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rope knotTo bind, or not to bind, that is the question, young witch! Binding spells are spells that seek to symbolically tie up the target in order to restrict his or her actions and bind them to a person, object, place or situation.

These spells can be positive or negative. So, what is all the fuss about in the Wiccan and white magic communities? What are the rules for binding spells? Why is it so controversial?

Before you embark upon and binding witchery, be sure to read up! There are many different schools of thought on the matter, but the one thing every witch can agree on is that you must take responsibility for the consequences of the spells you cast, whatever they may be. Therefore, it is imperative that you learn about all of the possible outcomes and why. You never want to be surprised with a threefold rebound of energy, especially when you are dealing with binding and other potentially negative castings.

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Binding in white magic and Wicca

White magic and the religion of Wicca forbids restricting another’s free will. The belief is enshrined in the Wiccan Rede, which states that “An ye shall harm none.” Most simply, this means that you are free to do what you will, so long as your actions harm no one and nothing.

Because of the Law of Threefold Return, any energy that you send out that prevents another person from pursuing their life in the way that they choose, will cause them unanticipated or unforeseen negative consequences. Those consequences will then be returned threefold!

White witches and Wiccans take this law very seriously, and most forbid the use of binding spells at all. Unless of course, you have received permission from the recipient of your magic making! If there is consent on all sides, then the path is clear for you to proceed!

Binding in witchcraft

Witchcraft in and of itself does not make judgments about which spells are morally correct or not. That is for each individual witch to decide. Every experienced witch understands the potential for unanticipated consequences, and so long as the spell caster is willing to take responsibility for the outcome, there are no rules.

In particular, folk magic such as voodoo, gypsy magic, and other branches, does not frown upon the use of binding practices. In fact, they are considered to be a very important tool in the tool belt! Many forms of low magic incorporate the use of talismans, amulets or poppets. These are all physical representations of another individual or situation. The rituals and spells that are cast upon these simulacra subsequently manifest in the astral plane, and then take shape in the physical world. Distance is not an issue, and binding spells are very common low magic spells.

Binding in Black Magic

Black magic is a term used to refer to spells that use negative energy to effect the desired outcome. Whether it is revenge, manipulation, or banishing, black magic does not shy away from using chaos, destruction, and negativity to achieve its goals. There are powerful black magic binding spells that are not for the faint-hearted. And these spells must be practiced with great care and forethought. Negative consequences multiply and return to the working witch.

Black magic makes use of binding in multiple ways. When sending a hex or a curse, one is binding a negative energy or outcome upon an individual, thing or situation. Whether bad dreams, bad luck, or even death, black magic uses the concept of binding to inflict destructive energies. Whether these energies are warranted or not, is for the witch to decide. But as with all spells, the negativity shall be returned to the source threefold.

Binding and Intent

Whichever method is used, the intention of the binding spell if what counts. Sometimes a restrictive spell could be considered positive if it is protecting society at large because a certain individual is a danger to the well being of others. Consequently, this spell may be performed by a white witch who is willing to step into the grey to protect those around her.

Also, in the case of mutual consent, there are binding spells between two willing parties or between a person and an object. The thing to ask yourself is what the intent of the spell is. Is it creating protection or harm? Is the spell improving someone’s life or only yours? Typically black magic spells have a selfish intent, whereas white magic spells intend to benefit humanity as a whole. Where do your intentions fall?

Positive binding spells

handsOne example of a positive binding spell is one that joins two consenting parties together. In the Celtic tradition of handfasting, two souls are bound together much like in wedding vows.

Or someone can bind themselves to a particular object that they value greatly. This is often done with jewelry or important items that the practicing witch doesn’t ever want to lose. In this way, the item will continue to return to you.

Additionally, some binding spells are cast to join together a person and their pet so they become their familiar. Of course, an animal cannot consent, but it is for the individual witch to decide if that is morally acceptable.

Negative binding spells

ashtrayA negative binding spell seeks to take someone’s ability to do something away. Binding spells can be cast to prevent someone else from harming you, much like a banishing spell would.

However, they can also be cast to prevent yourself or another from engaging in certain destructive behaviors. Actions such as smoking, drinking or calling back that certain someone who you know you shouldn’t call, can all be bound with a binding spell.

Although this kind of binding is taking someone’s or your own ability to do something away, many practicing witches would consider this acceptable, especially if consent is given.

A Wiccan binding spell

This spell freezes someone’s negative actions toward you. It does not cause them any harm, though it does interfere with their free will. Therefore, contemplate the Law of Threefold Return before attempting this spell, and be certain you are willing to take responsibility for any repercussions that might come back to you in your life. Sometimes you can achieve the same results with a very strong protection spell.

Materials and Supplies:

  • A freezer
  • A ziplock bag
  • Water
  • Pen or pencil

Casting the spell:

  • Ground and center yourself
  • Meditate on the action that the person is harming you with
  • Write it down on the paper in 1-2 sentences in the following format:

“I hereby bind [name] from……”

  • Chant the following:

“This slip of paper is [name] and his/her actions against me. I hereby freeze [name] and bind him/her from causing me harm. As my will so mote it be.”

  • Fold the piece of paper so that it fits into the ziplock bag
  • Fill the bag with water so that the paper is submerged
  • Place the bag in the freezer and freeze it solid
  • Keep it in the freezer until the situation has resolved itself
  • Thereafter, thaw the bag and bury the paper
  • Pour the remaining water over the paper and chant:

“I release you from the binding but enjoin you not to harm me again. As my will so mote it be.”

Read more about this spell and others at Wiccan Spells.

Evil Eye banishing spell

Here is another binding spell for used for banishing. This evil eye binding spell will also keep a person that is harming you away from you.

Materials and supplies:

  • Sand
  • A bowl
  • Piece of paper or parchment
  • Bat’s Blood ink
  • Writing item
  • Black marker

Casting the spell:

  • Place the sand in the bowl and chant:

“Fac apel la deochi vechi, pentru a incanta acest nisip cu putere”
(I call upon the ancient evil eye, to enchant this sand with power)

  • Write the target’s name on the paper and chant:

“Obligati deochi aceast persoan n numele de noapte i ntuneric. Deci, ei nu pot trimite-mi fac ru sau rea voin. dup cum dorete el zeia, Mote s fie”
(Evil eye bind this person in the name of the night and darkness. So they may not harm me or send ill will. as the goddess wills it, so mote it be)

  • Bury the paper in the sand
  • Place the bowl of sand outside your door
  • Lift your hands to the sky and chant:

“n numele de nyx i Rebusului, obligati aceasta vraja, astfel nct s fie Mote”
(In the name of nyx and erebus, bind this spell, so mote it be)

A Gypsy binding spell

gypsy womanBinding spells can also be used as love spells as with this gypsy binding spell. By attaching another person to you, you can force their affection. But once again, these spells are for educational purposes, and you should always consult a professional spell caster before attempting spells like this, or beware the consequences!

Timing: During the waning moon

Materials and supplies:

  • 2 white candles
  • A red or pink candle (love or passion)
  • A piece of rope, string or thread the same color pink/red at least 6 inches long
  • Salt

Casting the spell

  • Pour the salt in the shape of a circle, about 8 inches in diameter
  • Place all of your materials inside
  • Inscribe one white candle with your name, the other with your prospective lover’s
  • Holding the first white candle, focus your energy visualizing who it represents
  • Repeat for the other white candle
  • Now meditate your energy into the pink/red candle and visualize your intention
  • Chant the following:

“You are now blessed and clean and free, you will fulfill and bring this wish to me”

  • Light the pink/red candle and then lift the two white candles, one in each hand
  • Chant in a commanding voice:

“Kay o kám, avriávelKiya mánge lele beshelKay o kám tel’ávelKiya lelákri me beshav”.

  • Bring the three candles together
  • Tie the rope or string around the three while chanting:

“As I tie this knot, I bind together [your name, his/her name] in greatest love. So mote it be!”

  • Blow out the candles
  • Keep the candles in a safe place
  • Once your spell has manifested, return the candles to the earth

In conclusion, binding spells are very effective and very versatile. From binding an object of your affection to you to binding a dangerous person away from you, binding spells can be used in many ways. But as will all magic and spellcasting, it is best to work with an experienced professional if you have serious work to do.

All witches and witchcraft aficionados must educate themselves about magic and how it works. Even if you have no intention of ever using black magic, it might be useful to understand it one day. Suppose you find yourself the victim of a curse or hex and you need a spells removal? It is critical to understand how the energies travel, multiply and manifest.

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So, check it out and comment back to us! Did you try any of these spells? Did they work for you? Would you try them again? We look forward to hearing from you sister and brother witches! So mote it be!

Pros of binding spells

  • Get someone who is harming you out of your life!
  • Bind together with someone or something you love
  • Very effective spells

Cons of binding spells

  • Be careful manipulating others
  • Unintended consequences can be severe

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