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This reading has been prepared by Esther (Operator Code: 250) for Sally Harper

Name:Sally Harper
Date of Birth:24/12/1973
Time of Birth:6.30 am
Location of Birth:Sydney, Australia


Dear Sally,

Thank you for this opportunity to do this Monthly playing card reading via e-mail for you. My name is Esther and I will be this reading on your behalf.

The Card Above No. 2 – What is the Likely Focus for this month.

The Two of Diamonds means you are going through a period of improvement in your life. Things are pretty good and everything is looking up. Usually this card shows up whenever there has been a dry spell and you have just finished a difficult period in your life. You are currently going through a period of being optimistic and flexible with a willing to compromise.

The Card Below – No. 4 – What could if any? Give some concerns over this month.

Seven of Diamonds Sally, this card warns not to get involved with other people financial problems or any get rich quick schemes. This is not a good period to even lend a friend a loan. It would be wise to put monetary plans on hold until this troublesome period is over. Remember this is a passing phase so try and take a fresh look at situations around you to see if there is any gift of wisdom in the situation.

The Cards on the Left – No. 1 & 5 – Recent Present and into the Present.

Card 1 As a card in the past position The Two of Hearts show that you had the opportunity of a new beginning of some type of emotional relationship. Usually this is the card of flirtation or a pleasant encounter. It symbolizes warmth and coziness pleasant encounters.

Card 5 6 of Hearts – You are going through a period of long term good luck. The only thing is you may not have been using it to your benefit. This card tells you to take notice of what is going on – and if you really have your heart set on something, you should go for it. During this period there is a possible invitation to wedding, engagement party or dance. This is for at least the next two weeks.

The Cards on the Right – No. 3 & 6 – Immediate Future as in within the next four weeks.

Card 3 King of Hearts is about to enter your life within this month time frame.

The King of Hearts usually represents a person: A man of good natured, disposition, but also hot and hasty and tend to be rash in his undertakings, and very amorous.

Card 6 9 of Clubs The Nine of Clubs is about working on yourself. You should be finishing up all projects and not starting anything new. This is a difficult card for those who ever finish anything.

As the 9 of Clubs came with the King of Hearts is it possible that the 9 of Clubs actually refer to the King needing to work on himself and learning to keep his word on either business or romance matter. Just an additional thought.

I hope you find this reading of assistance and if you require further information you can either email me or phone me. You will find me listed on (my operator code is 250).

This reading was prepared by Esther (Operator Code: 250).

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