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Dear Sally Harper,

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Your playing card reading that you have ordered has been prepared by one of our highly skilled and trained cartomancy readers.

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Universal Psychic Guild

Universal Psychic Guild

This reading has been prepared by Esther (Operator Code: 250) for Sally Harper

Name: Sally Harper
Date of Birth: 24/12/1973
Time of Birth: 6.30 am
Location of Birth: Sydney, Australia
Question: Hello my name is Sally Harper. Should I do this course of study? Thank you.


Dear Sally,

Thank you for this opportunity to do a playing card reading for you. My name is Esther and I will be looking into the question of whether you should do a course of study.

Before I start this reading I would like to point out that I take into consideration the card prior and following when doing my readings.

Card 1: Now – the influences surrounding you at the minute – 8 of Diamonds
The Eight of Diamonds is the Yes card to any project, idea, goal or dream – it is the green light. This card is also about professional improvement which may mean that you have to go back to school or take up a new venture. Currently around you is financial success should you wish to embark on a new business venture.

Card 2: Crossing Card – the Present – 5 of Hearts
The Five of Hearts denotes that you are currently or about to enter a period good luck, travel, higher knowledge, friendship, money and health.

So in other words it is all systems are go about anything you are feeling about starting, whether it is a new hobby or study – but remember hearts are about feelings, so it must have your total heart in it as well to be a total success later down the track.

Card 3: Past influences up to two weeks ago – Queen of Spades
She is a self-assured, strong and able to stand on her own two feet and make decisions – she definitely knows her own mind. This person does not suffer fools gladly, a good person to have on your side. With the following card I strongly feel that this lady is going to offer some type of assistance which could include financial for that new venture or study.

Card 4: Next Two Weeks – 10 of Diamonds
You are coming into a period for improvement in money matters, health, fun and abundance. Remember to use this period well because nothing in life lasts forever and this also means at some stage the good times will end, so use it well.

I hope you find this reading of assistance and if you require further information you can either email me or phone me. You will find me listed on (my operator code is 250).


This reading was prepared by Esther (Operator Code: 250).

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