Rune Meanings

You may well be aware of rune stones, and also aware of how to spell cast a.  But are you aware of the meaning behind each stone? Did you know that if you were aware of each rune meaning that you could then create your own rune stones?  

Well to follow on from our recent articles about rune stones and rune casting this article focuses on rune meanings and explains the rune meaning for each of the 22 Elder Futhark rune stones.


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What Are Rune Stones?

Rune stones are a set of 22 stones (or more depending on what set you use) that are used for divination purposes.  We explain more about runes stones, If you are not already familiar with them, and how they work in this article: Rune Stones, or you could learn more about how to cast runes in this article: Rune Casting.

In this article, we focus more on the rune meanings which supports the original article linked above.  

How Are Rune Meanings Applied?

Rune meanings are applied by using symbols; each stone has a specific symbol which is based on an ancient alphabet.  Each symbol holds specific meaning and when you ask a question and pull out a rune from their bag in response to your question you will receive the appropriate advice in symbol form.  Your job then is to translate the symbols so that you can understand the meaning and to help you do so; we’ve included the meanings of the Elder Futhark set below.

Rune Meanings For The Elder Futhark Rune Stone Set

1: Fehu

  • Pronounced: Fay-Who
  • Literal Meaning: Cattle
  • Esoteric Meaning: Movement, Moving, New Beginnings, Wealth

Fehu can represent money, wealth, luck, having your needs met, property, personal power, and natural abundance.

Fehu is the lucky rune; its rune meaning pertains toward physical experiences or rewards you might gain when you’ve worked hard toward attaining a goal and are finally about to reach that goal.  You might even be already enjoying the increased status and personal power that you have around you at the moment when you find Fehu in your presence! 

2: Uruz

  • Pronounced: ‘Oo Ruse’
  • Literal Meaning: Power
  • Esoteric Meaning: Endurance, Manifestation, Building Energy

Uruz represents the life force that we all experience whether that be in ourselves or around us in nature.  Which means Uruz can relate to our physical health, healing, how we manifest, courage and how vibrant and enduring we can be.  

When Uruz is present, it will bring to your awareness your determination, independence and persistence in achieving your goals in life.  

3: Thurisaz

  • Pronounced: Thor-is-as
  • Literal Meaning: Giants
  • Esoteric Meaning: Resistance or Strong one

You could consider Thurisaz to represent governments, society, and the forces that are bigger and more influential than us. Including those forces that are unconscious or unseen by us.  

This rune meaning can represent the destruction that can occur when one is stronger than another, and so it represents destruction, conflict, and chaos and all of the forms that these forces can take.  

4: Ansuz

  • Pronounced: ‘Anne – suhz’
  • Literal Meaning: Woden
  • Esoteric Meaning: Ancestral Sovereign God, or Breath

The rune meaning for ansuz is all about the breath of God, divine inspiration the voice of the universe, intelligence, communication, song, spells, ancestry, etymology, it’s base is in how we listen and communicate, not just to each other but also to our selves.


5: Raidho

  • Pronounced: Ride-ho
  • Literal Meaning: “Ride” or “Wagon”
  • Esoteric: Journey

Raidho rune meaning represents means of transport, being in control, adventure, initiative, direction, decision making, integrity, justice and following your moral compass, it primarily represents self-mastery in all forms.  

We can find Raidho present whenever we are acting morally or fighting for moral justice.  When Raidho is present expect rationality, sound advice and wisdom. 

6: Kenaz

  • Pronounced: ‘Ken-az’
  • Literal Meaning: Torch
  • Esoteric Meaning: Knowledge

Kenanz represents our knowledge, intellect as well as illumination and enlightenment.  

Kenanz is present when we have an epiphany or are searching for truth or knowledge.  You can also find Kenanz when we are creative, through our intuition and on our road to mastery.  Kenanz also represents Clarity, technical ability, and exploring new insights. 

7: Gebo

  • Pronounced: Gay-boo
  • Literal Meaning: Gift
  • Esoteric Meaning: Fair Exchange or Sacrifice

Gebo represents generosity, gifts, taking, trade, altruism, sacrifice, exchange, balance, compensation, equilibrium, giving, the law of reciprocation, the gravity of equals and opposites, hospitality, honour

Keywords: Sex magic, Understanding of the true meaning of gifting and binding, Favours, contracts, obligations, debt and oath-taking, Mystical union and ‘Sacred Marriage’ between partners and Giving of oneself from within. 

8: Wunjo

  • Pronounced: ‘Won-joe’
  • Literal Meaning: Joy
  • Esoteric Meaning: Harmony, Perfection, Hope

Wunjo strengthens links and bonds, Invocates fellowship and harmony. It creates joy through the use of pure will and banishes alienation.

Keywords:  Perfection, joy, wishful thinking, application of will,  contentment, well-being, family, expectation, bonding, relationships, shared ideas,  group harmony, optimism, cooperative effort, friendship like-mindedness, the law of attraction. 

9: Hagalaz

  • Pronounced: Hag-all-az
  • Literal Meaning: Hail or Hailstone
  • Esoteric Meaning: Crisis or Radical Change

Hagalaz Represents: Crisis, catastrophe, disruption,and  radical change these situations often occur so that we might grow and evolve significantly.

Keywords: Completeness and balance of power, integration of unconscious shadow elements, The inevitability of Fate, Evolutionary progress and operations of becoming, Protection through banishing or exorcising disharmonious patterns, protection, Causing discomfort in others by awakening their own subconscious ‘garbage.’destructive elements of nature, severe weather, the uncontrollable, unavoidable unpleasantness, Jungian shadow, psychoanalysis, regression, acceptance of the unalterable. 

10: Nauthiz

  • Pronounced: ‘Not-this’
  • Literal Meaning: Necessity
  • Esoteric Meaning: Constraint, Friction

Nauthiz brings the quote ‘do what you need to do so that you can do what you want to do’ to the forefront of my mind.  

It represents Need, resistance, constraint, conflict, drama, effort, necessity, urgency, hard work, need-fire, life lessons, creative friction, distress, a force of growth, the consequence of past action, short-term pain for long-term gain. 

11: Isa

  • Pronounced: Iss-ah
  • Literal Meaning: Ice
  • Esoteric Meaning: Stasis, Stillness

Isa is the rune of stillness in all things, a static or frozen state.

Keywords: Concentrated self, ego-consciousness, self-control, a unity of being, egomania, dullness, blindness, dissipation, immobility, self-centeredness, lack of change, psychopathy. Development of concentration, will and focus, Halting of unwanted dynamic forces as an act of self-defence (and against demonic influences), Focus of the will into single-minded action. 

12: Jera

  • Pronounced: ‘Yehr-ah’
  • Literal Meaning Year
  • Esoteric Meaning: Harvest

Jera is the rune meaning harvest and reward, it also implies reaction and, right actions, especially in an orderly process.  Jera is the rune of peace both in the heart and physically.

Keywords: Creativity, fertility,  harmony, prosperity, plenty and peace, success and plenty. 

13: Ihwaz

  • Pronounced: ‘Yew-was’
  • Literal Meaning: Yew
  • Esoteric Meaning: Kundalini

Ihwas is the process of spiritual realisation and in connecting the higher and lower planes in existence. It’s also the rune that represents the mysteries of life and death. With Ihwaz you’ll find liberation from the fear of death, develop spiritual endurance and spiritual vision.

Keywords: Endurance, enlightenment, forward progression, initiation,  protection, confusion, weakness, dissatisfaction, death, destruction. 

14: Perthro

  • Pronounced: Per-throw
  • Literal Meaning: The Unknown|
  • Esoteric Meaning: Fate

Perthro is the rune of fate, and it also represents everything that has not yet manifested into existence.   

Keywords: Probability, co-incidence, the unknown, magic of guessing, patterns, prophecy, change, doom,  stagnation, loneliness, delusion, fantasy. 

15: Algiz

  • Pronounced: ‘Al-jiz’
  • Literal Meaning: Elk
  • Esoteric Meaning: Protection, Higher Self

Algiz is the rune that connects with the patterns of divine consciousness,

Keywords: Possible danger, unpreparedness, divinity, listening, higher self, spirituality, divination, safety, protection.

16: Sowilo

  • Pronounced: ‘So-iolo’
  • Literal Meaning: Sun
  • Esoteric Meaning: Success

Sowilo is the rune of guidance, goal setting and success, it also rules the central nervous system and the seat of the soul.

Keywords: Revelation, wholeness, cosmic energies, motivation, life-giving force, action, direction, hope, success, goals, honor, life purpose, faith in outcomes; or false goals, bad advice, false victory, gullibility, loss of goals. 

17: Tiwaz

  • Pronounced: Tea-waz
  • Literal Meaning: The god
  • Esoteric Meaning: Sacrifice & Justice

Tiwaz represents balance and justice which is attained from higher wisdom. It’s the rune of self-sacrifice and for the service of others.

Keywords: Honour, righteousness, sacrifice, spiritual warrior, sovereign order,  faith, justice, rationality, loyalty, self-sacrifice, victory, honesty, over analysis, injustice, over-sacrifice, tyranny, defeat. 

18: Berkano

  • Pronounced: ‘Burr-can-oh’
  • Literal Meaning: Birch Goddess
  • Esoteric Meaning:  Sanctuary or Birth

Berkano is the rune of continued growth and rebirth in all things.

Keywords: Secrecy, wisdom, safety, silence, dependence,  fertility, nature, motherhood, healing, gardening, life changes, liberation,secrets, deceit, stagnation,  insecurity. 

19: Ehwaz

  • Pronounced: ‘Eh-was’
  • Literal Meaning: Horse
  • Esoteric Meaning: Trust

Ehwaz is the rune that represents trust and teamwork.  It especially relates to the notion of working together for a common goal.   

Keywords: Trust between individual entities, sexuality, cooperation, animals, teamwork, friendship, marriage, harmony, friendship, loyalty, a friend, disharmony, duplication mistrust, nightmares, betrayal,  indecision, enemies. 

20: Mannaz

  • Pronounced: ‘Man-az’
  • Literal Meaning: Mankind
  • Esoteric Meaning: Humankind

Mannaz is the rune of human intelligence, human existence and collective potential.

Keywords: Mind & memory, the difference between human and all other life, development of the intellect, rational thought, perfected intelligence, the psychic order of the gods reflected in humankind, a projection of Self into time, planning, thinking, analysis. 

21: Laguz

  • Pronounced: ‘Log-uhz’
  • Literal Meaning: Water
  • Esoteric Meaning: Unconscious

Laguz is the rune of the unconscious and also the evolutionary process of growth and personal development.

Keywords: Emotion, psychic powers, unconscious mental processes, love, dreaming, life ocean, origins of life, the astral plane , collective unconscious, energy, the astral plane, passion,   evolution, water, imagination, occultism, dreams, passing a test, vitality, inner growth , memory, dreams, avoidance, depression, manipulation, fantasy, toxicity. 

22: Inguz

  • Pronounced: ‘Ing-guz’
  • Literal Meaning: Seed
  • Esoteric: Process

Inguz is the rune of isolation and transformation and also represents personal growth.

Keywords: Internal growth, personal development, the power of suggestion, the inner-child, wholeness, earth-god, stored energy, gestation process, male mysteries, subtlety, planned bursts, male sexuality, agriculture, internal growth, gestation, resting, self-reflection,  impotence, stagnation, scattering, frivolity, immaturity. 

Who Is A Rune Casting Reading For?

Rune casting readings are great for anybody who seeks some extra and unbiased guidance and wisdom to help them with their life.  If you choose to have a professional rune casting reading the reader will usually create a complex spread to give you the deepest advice possible but in addition they are likely to have psychic skills that can bring more depth and clarity to a reading which can bring you growth, clarity and reassurance.  

Where To Find the Best Rune Casters Online

There are plenty of highly skilled rune casters available online, we’ve listed below some of the best places that you can find them (they also have the best deals too!)

Here are our picks:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

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Here are the Pros and Cons Of Getting A Rune Casting Reading Today


  • Get clarity on any situation right now.
  • Better than therapy!
  • Gives you control over your life
  • Plenty of choice of readers and reading styles to suit your tastes
  • Professional readers provide high quality responsible readings
  • A reading will never be intimidating  


  • You won’t always hear what you want to hear
  • You cannot control the message.  If you are not meant to hear something you won’t and vice versa
  • You do need to discern and seek out reputable readers to avoid impersonation and con artists
  • Your spiritual readers are human, and they rely on the messages, they cannot control anything either.
  • You’ll always be given what you can handle but you might not feel as though you are ready to hear it (even though if it’s given to you – you will be ready). 

Are you ready to take the plunge and try out your first reading?  

Don’t forget to give us feedback after!

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Cindy Hickey
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Why are there only 22 runes? What happened to Dagaz and Othala?

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