The Secret of Druid Spells

Druids were the elites of ancient Celtic society. They were religious leaders, scientists, and researchers. They were poets, magicians, and astronomers. But they were completely wiped out by the Romans around 57 AD along with all Druid Spells and artifacts. So, very little remains to this day.

The name “Druid” stems from the Indo-European word “deru,” meaning “true,” which evolved from the Greek word for “oak,” or “drus.” Unsurprisingly, the way of the Druid seeks harmony with nature and a life lived naturally and they cast their magic Druid spells in their sacred Oak groves.

Druidism is a way of life that incorporates magic and shares many common elements with other Pagan philosophies and traditions. Spellcasting is one aspect of the way of the Druid. So, what makes a Druid spell?

What is a Druid Spell?

The Druid tradition focuses on the interconnectedness of the elements: earth, air, water, fire, and spirit, much like in Wicca. However, Druidry places great emphasis on the Sun, whereas Wicca tends to emphasize the phases of the Moon.

The Druid philosophy is one of protecting and caring for the earth we live upon – respecting all beings on the planet; even the stones and the earth. Therefore Druid spells will invoke the elements and the power of the sun. Much like Wiccan spells, the Druid philosophy teaches taking personal responsibility for the energies we set into motion in the world. The Rule of Three is accepted by many different religions and spiritual practices in one form or another and is very similar to the notion of karma or the golden rule.

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What types of Druid Spells are there?

Since most of the ancient teachings on the ways of the Druids were destroyed, we are only left with a few manuscripts and stories handed down through the oral tradition. The Revival Druids of the 18th and 19th centuries were actually uniting against the Industrial Revolution. They sought to protect the Earth from destruction and bring Druidism back to life.

However, the magical elements of the Druid way didn’t make their way back into Druidism until the occult began to resurge in the 19th century. John Michael Greer is one of the leading authorities on Modern-day Druidism and has written several books on Druid Spells if you want to get a more in-depth look. But modern-day Druids definitely incorporate magical practices and spellcasting into the Druidistic teachings. They have incorporated elements from other magical practices, especially those of wizardry.

Although the path of the Druid is very complex and requires years of study, we can look at some of the most common Druid Spells around today. The basic materials and supplies you will need for casting Druid spells are the following:

  • A set of Ogham sticks or cards
  • Four small bowls or cauldrons
  • Eight small stones
  • A wand
  • Another cauldron
  • A bag that you can hang around your neck

Druid Ogham Sticks

or staves are divination tools a lot like Nordic runes, and if you don’t want to buy them, you can easily make your own! Each stick has a letter of the Ogham alphabet carved into it, and each letter has its own meaning. Additionally, each symbol is also associated with a different tree. The interpretation of each stave takes both the tree and the symbol into consideration.

There are 25 sticks in total (sometimes a 26th blank stick is included). Many people place the Ogham staves into a bag and think about a question while selecting their stave. The one that calls to you will bring you your message.

Circle of Stones

Druids use a circle of stones to demarcate and protect their sacred space for spellcasting. As the stones are used in ritual practice, they become enchanted. This process can be encouraged by enchanting them directly. Each stone represents a different station in The Wheel of Life, each of which has a Deity, color, emblem and seasonal calendar day, associated with it.

First, you must wash the stones in fresh, running water. Then they should be placed in the sun for cleansing for at least one hour. Next, you can mark each stone with the emblem of the station and in a Grove Ritual and can dedicate and enchant each stone to its station. Afterward, keep them in a cloth bag for future use. Their magic will increase.

The Sphere of Protection Druid spell

The Sphere of Protection ritual is an exercise that is a fundamental part of any Druid spell. It has three parts: an opening, a middle, and a closing, which are called The Elemental Cross, The Calling of the Elements, and the Circulation of Light, respectively.

The first part, The Elemental Cross, is a ritual that brings the Druid into a place of balance at the center of the world. Using symbolism, gesture, voice, imagination, and intention, the Druid creates an “imaginary” cross by deliberately moving energies that then work to turn intention into reality.

The second part of the ritual, The Calling of the Elements, is a complicated practice that invokes the elements of air, fire, water, earth, and spirit. In Druid practice, the element of spirit is divided into three parts: spirit below, spirit above, and spirit within.

The third and final part of The Sphere of Protection is The Circulation of Light. The Druid uses the same components (symbolism, gesture, voice, imagination, and intention) but instead, the spellcaster visualizes a spinning sphere of golden light all around his or her body. Once this spinning reaches infinite speed, the Druid is left in perfect meditative stillness and completion.

Druid Scrying

Scrying is an ancient word for “seeing,” but when it comes to magic and Druid spells, it is seeing without eyes. It is a practice of opening your inner ‘psychic eye’ so that you can open yourself to visions and messages from the Divine. In fact, the first recorded use of the crystal ball for scrying was by the Druids and Scottish Highlanders.

Druids scry the elements in the four directions. This is where they will find beings of the elemental realms, such as the light elves, the forest elves, the dwarves and the bwbachod. It is from within the sacred grove and inside the sacred grove within, that the Druids find the source of their magic.

Druid Land Cleansing Ritual

Because Druids value living in harmony with the Earth, there are rituals for cleansing the land, as well as bringing fertility to it. Be sure to cast your Ogham sticks first to make sure that your intention is set appropriately! And take the time to scry in order to ask the spirits of the land for permission before you begin your work.

The Land Cleansing and Restoring Fertility Druid Spells use all of the materials listed above. They involve casting the Sphere of Protection and the so-called Opening the Grove spells in order to manifest their healing. If you’re thinking that these Druid spells are quite complicated, well, you’re right! They are definitely not for beginners and require a lot of practice and dedication!

Who can cast Druid Spells?

Not just anyone can cast a Druid spell because it is a study that takes years of research and practice. Druidism is really a way of life and a philosophy, so it’s not possible to simply follow a recipe. When someone trains to become a Druid, they embark on a lifelong journey and a commitment to living in harmony with the earth and all of its beings. If a Druid spell is what you are looking for, you should reach out to a professional spellcaster who has been trained in this practice.

Do Druid Spells actually work?

Druid spells are powerful when cast by a trained and experienced Druid. But the power lies mostly in the spell caster. Much like Wicca, Druidism is a way of life, and all of its philosophy and teachings inform the associated spell work. These spells, cast by a non-druid, won’t be as effective.

However, because Druidism is essentially a revival based on historical assumptions and bits and pieces of original material, the philosophy encourages spellcasters to bring their own unique flavor to the work. There isn’t one way to cast a Druid spell, as long as the principles of the way of the Druid are supported. There are many elements of other practices that can happily be incorporated, such as candle magic and basic spellcasting.

How should I go about choosing a spellcaster to cast my Druid Spells?

  • Always go with a reference if you can get one
  • Be sure to work with a reputable website
  • Read customer reviews
  • Check ratings
  • Check qualifications in biographies

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How to cast your own Druid Spells (not recommended)

The basics of most witchcraft spells can be transformed into Druid spells by adhering to the philosophy and ritual of the practice. Spells that would lend themselves well to the Druid way are protection spells, fertility spells, healing spells, and most Wiccan spells.

Because Modern Druidism has had to incorporate magical practices from other traditions, there is innate flexibility within its spellcasting. Druidism is not a religion of dogma; in fact, individualized interpretations are welcome. Therefore, so long as you stay true to the principles of the philosophy, you can transform many witchcraft spells into Druid spells.

Of special significance is the study of the nwyfre, or “life force,” the gwyar, or the “principle of flow,” and the calas, or “principle of matter.” Although named and imagined differently, Druid magic moves and manipulates the energies of the universe for specific effect in the mundane world, much like other practices.

Can Druid Spells backfire?

Just like any witchcraft spell, Druid spells can backfire if they are not cast properly. It is important to always work with a trained professional. There are a lot of fakes and scams out there. So, if a spellcaster claiming to have a mastery of Druidism can’t explain the basic three principles above, be sure to look elsewhere! Druid magic is typically white magic, thus meaning it is the least likely to backfire, but the power of the spell is in the hands of the spellcaster.

Pros of Druid Spells

  • Bring healing and protection to the earth
  • Commune with nature
  • Powerful spells that invoke the elements

Cons of Druid Spells

  • Take years of practice and study to accomplish
  • Require serious powers of concentration and mind control
  • Complicated with many steps of ritual and ceremony

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a professional spellcaster cast a Druid spell over the phone, chat or email?

Yes – a trained Druid does not need to be in your presence to do their work.

How long does it take for a Druid spell to work?
This all depends on the spell, but as soon as a Druid spell has been enacted, you should begin to feel the effects immediately, even if it takes a little while to manifest completely.
How long will the effects of a Druid spell last?
This also depends on the spell. If you cast a land cleansing spell, for example, the effects should be permanent, as long as nobody returns to pollute the land.
Can a Druid spell be broken if I don’t want it in my life anymore?
Yes, just like most other spells, Druid spells can be neutralized or reversed if need be.
I’m not sure which kind of Druid spell to cast. How do I choose?
Speak with a professional spellcaster with an extensive background in Druidry to help you choose the best spell for your unique situation.

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