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Do you believe that you are the victim of a curse or hex and need help removing it? There are powerful curse removal spells that will help you, but curses are dangerous magic.

The first step is to determine whether you are truly the victim of a hex or a curse. The next step is to try to determine what kind of magic was used on you to cast that spell. Finally, powerful curse removal magic must be used to sever the connection and return the curse back to its source.

If you meet the criteria below and you need help removing a curse or black magic spell from you or a loved one, be sure to study the methods we outline below or speak to a professional spell caster to get you protection today.

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Are you the victim of a hex or a curse?

To be honest, hexes and curses are not that common because they are extremely difficult to successfully perform! So, relax! Chances are that if you are experiencing negativity or a bout of bad luck, it is probably not a hex or a curse. Why? Well, because first of all, you have to be a powerful witch in order to effectively cast a curse or a hex.

Powerful spells require powerful magic behind them, so chances are that your new boyfriend’s ex is not able to effect such magic upon you. Second, according to the law of threefold return, practicing black magic is really risky. Any witch worth her salt knows that the repercussions of casting dark magic spells can be intense, so they are not undertaken lightly.

The Law of Threefold Return

What differentiates black magic and what is the Law of Threefold Return? Black magic spells are spells that wish to restrict another’s freedom and cause them harm. White magic is often associated with Wicca and the Wiccan Rede, which states “An ye shall harm none.”

This means that if you want someone to fall in love with you, the best option is to cast a spell that will make you very attractive and draw love into your life. You cannot name another party or force them to develop feelings for you because that would be manipulating their actions and taking away their free will to love whomever they choose.

The Law of Threefold Return states that all energies you send out into the universe will be returned to you threefold. So, if you inadvertently cause another person suffering through your spell casting, that suffering will be returned to you three times over.

Suppose, for example, that the person you want to fall in love with you is actually in love with someone else, or has a child with someone unbeknownst to you. Will you be the cause of that child losing a parent? That would be very negative energy that would be traced back to you and returned to you threefold.

Black magic

With black magic, all of this is taken into consideration. The spell caster, if they believe in the law of threefold return, which is also widely disputed, is willing to take on all of the consequences and repercussions that may result from the casting of the curse or hex. And these are powerful spells!

Most black magic practitioners believe that their magic is righting the scales of justice and “fixing” a situation where karma has failed them. However, it is also widely understood, that when a curse or hex is broken, the energy will return to its sender.

This is one of the reasons that black magic practitioners are secretive and careful about their work. When the inner workings of a spell are known, it is easier to reverse it. Any black magic spell caster will want to protect themselves from a curse removal or spell reversal in the event that the harm should be returned to them.

Curse self-checklist

So, are you the victim of a curse or a hex? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you experiencing constant and unexplainable misfortune and suffering than absolutely cannot be attributed to a streak of bad luck or repercussions of your own actions?
  • Is there someone in your life who wishes you harm?
  • Is this person capable of practicing powerful black magic?
  • Would they have the resources and wherewithal to hire a powerful professional spell caster?

Sometimes we keep losing things. Are you sure that you haven’t been sleep-deprived lately, and maybe this is the reason for your foggy head? Or maybe you are overworked and have too much on your plate, and if you were to take time for yourself and slow down, this problem would resolve itself. If so, then it is very unlikely that you are the victim of a curse or a hex. However, if none of these kinds of issues can be to blame, then it is important to consider the following questions.

You need to ask yourself if there is someone in your life who really wishes you harm. It is one thing to be at odds with someone, but are they willing to take the extra step of really harming you? If so, then you need to ask yourself if they really have the capacity to cast black magic spells. Witchcraft is not just waving a magic wand like in the Harry Potter movies. It takes years of practice and devotion to cast successful magic spells.

Does your adversary possess these skills? Or do they have the resources to find and hire a professional spell caster? Remember, most practicing witches would not agree to cast black magic spells that harm others, because they are the ones who would be at risk if something goes awry and the spell is returned to them. However, if you have answered yes to all of these questions, then its time to figure out what kind of curse or hex you are suffering from.

Kinds of hexes and curses

There are many different kinds of curses and hexes, and the first step to removing them is figuring out what kind of a curse you are dealing with. There are revenge curses, bad luck curses, curses to bring you physical or psychological illness, nightmares, and even death.

Have you wronged someone recently (or does someone believe you have)? What kind of magic might they have access to? Have you known them to dabble in witchcraft or hoodoo?

How to remove a curse

Curse removal is essentially the same as black magic spells removal. You must identify the curse, objectify it, and then banish it. Never forget that keeping your paranoia in check is very important. The more nervous and fixated you become, the more powerfully the curse will affect you. If you remain poised and in control of your thoughts, you will be much more effective at deflecting the dark magic.

Next, perform a banishing ritual. A banishing ritual should be performed on the waning or dark moon. You can select an object to bind the negative forces to and then destroy it, or you can use candle magic. There are also potions for banishing, such as Four Thieves Vinegar, or you can try a Voodoo Hex Away spell. For detailed methods of banishing negative energies, check out our article! We list lots of different banishing spells and how to cast them.

Using Servitors

You can also invoke the help of servitors. They are like personal, spiritual guardians that keep watch over you and the energies surrounding you. They can serve as warning signals or even as deflections. For example, a Voodoo Deflection Doll is made in the image of yourself rather than that of your enemy. Cast a spell upon the doll so that it absorbs any magical forces coming from the outside that are directed at you. This way, the doll will become the target instead of you, all unbeknownst to the spell caster.

From time to time, be sure the cleanse the doll energetically. You can do this by performing any kind of energetic cleansing ceremony. Sage, frankincense, and myrrh are all good for this. Sprinkling the doll with salt water and placing it in the sun will also cleanse any negative energies.

But be careful not to remove the original magic you placed upon it. We want to be sure that it continues to absorb any negative energies that might be sent your way. Also, be sure to keep the doll safe and hidden away in a place where you spend a lot of time, such as your home or office. You must take great care that this doll does not fall into the wrong hands!

Hexed surprises

If you are unfortunate enough to receive a hexed object in your mailbox or at your doorstep, take steps to neutralize it immediately. Cover it in a black cloth and wrap it up without touching it. Tie it securely with black thread or ribbon and make sure that it is securely covered on all sides.

You can use divination techniques such as Tarot or I-Ching to determine where the curse came from and what its intended purpose is. Also, depending on the offending object itself, you can discover a lot of information. If it contains animal parts, blood or ashes, it may well be coming from a Voodoo practitioner.

Try to determine the source, using as many clues as you can gather. Do your research to see if you can find the spell that this object must have come from. Then you can best neutralize it. Read more in “Combat Magic.”

Getting professional help

If you have received a particularly nasty object or you are certain that you have had a curse placed upon you, but you doubt your skills as an adept black magic practitioner, reach out for help. Black magic can be extremely dangerous, and it’s is not something to be taken lightly.

We recommend several partner websites that offer spell casting services, and they don’t need to break the bank either. It can be very difficult to find a legitimate spellcaster because there are a lot of frauds out there who prey on desperate people. Our recommended partners offer money-back guarantees and are thoroughly vetted and reviewed. You can read in-depth bios of all of their practitioners and can also read customer reviews to make sure that you feel satisfied.

What’s more, is these sites all have great introductory offers, so that you don’t need to make a large financial commitment unless you want to invest in their services. Try out a free (or super cheap) special for first-time customers, and listen to your instincts. A true spell caster will know their craft and won’t need to ask you too many questions. They should be able to see the situation clearly from the beginning. You may even ask them to give you an I-Ching reading on the situation to determine your best course of action. you can never be too prepared when it comes to dealing with curse removal!

Our favorite curse removal sites

Oranum is another great website that allows you to watch your spellcaster in action via their live stream before you ever make a commitment. This way you can be certain that the spellcaster is the right fit for you before you jump in. It is important that you feel intuitively connected to your spell casting professional. They need to really understand what you are up against.

and Keen are two other great websites that offer the first 3 minutes for free or super cheap readings. All of our partner sites have a money back guarantee, so take your time to find someone who really understands your situation.


Pros of curse removal

  • Rid yourself of black magic that is making your life miserable
  • Send the negative energy back to the sender

Cons of curse removal

  • Difficult to perform successfully
  • If not done properly, the sender can be alerted and may try again with a new method

Have you had help casting a curse removal spell from one of our spellcasters? If so, please comment on your experiences below!