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Sometimes the wheels of justice don’t turn. Sometimes karma seems to sleep. In these moments, witches may turn to curses in order to right the wrongs that have been committed.

Curse spells date back to the earliest days of witchcraft with practices spanning the globe, and many are still in use today. So, how do curse spells work, and are they safe to use? Read on to learn about the different kinds of curses, how to cast them, and how to make sure you stay safe in so doing.

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What is a curse?

Curses are negative energies placed upon a person, place or thing in order to bring them harm. They undeniably fall into the category of black magic and range from illness, to harm, and even to death. Curse spells are often cast to exact revenge upon someone or to protect treasure or a gravesite.

Curses can also be generational and passed down through the family from generation to generation. They can bring about psychological suffering as well, not just physical illness. With curses such as sleeplessness and persistent nightmares, the range of ills that can be brought against others is vast.

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Curses in history

Curses have been used throughout history often in the form of effigies or tablets, however, curses can also be cast as spells without the involvement of physical items. Plato spoke at length about the use of curse spells in his classic book “The Republic.” Historically, curse spells were often bought and paid for in the same way as blessings. When the wheels of justice did not turn properly, it was common for people to seek out the help of a witch or sorcerer.

In ancient Egypt, wax figures of Apep, a monster who was the enemy of the sun, were widely used in order to harm those that had caused pain and suffering to others. The use of effigies was widespread, from India, Persia, Egypt, Africa, and even Europe, and in many places, are still active today. An effigy is a physical representation of the person that a witch wishes to harm. Whether by inscribing the name of the intended victim onto the wax candle or by creating a poppet or doll-like representation of someone, the acts that are inflicted upon the effigy are to occur in real life. This is the same principle used in the well-known Voodoo doll.

Curse tablets

Curse tablets were also widely used in England and throughout Europe, such as those found at Bath. Curse tablets were inscribed pieces of wood, papyrus or lead. Led was readily available and also carries the characteristics of a curse, cold, heavy and dark in color.

Rectangular sheets were hammered out and then inscribed with the curse spell. Curse tablets were typically created by invoking a deity usually associated with water or earth. They were sold quite regularly and used widely.


Witch trials and curses

During the Salem witch trials, the execution of witches centered on maleficium, the Latin word for “An act of witchcraft performed with the intention of causing damage or injury; the resultant harm.” There was wide-spread hysteria and fear around the idea of curse spells, and people sought to eradicate the threat through incarceration and execution.

Many witches confessed, most probably due to torture and threat. For example “Old Chattox” a sixty-year-old woman named Anne Whittle, confessed to practicing malefic magic and having a pact with the devil. She cursed a farmer’s land and legend has it that for years the cattle could not survive on these lands. Later, it was discovered that a poisonous weed was the source of the problem, however many noted that it was peculiar that it grew only in this particular location.

The risks of curse spells

Neo-pagans and Wiccans typically do not foray into the world of curses and hexes, although the Mexican Brujas ad the Italian Striga believe it to be justified. White magic practitioners believe that any magic that is put into the universe will return to you three-fold. The Wiccan Rede, for example, follows a basic tenant of “And ye shall harm none.” Rather than restricting another’s free will and sending them negative energies, practitioners of the right-hand path will instead choose to attract more of what they want into their own lives, rather than manipulate the lives of others.

But obviously, not all witchcraft practitioners believe this to be the case, and even if some do, they are experienced enough to understand the possible consequences and use proper protection.

Grey magic vs. black magic

There are definitely levels of cursing and hexing. One common deviation from the right-hand path is the practice of binding and banishing. A witch who is casting a banishing or binding spell upon someone is directly affecting their free will and therewith making themselves susceptible to negative energies returning to them. However, in many cases, witches believe that if this binding or banishing is done to protect others from harm, it falls into the grey magic category. So, why would someone use grey magic instead of white?

Protection vs. banishing

What if someone is causing you harm? Is it a better bet to cast a circle of protection around yourself – something that will act as a shield – or are you better off binding or banishing that person from doing inflicting harm? The answer is actually quite simple. The stronger the harm against you, the stronger the magic you need. White magic can be very effective in shielding you from misfortune, negative emotions such as jealousy and gossip. But when it comes to intentional harm, where someone is trying to hurt you directly, whether, through acts of revenge or magic, a stronger kind of spell may be necessary. This is where dark magic comes in.

If you are the victim of a curse or a hex, powerful magic must be used to reverse or break that curse. And it takes knowing black magic to undo black magic. A grey magic spell to banish someone who is causing you harm may be effective enough, but if someone truly evil is spreading misfortune and terror in your life and the lives of others and the justice system is simply ineffective, a powerful black magic curse or hex may be warranted.

The left-hand path

A witch who practices black magic has a deep understanding of the possible risks and repercussions involved in casting curse spells. If the curse is discovered and broken, it typically is reflected back to the sender. This could be terribly dangerous for an inexperienced witch. Practitioners of black magic are not only prepared by understanding the risks, but they also will engage in self-protection magic before casting the curse spell. Taking these kinds of precautions is paramount. Additionally, if the cursed target has another witch working on their behalf, the retribution will be swift and damaging.

Types of curse spells

Some curses are cast spontaneously simply by wishing someone ill, though these are typically not very powerful. The more powerful the spell caster, the more powerful the curse spell, and a professional will take the time to prepare, focus, and cast the curse spell, even over the course of days or weeks.

The timing of the curse spell is also important. Curse spells cast on the waning moon will be more powerful, and curses cast by someone on their deathbed are most powerful of all. Cursing survivors, offspring, or places can have effects that last for generations.

When the pope excommunicates someone from the church by speaking an anathema, he is actually casting a curse. Irish cursing stones are turned to the left while the curse is recited. There are poppets that are stuck with thorns or needles, effigies that are burned and otherwise mutilated. Charmed objects can be placed in the victim’s home or workplace (unbeknownst to them). The traditions go back centuries and are still in use today.

There are powerful spells out there that seek to destroy everything for someone. Be discreet in your spell casting so that the target does not learn how to break it. Because curses, when broken, return to their sender, you will not want your target to know that you have cursed them.

Revenge Curse

Materials and supplies:

  • Your voice
  • Fire
  • Full name of the enemy
  • Picture of the enemy

Timing: Black moon, a Saturday, at night

Light your fire and burn incense if you have any
Visualize your enemy and begin to gather your anger and vengeance
Focus all of your intense rage into the photo
You can raise the power with drumming and dancing

Chant loudly:

“Goddess Adrestia hear my cry,
For (Enemy Full Name) shall not die
Rather than death I wish upon suffering unto
And leaving his/her heart dark and blue
Taking away everything he/she loves most will certainly do
An eternal life of suffering and depression (Enemy Full Name) will see
This is my will
So mote it be.”

Immediately burn the photo in the flame after the chant

Death Spells

In the practice of Hoodoo, graveyard dirt is an often used ingredient in “laying tricks” or curses. It can be used to cause illness and even death to your intended target. The graveyard dirt is used in many magical recipes, including goofer dust.

This dust can be purchased, but for truly powerful curse spells, it is better to make your own. Then sprinkle it on the path of your target, on his or her pillow or anywhere around the home to cause them to die.


The risk of curses

All of this is very serious and powerful magic, however, and if you are not a practiced witch, you would be wise to find someone to cast these spells for you. First, unless you really know what you are doing, these spells will not work. Second, you can cause yourself harm and unintended consequences if you do not cast these spells correctly.

Additionally, if you are the victim of a curse or a hex, be sure to seek help from a professional as well. It is rare to be the true victim of a curse, but if you are, you need powerful magic to reverse it. This is not something to be taken lightly and only a powerful witch will be able to help you.

Avoiding scams

Be careful of scams, however. There are many spell casters out there claiming to fix curses or hexes and really they are just after your wallet. Be sure to work with a reputable spell caster. Your best bet is to get a reference from someone you know and trust. If you don’t have any leads, ask around at your local New Age Store.

If you still cannot find someone, don’t worry! There are a lot of great online options with credible and experienced witches and psychics. Here are a few that we recommend. The good news is that all of these sites give special offers to new customers so that you can try out your spell caster before making a huge financial commitment. From the first few minutes free to money back guarantees – its a really great place to go for help.

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Pros of curse spells

  • Very powerful magic
  • Difficult to break curse spells
  • Balance the scales when justice or karma fails you
  • Prevent others from causing harm
  • Protect people you love from future harm

Cons of curse spells

  • Difficult to perform
  • Risk of rebounding negative energy
  • Could evoke retaliation from another spells caster

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