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coins viceDoes karma really work? Have you ever experienced situations that seem hopelessly unfair and unbalanced? You wait and wait for your luck to turn, but it never does? Sometimes we feel stuck in a rut, especially when it comes to finances. We work and work, but never seem to get ahead. Maybe you’ve even tried some white magic spells and nothing has worked. If you are a hard worker but can’t seem to get ahead of your luck, it could be that you need stronger magic. Maybe it’s time for black magic money spells.

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We have spent a lot of time in other articles discussing the merits of white magic, Wicca, and concepts like the Law of Threefold Return. Much of Neo-Paganism and the recent resurgence of witchcraft has a disdain for the dark arts and preaches a completely white path. However, dark magic has been around as long as white magic. From Folkloric or Traditional witchcraft to ancient Greco-Roman cursing tablets, the practice of malevolent magic is nothing new. In fact, a holistic approach to witchcraft requires knowledge and understanding of the darker forces at play, if not using them when necessary.

Black magic is powerful and direct. It can be used to effectively banish negative people from your life, erase bad karma, attract love and also to attract prosperity. There are also lots of white magic and Wiccan money spells, but they require a very general application since nobody can be named or affected. That is not the case with black magic money spells.

White magic money spells

trees in sunlightWhen practicing white magic, one must be careful not to affect any other person’s free will. That applies to any kind of spell. This makes it quite challenging if you want someone to return your affections or if you want a specific promotion at work. Why? Well, it all boils down to manipulation.

If you compel someone to fall in love with you, perhaps you are ruining a relationship that they were intending to have with someone else. Perhaps this other person will now be heartbroken. According to Wicca, this would not follow the tenet of the Wiccan Rede which states that you shall harm none.

Or let’s suppose that you cast a spell to get that promotion at work. Well, perhaps there was someone else more deserving than you that really should have gotten it. Maybe they will not be able to pay their mortgage now. You could be setting off an unforeseen chain of negative events.

A white magic money spell would only allow you to attract general abundance toward yourself. That means through the law of attraction, you would energetically attract opportunities or wealth in any form. Another white magic approach would be to banish any blockages that could be standing in the way of you and your prosperity.

Is the Law of Threefold Return real?

As you can see, these wite magic approaches are very general and their objectives are wide. It is a wonderful practice, but what if you need something very specific? What if your needs are urgent and you need meaningful solutions immediately?

White magic and Wicca teach the Law of Threefold Return. This law states that any energy that you put out into the universe will return to you threefold. So, imagine our scenarios above. What if your colleague loses her job because of the promotion you received? That negative energy could be returned to you three times over, even though you didn’t mean to harm anyone.

This is why it is very important to work with a professional spell caster or a very experienced witch, especially if you are turning toward the dark arts. Many witches will even use methods of divination, such as tarot or rune casting, in order to try to foresee any consequences of a spell before casting it. It is a wise approach if you believe in the law of Threefold Return, but not everyone does!

Is black magic bad?

good or badNot every practicing witch believes in the Law of Threefold Return. In fact, some would argue that this was simply a rule invented to keep young, inexperienced witches in line. Whatever the case, most can agree that black magic is self-focused, seeking to benefit the spell caster. But that does not mean that a spell cannot benefit all of humanity at the same time.

Perhaps the wheels of justice have not turned properly. We have all heard stories of murderers and rapists walking free, while victims must continue to live in fear. This is where a black magic spell could right the wrongs and balance the scales of justice on a spiritual level.

Does karma work?

karma yogaWhat if karma doesn’t work? What if we are actually required to protect and fight for our own safety and prosperity? Perhaps we are stuck in an economic rut that is not our fault. Perhaps someone stole our identity and now we can’t get out of debt or someone stole our house or savings.

White magic would ask you to question if your actions attracted this into your life. But many would argue that life is just brutal and unfair sometimes, and instead of playing the martyr and self-blaming, one needs to stand up and fight for one’s own dignity and respect. Create the life you deserve.

Some witches even argue that this self-blame is actually just a hold-over from the Judeo-Christian religions. That it does not need to have a place in the practice of witchcraft at all. Witchcraft is a practice that uses energy to achieve our goals, just as we would write our best cover letter to get that job.

Black magic money spells

So, what do black magic money spells look like and how do they work? Black magic money spells will serve your personal desires and specific goals, even at the expense of others. Although there definitely are black magic spells of many kinds that are designed to be harmful to others, such as hexes, curses, bindings or banishments, black magic spells can also be used for good. How? Doesn’t this seem like an oxymoron?

Well, if you are the victim of a black magic attack yourself, the most powerful way of removing that negativity from your life is with the use of black magic. If there is a truly evil person in your life that is causing you harm and suffering or perhaps harming your children and others, a black magic spell will be most effective in banishing or binding them. And if you do not believe in the Law of Threefold Return, the argument for using black magic spells is even stronger.

Can it be that your negative financial situation is the result of karma not working properly? Or on the other extreme, maybe you’ve carried negative karma with you from a past life and can’t get out from under it? For a black magic money spell to really work, you need to determine the source of the problem. Then you need to target it.

Preparing to use black magic money spells

woman stressedWhat is the source of your struggle? Are you great at your job but your boss isn’t able to see the value you bring to the table? Have you been working hard to find a job, but there are just no opportunities?

Or maybe the people you work with are abusive and demeaning, petty, or gossipy? Or maybe you have a job that pays you fine, but you are so bored and underutilized that it’s making you crazy. There are spells for each of these situations.

But if you are really in a bind, I would go with a trusted professional spell caster. You want to be certain the spell will really work, and especially when dabbling with the dark arts, you don’t want to make mistakes. There are many different branches of black magic.

There are Voodoo spells that cross over to the dark side, there are Folk and Traditional witchcraft spells that would be considered black or grey, and then there are other religions and practices like Satanism and demonology. Even herbology and magic potion-making can cross over to into the dark magic arena, and each tradition has a major history and volumes of literature that a real witch or spellcaster must be intimately familiar with. It is not something for the faint-hearted.

Work with a professional

If you have decided to use black magic to address your concerns and improve your life, work with a trusted professional. Practicing witches and spellcasters at Kasamba are thoroughly vetted and reviewed online, so you know that you are in good hands. Try your first minutes free at Kasamba to make sure the person you are working with is the right fit for you.

Are they super knowledgeable about the dark arts? Do they have a collection of black magic spells at hand? Can they answer specific questions about their spells? What is their position on the Law of Threefold Return? Is there risk for you by engaging them to cast spells for you? An experienced witch or sorcerer should be able to answer all of these questions with confidence.

Decide which black magic spell to use

Or perhaps you want to use black magic for career success. Black magic spells can help you to be noticed in the workplace. Perhaps you can cast a spell that ensures that your resume will be on the top of the pile. Or maybe you are eyeing a specific job opening at your current place of employment? Cast a black magic spell so that your boss thinks of you when filling that new position.

You can also use black magic money spells for revenge.  By casting a poverty spell, hex or curse on someone, they may lose their job, their reputation or their entire business. Black magic is a great way to get rid of an overbearing and abusive boss, mete out justice for someone who scammed you and is living off of the profits, or someone who generally needs to be brought down off of their high horse. And black magic is the only kind of magic that will allow you to do such things. If you don’t want to wait around for things to get better and need to take decisive action, black magic spells will get you there.

Creating the perfect spell

handwritingBecause black magic is so specific, the more detail you put into your spell, the better. When using black magic, you absolutely can name an individual, a particular job opening, a dollar amount or any other details that are relevant to your success. You can also specify how quickly you need this spell to act.

So, once you have narrowed down your search and identified what your intention is, reach out to an experienced professional so that the spell is as powerful as possible when it manifests in your life! Professional spellcasters can even write a brand new spell for you that is specific to your exact situation. Get the most out of your hard work and make sure that you see results fast!

Pros of black magic money spells

  • Very precise and specific
  • Fast acting
  • Very powerful

Cons of black magic money spells

  • Casting requires a lot of experience
  • Can backfire if you believe in the Law of Threefold Return
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Hi I want to know how much it cost and I get paid on the first of the month and I am on a budget. I can afford to pay you about 60 dollars. My goals is to win the biggest megamillion ever or the Powerball

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Any luck?

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How much it cost and the get paid on the first I can afford around 60 for the service

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Hello..I’m really have financial problem..i lost my car becouse I can’t pay it..borrow money from relative friends boss and loan..I can’t pay them back..please give me the money spell..if it work that will helping a lot with me and my family life..please

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I am having lot of financial problems I need 3crores please help me to get rid of my poverty

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Good evening I’ve been looking for a job nothing ,the manager of another company has promised to call for interview still nothing we have nothing at home the family rely on me I’m too stressed now don’t know what to do I need a quick spell that will work

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i need my money

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