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Universal Psychic Guild

This reading has been prepared by Esther (Operator Code: 250) for Sally Harper

Name:Sally Harper
Date of Birth:24/12/1973
Time of Birth:6.30 am
Location of Birth:Sydney, Australia


Hello my name is Sally Harper. Should I do this course of study? Thank you.



Dear Sally,

Thank you for this opportunity to do this playing card reading via e-mail for you. My name is Esther and I will be looking into your question on your behalf.

The Significator for your question is: 10 of Clubs because it represents official documents as in getting a certificate from the course of study you are enquiring about.

The Card Above No. 2

What is most important on Sally’s Mind at present. 10 of Diamonds is known as The Bank Card. It shows that Sally wants financial rewards, success with money, and an expanding career.

The Card Below – No. 4

What could be worrying? Sally – Five of Diamonds shows that she may be a little concerned about the issue of financial balance with regards to having enough money to pay the bills and the course in question.

The Cards on the Left – No. 1 & 5 – Recent Present and into the Present.

Card One Nine of Hearts is the Wish Card which shows that Sally has had her hopes on doing this course for some time now and has been working towards finding the money and getting into the study.

Card Five Ace of Diamonds is Present which shows – YES the money in some way will be made available for this long term wish.

The Cards on the Right – No. 3 & 6 – Likely Future or Outcome of the Question.

Card Three – Three of Hearts represents happy emotions. (There may be the need to be careful about the issue of getting pregnant due the 3 of Spades nearby).

Card Six – Three of Spades in combination with the 3 of Hearts suggests that YES the course is taking place but at the same time it is putting some pressure on a romantic relationship – that three of Hearts is an existing relationship instead of a brand new relationship.

I hope you find this reading of assistance and if you require further information you can either email me or phone me. You will find me listed on (my operator code is 250).

This reading was prepared by Esther (Operator Code: 250).

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