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This reading has been prepared by Esther (Operator Code: 250) for Sally Harper

Name:Sally Harper
Date of Birth:24/12/1973
Time of Birth:6:30 am
Location of Birth:Sydney, Australia


Dear Sally,

1. Currently what is around you right now – The Jack of Hearts usually represents a person: Light-haired, young individual who may be entering your life. Sometime it is someone you already know. They can be sweet and strong, and they can be on the shy side. They like to please. They are usually good friends to have but sometimes can be distant.

a) Occasionally a woman will be represented by a Jack; these women are aggressive young go-getters and not shy at all. They will also be the same colouring; however, this also covered bottle blondes.
b) It can also symbolize a friend or even a lover, but it can also very well stand for a person who is using your feelings against you for manipulation (in this case it is the way the card is facing that makes the difference).
c) As a situation, the card stands for a new romance in your life, whether recent or coming in the near future, so be careful not to pass out on any options.

2. Additional influences on your current situation – Seven of Hearts. Whilst this is the card that reunites people from our past it usually concerns someone you have known for some time (sometimes an old flame). It could be an individual whom you never could get together with and now the cards are in your favour. However you need to keep in mind – keep it slow as this is like developing a whole new friendship.

3. The immediate past (within the past week or two) – Nine of Diamonds shows that you have just come out of a phrase in which overall you did well with regards to material possessions and most likely had an increase in either your financial position.

4. Immediate future – (within the upcoming week or two) – Ten of Clubs. You are about to enter a period of major changes. As this is the last of the number cards – it means that everything will soon change. How things change for you is up to you. If you have not be paying attention and let details slip or were generally lazy, nothing much will happen. However if you have been working hard and never lost sight of your dreams, then good fortunate awaits you.

5. New influences or person entering your life within the next three months – Three of Clubs. During this period you will be face with the opportunity of taking responsibility for both your major success as well as the stuff ups. Also a second opportunity to improve your financial situation or career will show up during this period. It indicates taking the first steps on the ladder to success whatever you decide to take on for yourself. Your efforts will be rewarded if you chose to venture on some new ground. There is more than a grain of truth in the saying ‘third time lucky’, so prove this right by action on intuition backed up by experience.

6. Influence or person leaving your life within the next three months – Nine of Clubs. Things will quieten down for you with regards to your social life.

7. New influences or person entering your life between three to six months – The Ten of Hearts is the card that represents prosperity, romance and love on its way. It is up to you to take advantage of the energy and use it to your benefit.

8. Influence or person leaving your life between three to six months – The Joker. This is someone who does not truly like a stable lifestyle and therefore tends to stir up trouble within either their own life or others around them.

9. New influences or person entering your life between six to nine months – Four of Clubs shows you are heading for a period in which you could feel stuck in a Rut and that life is not moving quickly enough for you. There could also be the feeling of boredom.

10. Influence or person leaving your life between six to nine months – Four of Spades. This is a great card to have in this position because it means that you have been feeling a little under the weather recently and now your health is picking up for the better.

11. New influences or person entering your life between nine to twelve months – The Ten of Spades is about obstacles are about to arrived in your life for a period. However, remember obstacles are lessons in disguise and though your journey will be difficult you will see some improvement in some areas after everything is cleared. This card is also about you needing to realize that the only way to get out is to make a sacrifice; some significant changes (maybe quit some bad habits). Also there is the possibility of a piece of electrical equipment dying. However, there is still good news in that this is only a period of time and like all things – Know it will pass and the Sun will come out again to shine upon your life.

12. Influence or person leaving your life between nine to twelve months – Six of Diamonds leaving means that you will be coming out of a very physically busy period. Perhaps now you can receive some well deserved rest.

13. Overall Favour of the Previous Twelve Months – Four of Diamonds reveals you have gone through a period of things going well in your life. The only problem is that you may have not noticed this.

14. Overall Favour for the Next twelve months – Eight of Clubs. You will be getting the Green Light Card which is shown by this card. Whatever project or study course or seminar you are considering over the course of the next twelve months, this card says forge ahead and you will do well. The same applies to a new job opportunity should a new one be presented to you. Do not let little frustrations and impatience get in the way of your potential success.

I hope you find this reading of assistance and if you require further information you can either email me or phone me. You will find me listed on (my operator code is 250).

This reading was prepared by Esther (Operator Code: 250)

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