Top 3 Black Magic Removal Spells Online

demon skullLet’s talk black magic removal. Black magic practitioners do not often share their craft, for good reason. This is because when you know what went into a spell, it is easier to reverse or remove it. It weakens the power of their work.

The dark arts are the most powerful form of magic, but also the most dangerous. Do you think you may the victim of a black magic spell? Wondering what to do about it? Here are some steps you can take for black magic removal.

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What is a black magic attack?

First, relax. Chances are you are probably not the victim of a black magic attack. This is because black magic spells need to be cast by an experienced practitioner. They require a lot of training and effort to be effective. Sometimes we can have streaks of bad luck where it feels like everything is going wrong (Mercury retrograde, anyone?), but that is not the same thing as a hex or a curse. Black magic is something very particular and not very common either.

Sometimes we may have blockages in certain energy pathways or karmic obstacles that continue to present themselves. However you choose to define them, there are methods of clearing away psychic debris. In this case, clearing away negativity simply involves cleansing rituals such as smudging with sage, meditation, releasing and setting new intentions. This is not the same as black magic removal, which is much more serious and sinister and requires a lot more effort and care.

How do black magic spells present?

There are several steps to effectively remove black magic from a person, place or thing. The first and most important thing is determining if you are in fact dealing with black magic. People can have demons or other negative spirits or energies attached to their spiritual energy as a result of black magic spells. Some black magic practitioners will send evil spirits to extract information from someone, or to torture them mentally and emotionally. if you are experiencing extreme rage, depression or grief, this could be the result of a black magic spell.

Other symptoms of a hex or curse could be incessant nightmares, anxiety or insomnia. Unexplained weight loss or weight gain. Other experiences may involve feeling a terrifying presence around you, seeing dark shadows, or hearing strange sounds. Any of these hallucinations could be the result of dark magic, though you should see a medical professional if you are exhibiting these symptoms to rule out any psychological disorder or brain tumor, etc. For a full list of symptoms check out this page.

Black magic on places or things

haunted forestIn the same way, a place can also become attached to a negative force. Similar to a haunting, sometimes when terrible tragedies occur in a location, the energy of the place can become scarred with the event. It is almost like a tear or wound in the aura of a place. This intense negative energy can become stuck and meshed with the location. Especially if black magic was involved in the tragedy.

By the same token, physical items can also become charged negatively. Amulets, talismans and other items can be carriers of dark magic working their dark magic upon those in their proximity. In fact, black magic practitioners often work with simulacra. The Voodoo doll is a perfect example. Although not all Voodoo poppets are necessarily cursed, if they were charged with evil purposes, they can definitely carry that energy with them.

How to remove black magic

  • Does someone have a vendetta against you?
  • Do they practice black magic?
  • Are you experiencing sudden unexplained negative symptoms?

So, how can you find out if you are cursed? Here are some questions to ask yourself. First, is there someone who has a terrible grievance with you, who would want to cause you harm and suffering? The answer to this may be yes, but there is a critical second requirement. Does this person have black magic spellcasting abilities? Or do they perhaps have the funds and disposition to hire a professional black magic practitioner to harm you? If both of these points hold true and you are also experiencing what seems like a never-ending streak of bad luck, illness, fatigue, etc., then you might be the victim of a black magic attack.

Additionally, you need to take stock of your symptoms. If the symptoms that present are more in line with a demonic possession, for example, you will need to receive an exorcism. Symptoms of demonic possession include uncontrollable laughter or rage, foul body odor or bad breath, incessant thirst, self-harm, and blackouts. Again, be certain to rule out any medical condition, but if your doctor cannot seem to find the source of these changes, it is important to begin working on a spiritual level.

Find the source

I know this is probably very difficult because the dark arts work in the shadows. Black magic is most effective when cast in darkness. If nobody knows where the spell came from or what it is attempting to do, it is much more difficult to undo it! However, through the process of elimination, you may at least come close. Make a list of everyone you know who might have a vendetta against you. A crazy ex-girlfriend? The mean old man next door who hates your dog? A jealous colleague at work? Make a list, no matter how silly it seems, and then look at question number two.

In order for black magic to work, you have to believe in it. Chances are that if someone does not believe in the powers of black magic and spell casting, they will probably not bother to seek out a highly sought-after professional witch. Much less would they be inclined to spend money to curse you! And if they themselves are not the type to practice magic, whatever they attempt will probably fail. Casting black magic spells successfully requires serious training and experience – it is not something that just anyone can pick up overnight.

Have you been able to narrow down the list?

Identify the spell

Take a look at your list of possible suspects. What were they angry about? Is there a jilted lover on the list? What would they want to curse you with? Heartache? Betrayal? How about a colleague at work that is jealous of your promotion? Would they try to cast a black magic money spell to cause you poverty and demotion?

Approach your problem like a detective. The more information you can gather in your ‘case file’ the better. What tradition of witchcraft might this person be attracted to? Is there a specific coven that you know they are involved with? The more information you have, the better your black magic removal spell will be.

Now try to put yourself in their shoes and imagine what kind of punishment would bring them the most pleasure. Try to think like they do. If you have no idea who cast the spell, do not despair. Take a look at the symptoms. Are there themes around the negative experiences you are having? Are you experiencing constant illness? Is it emotional heartache? Or maybe devastating financial problems? This will give you at least a sense of what kind of spell you may be dealing with.


After you have determined who and what you might be dealing with, begin the preparation for a banishment. You will probably need to address this in several separate spells over the course of time. Spellcasting is mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausting and cannot always be done all at once. In fact, it will be more effective to remove the spell in steps, so that you can use your full energy and force for each aspect of the spell.

Your banishing spell will name the likely perpetrator and the black magic intention either by name or through visualization if you aren’t 100% sure.  You will follow the steps of a spells removal ritual, where you mentally force the spell to manifest in front of you in physical form by commanding it. Once it is before you, you will sever the ties between you and it. When an energy like this is released, it will return to its maker. You should experience an immediate sensation of relief like a huge weight has been lifted from your shoulders. If you think you know who cast the spell on you, keep your eye on them for any reaction.

Once you have cut the cord between the spell and yourself, you will proceed to step 2: cleansing. It is important that you continue to the second step. You may be tempted to stop here because you feel so much better. However, if you don’t complete the full black magic spell removal you might still suffer from negative effects.


If you have been under the weight of a heavy black magic spell for a long time, there will certainly be residue in your aura and spirit, even if it is no longer attached to you. Aura cleansing, refilling yourself with white light, and self-care is really important at this time. This is healing work.

Check out our article on healing spells. This should fill you with vibrant new, positive energy allowing you to begin to heal from your ordeal. Just like you would eat very healthy food and try to restore yourself after an illness, you also need to heal yourself from a black magic attack. Think of it as vitamins for your spirit!


The third step of black magic removal is to create a shield of energetic protection around yourself. If the person trying to hex you is very attuned and powerful, they will know when their spell has been broken and returned to them. They may very well attempt to re-cast it.

Your protections must be very strong around you because black magic spells can leave you weak and vulnerable. White magic and Wiccan spells are very powerful protection spells. You can read up on several here. By creating a safe space around yourself and your loved ones, you can be sure that any future attempt to harm you will be thwarted. And you should recharge this circle of protection from time to time, to make sure it remains in full effect.


If you want to make sure that the perpetrator never harasses you again, you may want to invoke some black magic yourself in order to send them the message. With a spell reversal, a special kind of revenge spell, you can send the horrible curse right back at the perpetrator. There are mirror spells which will literally reflect their dark magic right back at them. And if you believe in the Law of Threefold Return, it may just come back to them threefold. Sometimes this is the justice someone needs to learn not to mess with you in the future.

Where to find help

Black magic removal is serious business. Not only might you be working with serious evil energy that will not want to release you, but it could actually harm you in unforeseen ways. If the spellcaster becomes aware that you are trying to remove the curse, but you are not successful, they may very well seek to strengthen their work, making your job even harder!

If you are experiencing serious black magic attacks it would be wise to seek the help of a spellcasting professional to help you through the process. And don’t tell anyone what you are up to! You don’t want to let on that you have discovered the source of the curse!

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Pros of black magic removal

  • Effectively relieve you of the burden of a hex or curse
  • Put a stop to nightmares, emotional distress, and general bad luck
  • Open up your energy channels to feel joy and abundance

Cons of black magic removal

  • Very difficult to do effectively
  • Can alert the spell caster
  • Might try to re-cast the spell even stronger