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This reading has been prepared by Esther (Operator Code: 250) for Sally Harper

Name:Sally Harper
Date of Birth:24/12/1973
Time of Birth:6.30 am
Location of Birth:Sydney, Australia

Partner/Love Interest:

Kyle Woodside



On your side of the relationship the cards are showing the following:

You see Kyle as a bit of a go-getter as he is represent by the Jack of Clubs. The only problem is with the Jacks is that they do not have the maturity of a King.

You are unfortunately times coming across a little on the defensive side – 9 of Clubs.

I strongly suspect you believe Kyle is “The One” type of person for you as this card placement is represented by the Ace of Hearts – you are full of positive feelings for Kyle.

What you Want from Kyle the cards strongly suggest – a move forward to a possible commitment of either marriage or de-facto.

How you can improve is shown by the 6 of Spades. This suit is about communication and I find that how, no matter how well intended a person is, there is a problem with communication between the sexes. In view of this I recommend the following book: HIMGLISH & FEMALESE By Jean Hannah Edelstein. A look at why women don’t get guys and why men don’t get them either.

On Kyle’s side of things:

He sees you are a wonderfully support person – full of heart – 6 of hearts.

He equally appears as a hard working person to you as he is represented by the King of Clubs.

Unfortunately Kyle is currently more focused on issues of finances and career as he is represented as the Jack of Diamonds in the position of How he Feels – he is thinking not feeling currently.

What he Want is to build his nest egg – card here is 7 of Diamonds.

How Kyle can Improve is represent by 8 of Diamonds – is to feel secure within himself as a person.

Likely Outcome with the changes suggested is a positive future. However, Kyle needs to be less career focused first and as they say “Get in Touch with his Feelings. – 3 of hearts was in the Likely Outcome.

Unfortunately this is something only Kyle can do by himself.

I hope you find this reading of assistance and if you require further information you can either email me or phone me. You will find me listed on (my operator code is 250).

This reading was prepared by Esther (Operator Code: 250)

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