the debris outside and then clear up with a brush and shovel and discard.

Take a bowl of salt water and go throughout the house sprinkling water as you chant

"I cleanse and purify this space,
Any negative or inappropriate energies in this space must now leave.
Go now, harm ye none, you may not return."

Place sprigs of fresh rosemary over the inside mantles of the front and back doors; and over the inside mantles of all the windows in the house. As you place each sprig, chant:

"None may come uninvited into this space, this space is protected."

Stand at the front door and chant:

"Only positive energy may enter here,
This space is sacred, and filled with cheer"

You can do this whenever you do a spring clean, or if you are about to go away for while.