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death card tarotAre death spells real? Can you really bring someone to their deathbed using a death spell? Or could you be the victim of one? As with any spell, the power is in the person who casts the spell, not the spell itself. There are many tools such as crystals, amulets, herbs, and potions which can increase the potency of a spell, but the real power is in the energy with which the spell is cast.

But, relax! Real death spells take a lot of professionalism, concentration, focus, and skill to accomplish. If you are looking to use one, you have some work to do. If you are afraid someone has cast one on you, read on. It is important to understand how black magic, red magic, hoodoo and all kinds of revenge and death spells work in order to get out from under them.

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Magical traditions with death spells

There are many branches of witchcraft and magick making that incorporate the use of death spells. One of the most well known is the practice of Hoodoo. Also known as “Ggbo,” Hoodoo is an African-American practice of folk magic which originated in West Africa.

Brought over during the slave trade, Hoodoo involves the well-known use of poppets (The Voodoo doll) as well as many other powders, oils, and charms. There is no singular strict approach to the practice of Hoodoo. The knowledge is passed down from generation to generation and the rituals vary from person to person.

Hoodoo and folk magic

marie laveauThe practice of Hoodoo does not avoid the use of so-called “dark magic,” which is why people often flock to the practice when their white magic counterparts will not allow certain spells. In the Wiccan practice of white magic, there is a belief in the Law of Threefold Return, which claims that any energy sent out into the universe will be returned three-fold. Additionally, the central tenet of Wicca is “An ye shall harm none.” This means that any spells that restrict another’s free will or harms them in any way is forbidden, and will be returned to the practitioner if practiced.

But there are many branches of occult practice that do not believe in this “karmic” retribution. In fact, in most folk magic practices, it is assumed that magick making is used to bring justice when justice has not been meted out properly. Gypsy magic, Hoodoo, and other branches of black magic such as Satanism, do not concern themselves with such considerations. If one is willing to accept the consequences of one’s magical acts and take proper precautions to protect oneself from rebounding negative energy or unintended attachments to harmful spells cast, then anything is fair game.

The Curse of Marie Laveau

This is one of the most powerful Hoodoo curses and will cause death. It is broad in scope and brings destruction to the intended target. If there is someone harming you or those you love, and the justice system is powerless to protect you, then this is the death spell for you.

Materials and Supplies:

  • Black Candles
  • Vinegar
  • Needle

Timing: Cast this spell on the waning or dark moon for banishing, or on the full moon for extra power.


  • Anoint the black candles with vinegar and then set them upon your altar.
  • Carve the person’s name you wish to curse onto one black candle with the needle
  • Place 15 cents into the lap of death upon the altar as payment for the spirit’s help
  • Place your hands flat upon the altar and chant:

“To The Man God: Oh great One, I have been sorely tried by my enemies and
have been blasphemed and lied against. My good thoughts and my honest actions have been
turned to bad actions and dishonest ideas. My home has been disrespected; my children have
been cursed and ill-treated. My dear ones have been back-bitten and their virtue questioned.
O Man-God, I beg that this that I ask for my enemies shall come to pass: “‘That the
Southwind shall scorch their bodies and make them wither and shall not be tempered to
them. That the Northwind shall freeze their blood and numb their muscles and that it
shall not be tempered to them. That the West wind shall blow away their life’s breath and
will not leave their hair grow and that their fingernails shall fall off and their bones shall crumble. That the East wind shall make their minds grow dark, their sight shall fail and
their seed dry up so that they shall not multiply. I ask that their fathers and mothers from their furthest generation will not intercede for them before the great throne, and the wombs of their women shall not bear fruit
except for strangers and that they shall become extinct. I pray that the children who come
shall be weak of mind and paralyzed of limb and that they themselves shall curse them in
their turn forever turning the breath of life into their bodies. I pray that disease and death
shall be forever with them and that their worldly goods shall not prosper, and that their
crops shall not multiply and that their cows, their sheep, and their hogs and all their living
beasts shall die of starvation and thirst. I pray that their house shall be unroofed and that
the rain, the thunder, and lightning shall find the innermost recesses of their home and that
the foundation shall crumble and the floods tear it asunder. I pray that the sun shall not
shed its rays on them in benevolence, but instead it shall beat down on them and burn them
and destroy them. I pray that the moon shall not give them peace, but instead shall deride
them and decry them and cause their minds to shrivel. I pray that their friends shall betray
them and cause them loss of power, of gold and of silver, and that their enemies shall smite
them until they beg for mercy which shall not be given them. I pray that their tongues shall
forget how to speak in sweet words and that it shall be paralyzed and that all about them
will be desolation, pestilence, and death. 0 Man God, I ask you for all these things because
they have dragged me in the dust and destroyed my good name; broken my heart and caused
me to curse the day that I was born. So be it.”
(The Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook, Copyright © 2009 Denise Alvarado)

The power of Hoodoo Graveyard Dirt

One very powerful ingredient in many Hoodoo spells is graveyard dirt. Graveyard dirt is collected from an actual graveyard, from the burial place of a particular person who’s temperament and/or cause of death will bring the proper energy to aid you in your spell. Hoodoo “tricks,” or spells which are intended to bring another harm, often call for graveyard dust.

Some common tricks calling for graveyard dirt are Goofer Dust, Hot Foot Powder, Jinx Powder, and Crossing Powder. The graveyard dirt is used to symbolize death to the enemy, for example in the case of spells involving the burial of a poppet in a miniature coffin, or spells which call for the extinguishing of a black candle in a saucer of graveyard dirt.

Collecting graveyard dust

Care must be taken when collecting graveyard dust. It is important to request permission from the spirit and to provide payment. Caution must be taken not to desecrate the gravesite. The grave you choose is also important and it must be taken into consideration how the person died, where the grave is located (many cemeteries forbid digging), and which part of the body you dig from – whether head, heart or feet.

If your local cemetery forbids digging, you can try planting a potted plant at the gravesite. While you are bringing this gift to the deceased, you can discreetly remove from of the graveyard dirt for your spell.

Goofer Dust

Goofer dust can be purchased, but you never know if you are going to get the real thing. If you need to cast a powerful death spell, it would be best to collect your own graveyard dirt immediately prior to casting the spell, so that it is at its most potent. You can sprinkle Goofer dust in the path of your target, on his or her pillow or around the home to cause them to die.

Goofer Dust Recipe:

  • Graveyard Dirt
  • Sulfur
  • Dried and ground venomous snakeskin

Herbal Additions as desired:

  • Echinops to cross and hex an enemy
  • Hydrangea to bind an enemy
  • Morning Glory to bind an enemy
  • Wormwood to cross and hex an enemy
  • Paprika to cross and enemy

Red Magic for death spells

Red magic uses anger and rage to fire magical powers into a frenzy and send them at their intended target. It is the magic of war and uses aggression and chaos to send the practitioner into a state of gnostic trance.

The Chaos Bolt
– from “Combat Magic”

Materials and Supplies:

  • Pen and paper to make a sigil
  • Dagger
  • Fire (A small bonfire or burning paper in a cauldron or copalera will work)
  • Red candles
  • “Mars” incense
  • A sterilized needle to draw blood from your finger
  • Ceremonial battle garb or painting oneself with war paint is very effective

Spell Casting:

  • Gather all materials and supplies
  • Create a sigil out of the name of the enemy using the Graphic Method
  • Anoint the sigil with your own blood
  • Create a sigilized chant detailing the horrible fate that is to befall the target (Mantric method)
  • Arrange several red candles in a circle around you
  • Burn incense copiously
  • Raise your rage into a frenzy without thinking of the target
  • Begin chanting your mantra while focusing on the sigil (Do not think of the target to avoid attaching yourself spiritually to the spell!)
  • Raise the cone of power through wild war dances
  • At the climax, visualize the sigil contained in an equal-sided triangle, the bottom of a three-sided pyramid, pointing away from you.
  • Visualize the triangle rapidly shrinking and vanishing as the bolt is released
  • Burn the sigil paper and retain the ashes, packaging them in a small container (black box, etc.)
  • Deliver the remains anonymously to your target

After this spell is cast, be sure not to think about to intended target, so that the spell does not attach to you and cause a rebound effect.

Death spells are powerful and can be dangerous, especially if they are improperly cast and rebound. If you are in need of casting a death spell upon someone, hire a professional spell caster. They have experience and know how to take the proper precautions to avoid backlash.

How cast death spells safely

Unless you are a practiced witch and already know all about the kinds of precautions you should take in order to practice black magic and cast death spells, you are not ready. This is not something to dabble with! Seek out the help of a professional spell caster who can protect you and themselves from unintended consequences and negativity rebounds.

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Pros of death spells

  • Get evil out of your life when the law or karma won’t help you
  • Very powerful magic

Cons of death spells

  • Takes great skill to perform
  • Dangerous if proper precautions aren’t taken

Have you had help casting a revenge spell from one of our spellcasters? If so, please comment on your experiences below!