Sally Morgan Blazes Into Celebrity Big Brother UK

Sally Morgan, together with 12 other celebrity contestants (should’ve been 13, but Stormy Daniels couldn’t make it), entered Channel 5’s Elstree Celebrity Big Brother UK house on August 16th.

Better known as Psychic Sally, and self-proclaimed as the ‘best-loved psychic in Britain’, Sally Morgan clearly has her eyes firmly set on being the last contestant in the Big Brother house. Looking stunning, Sally Morgan boldly told presenter Emma Willis “Definitely someone’s about to walk. Fairly quickly I think.” (And we assume she’s not referring to herself.)

Sally Morgan’s first Big Brother prediction: someone’s about to walk? Is she saying that one of her celebrity housemates will be leaving the house before the first eviction on August 24th? We’ll have to wait and see just how on-point Psychic Sally is going to be during her (hopefully) one month stay in the Big Brother house.

Here’s what to know about Sally Morgan:

Psychic Sally was born Michelle West in Fulham, England on September 20th, 1951. She had her first psychic experience at 9 months and saw a ghost for the first time at the age of 4. Blimey!

In her twenties, Sally used her psychic abilities as a party piece to give casual readings to friends. As her accuracy became apparent and her reputation grew, it made sense for Sally to choose the path of a professional medium and later a TV psychic. Viewers have become familiar with her psychic abilities on numerous TV shows, including Star Psychic on ITV2, The Psychic Life of Sally Morgan on Sky Bio, Psychic Sally on the Road on Sky Living and This Morning on ITV.

Her celebrity housemates won’t be intimidating for Sally Morgan either considering all the notches she already has on her belt:

  • Past clients like Princess Diana, Uma Thurman, George Michael and Mel B.
  • Hundreds of live shows to audiences that total in the hundreds of thousands
  • Many of her own TV shows and even more guest appearances
  • Successful author of numerous books
  • Rated one of the top 5 best psychics in the world by Harvard PhD graduate Professor Gary Schwartz

But life as a celebrity psychic hasn’t always been plain sailing for Sally Morgan:

The Daily Mail and the ‘psychic scam’ accusation:

In September 2011 Sally did a show in Dublin. Immediately afterwards The Daily Mail published an article claiming that members of the audience could hear a male voice giving Sally info that she repeated to the audience a few seconds later. They were effectively claiming that she was a fake and a cold reader. Sally immediately claimed that her earpiece was one-way transmission, so it was impossible that she was communicating with anyone backstage.

But that didn’t help curb the fallout, so a horrified Sally Morgan decided to take legal action against The Daily Mail. In 2013 a High Court judge agreed with her that she had been wrongfully labelled a charlatan who was guilty of psychic scams to con her audience. Not only did Associated Newspapers (publishers of The Daily Mail) make a public apology to Sally Morgan, they also had to pay her legal fees and pay her a lump sum in damages. According to Sally Morgan’s website, the amount of damages paid was £125,000.

Although that sounds like a tidy sum, let’s not forget the pain and suffering the article caused.

In Sally’s own words: “It was an unjustified and unfair attack and it has been a very difficult, costly and painful process to get where I am today and to rectify that wrong. There will always be sceptics who attack my work and I understand and accept that. However, to libel me and falsely accuse me of a con trick does not constitute rational commentary or debate. I hope now this settlement and apology will repair the damage that has been done.”

Weight loss:

Yip, Sally Morgan looks stunning since losing 16.5 stone, but she didn’t do that purely to end up looking as glam as she does. At the age of 58, Sally was warned by her doctor that she was at real risk of suffering a heart attack if she didn’t lose weight and keep it off permanently.

The prospect of natural weight loss was out of the question for Sally because she’d been a yo-yo dieter since her early thirties, and no weight lost ever stayed off for any length of time. So Sally opted for gastric bypass surgery. Obviously the surgery has been a great success, and Sally has made the necessary lifestyle changes, but it took a real health scare, courage and persistence to get her to where she is today.

The Mark Tilbrook saga:

In April 2014, Mark Tilbrook, a psychic-sceptic and activist was handing out leaflets titled “Look after Yourself” before Sally Morgan was due to appear at a show at Shaw Theatre in London. These leaflets detailed how to spot a genuine psychic from a fake.

Sally Morgan’s husband of over forty years, John Morgan, and her son-in-law Daren Wiltshear took it upon themselves to confront Mark Tilbrook, and in the process launched a tirade of abuse on him that included a homophobic attack as well. The whole ugly incident was caught on camera, and once again Sally Morgan was having to defend herself in the public realm.

Both her husband and her son-in-law were booted off Sally’s management team within a week, but the incident was not without scars.

Shortly afterwards Sally posted the following statement to her website: “I am utterly ashamed and devastated at the behaviour of my husband John and son-in-law Daren …neither of them will have anything to do with my work, my business and right now I honestly have no idea what is going to happen to my marriage.”

And then there’s the tax man:

Nope, Sally Morgan’s woes aren’t over yet! Earlier this year the HMRC slapped her company, Sally Morgan Enterprises, with a whopping £2.9 million tax bill, sending the company into liquidation. The whole sad debacle is still ongoing.

Is that the reason Sally Morgan is in the Big Brother house right now? Although there’s no actual prize money for the winning contestant of Celebrity Big Brother UK this time around, each contestant will be paid an appearance fee to enter the house. So let’s hope that Sally negotiated a whopper to ease her tax burden!

Back to Celebrity Big Brother UK:

Despite numerous setbacks and stumbling blocks, Sally Morgan has the wherewithal to weather the storm in the Big Brother house over the next month. She’s proven herself as a survivor with the ability to face any challenges head-on and come out stronger and wiser for the experience.

It doesn’t matter that Channel 5 have exceeded all expectations with the line-up of Celebrity Big Brother housemates (albeit sans Stormy Daniels). Sally Morgan is as strong as the rest of them, and maybe even stronger than most. She’s a sticker and a fighter!

Will she win? Only time will tell because so far she’s not saying. Either way, there’s bound to be loads of drama as housemates fight it out to keep their spot. Judging by fans on social media, they’re already riveted to what’s promising to be the best Celebrity Big Brother UK ever!

What you lose on the swings, you gain on the roundabouts! We’re rootin’ for ya Sally Morgan – you go gal!

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