Powerful Break Up Spells

Having trouble getting out of a toxic relationship? Or did your partner run off with somebody else? Or maybe you just want to leave but don’t want to hurt your partner? Break Up Spells can help.

When two people form a close bond, there is a literal connection between them. Some occultists refer to this as a cord. If the connection seems unbreakable, you might need the help of a break-up spell. Whether you prefer a white magic cord cutting ceremony or a powerful voodoo spell, sometimes we just need a little extra help.

What is a Break Up Spell?

Break Up Spells do exactly what you would think – they break up a relationship or connection between two people. It doesn’t even have to be a romantic relationship, though that is what they are usually used for. You could be breaking up a toxic business relationship or even a toxic family relationship. When saying goodbye just isn’t enough, try casting a break up spell to cement the deal.

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What different types of Break Up Spells are there?

Cord cutting ceremonies

break up spell cord cuttingA cord cutting ceremony is an ancient practice of cutting the etheric connection between you and somebody else. It can be done through visualization or by cutting an actual rope or ribbon that represents the two people. Although this will free someone from you whether they like it or not, it is one of the whitest break up spells out there.

Break Up Spells chants

Here are some chants you can use in your break-up spell casting, but remember, these are not white magic spells. These are just ideas, and you can always write your own. In fact, bringing your own personality and flair into a spellcasting is always recommended. It will make the spell more powerful because it will be more personal. Seeing as any spell is only as powerful as the witch casting it, using your intuition and honest gut feelings, will always lend strength to your work.

When writing a chant, you can choose your own style. Lots of spell chants are written like poetry with rhyme and rhythm, but you can use a simple conversational style if you choose! Take some time to meditate on the situation. Think of some imagery that suits your intention.

Break up spell chants might include imagery of a broken mirror or a shattered plate. Or perhaps like reversed magnets that repel one another. Whichever image feels right to you can be incorporated into your break-up spell chant.

Additionally, you can invoke a God or Goddess in your chant. If you want your spell to be powerful to make up for harm that has been caused you, consider invoking a God of war. The Greek Goddess Nemesis is the Goddess of indignation and retribution for evil deeds. If your partner has betrayed you with infidelity, Nemesis is the Goddess to aid you in your break up spell!

Voodoo Break Up Spells

Some of the strongest break-up spells out there are Voodoo spells. Voodoo incorporates dark magic, which means that that the practice doesn’t limit itself by protecting other people’s free will.  Plus, black magic is always the most powerful. Based on African folk magic, Voodoo developed during the slave trade when ancient shamanic and folk magic practices fused with Christianity. Voodoo sometimes gets a bad rap, but it’s spells are very effective!

Who can cast Break Up Spells?

Break up spells are tricky because they inherently involve another person. That means that they aren’t quite white magic spells. A cord cutting ceremony is the closest thing you’re going to get to a white magic break up spell. Because you are severing a connection between two people, you are affecting the will of the other person, especially if they want to be with you! This is a manipulation that puts these spells into the darker magic category, but if you send the other person love and healing energy you are not likely to have any backlash.

Aside from very simple cord cutting ceremonies, only an experienced witch should cast break up spells. Dark magic spells and black magic spells can have serious negative repercussions, and you have to know how to protect yourself from that before you go dabbling around. If you have a toxic connection that needs severing, reach out to a professional spellcaster for a powerful break-up spell.

Do Break Up Spells actually work?

Break up spells definitely work. The connections between living beings are real and powerful. Some psychics can even see them physically. So, when you are connected to someone but need to get away and they won’t let you, it is really important to sever the etheric connection as well.

How do I find a spellcaster to cast my Break Up Spell?

  • Go to a reputable website
  • Read the customer reviews
  • Check the ratings
  • Read your spellcaster’s bio

Where can I get an absolutely FREE Break Up Spell?

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How to cast your own Break Up Spell (not recommended)

Remember that spellcasting can set things into motion that you may not foresee. It’s best to work with an experienced spell caster so that you can take the proper precautions. But for the sake of occult studies, let’s take a look at some break up spells.

Break Up Spell chant

Here is a very simple break up spell chant, just to get you started. Don’t be afraid to name the parties in your chant – you wouldn’t want it to affect the wrong person. Be careful with your word choice and always look for possible unintended consequences from multiple meanings or unclear language.


No longer
The two of you are
The distance between you
Grows very far
Away from each other
From this day on
Never again
To each other be drawn
This spell is true
And harms no one
As I will it
It is done

The Simple Break Up Spell

Simple doesn’t mean you don’t have to try, so be sure to use your powers of focus and visualization. Spellcasting is all about sending energy or intention into the universe. Make sure you will not be distracted or disrupted by anyone (or anything like a phone or a pet) and take your time to gather your strength and passion.

Materials and supplies:

  • A Pillar Candle
  • A String
  • Lighter/Matches
  • A Spade/Something To Dig With
  • A Picture Of The Couple You Want To Break Up

Always cast spells with banishing energy at the waning or dark moon or at sunset on a Saturday or Tuesday if you cannot wait long enough for the moon’s phase to change. Saturday is great for all kinds of banishing, and Tuesday is ruled by Mars, and his energy will support war and aggressive magic.


  • Choose a private spot outside that feels right to you
  • Dig a small hole with the spade, deep enough to completely contain the photo
  • Poke a small hole into the photo while focusing all of your intention
  • Tie the string through the hole
  • Now tie the string to the pillar candle, allowing the photo to hang below it about two feet
  • Light the candle
  • Gaze into the flame and concentrate on your intention for about 10 seconds
  • Blow out the candle and chant the following as you watch the smoke dissipate

“Goodbye, goodbye, you two shall be no more.”

  • Cut or burn the string
  • Bury the picture

Voodoo Break Up Spells

Voodoo Hoodoo SpellbookMaybe the couple you want to break up is your own! Sometimes we get stuck in marriages or relationships that we just want to disappear. Check out this Voodoo break up spell to get rid of a hateful husband from Denise Alvarado’s excellent book The Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook. This spell is a foot track magic spell, which is a widely used voodoo practice. Voodoo practitioners believe that magic will be absorbed by people’s feet and a lot of Voodoo and Hoodoo spells are cast this way.

How to take a foot track

So, how you collect a foot track? Simply put, you collect the dirt from the person’s footprint. In direct foot track magic, powders, chalk marks, stones or buried bottled are “laid down” as a trick, or curse. When the target walks over the magic, it will be absorbed through his or her feet. This is sometimes referred to as “direct foot track magic.”

The second way to lay for track magic is referred to as “sympathetic.” A person’s footprints, socks, shoes, toenails or some kind of foot skin are collected and used in creating powders or doctored in some way to create the curse. The target is then crossed.

Get Rid of a Hateful Husband

“Take the right foot track of your hateful husband and put it in a dark bottle. Add a dirt dauber’s nest and some cayenne pepper to the foot track and parch it in an old tin frying pan. Put all of this into a dirty sock and tie it up. Turn the bundle away from you as you tie it. Carry it to the river at twelve noon. When you get within forty feet of the river, you must run fast to the edge of the water, whirl suddenly and hurl the sock over your left shoulder into the water and never look back. Say, “Go, and go quickly, in the name of the Lord.”

Tips on casting Break Up Spells

  • Keep your break up spell white if you are inexperienced
  • Gather all materials and supplies before you begin
  • Be sure you have a quiet and private space to work in

Can Break Up Spells backfire?

All spells can backfire; that’s why it’s a good idea to work with a spellcasting professional. They know how to set up measures of protection. Many use divination to see what the consequences of a particular spell might be. This is helpful because protection spells or diversions can be set up in advance.

Pros of Break Up Spells

  • Release that toxic relationship finally
  • Regain your freedom
  • Find love again

Cons of Break Up Spells

  • Most are not white
  • Risk of backlash or unintended consequences

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a professional spellcaster cast a break-up spell over the phone, chat or email?

Yes, of course! The spell caster may need some basic information such as names and birthdates and maybe even photos, but with this information, they can cast your break-up spell from anywhere.

How long does it take for the break-up spell to work?

Spells work instantly. So you should feel free from your toxic connection immediately.

How long will the effects of the break-up spell last?

A break-up spell is permanent unless you reconnect with the person intentionally.

Can a break-up spell be broken if I don’t want it in my life anymore?

No, once a connection is severed, it cannot be reversed. However, you can always choose to reach out to the other party to reconnect should you decide to.

I’m not sure which kind of break-up spell to cast. How do I choose?

Your spellcasting professional will have many spells for you to choose from. Give them a call and find out what your options are!

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