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pregnant womanHave you had all of the fertility tests and tried everything from IVF, to medications, and timing schedules, but you still can’t get pregnant? Fertility and pregnancy are such an important topic for everyone, whether they want children or not. But when you really want to get pregnant but just haven’t been able to accomplish it, what are you to do? Fertility spells are some of the most ancient and widely practiced and if they are cast by someone who has real magical powers, they actually do work.

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Fertility rites in history

Fertility rites have been practiced throughout history and around the world. In Ancient Greece, the Goddess Demeter was celebrated as the seasons progressed. A woman’s fertility was thought to promote the fertility of crops as well, and the annual cycling of the plants and fruits was closely associated with the woman’s ability to give birth.

Some of the ancient practices were truly bizarre and would not be recommended here! The ancients had a lot of misconceptions about the female body and how conception and pregnancy work. In fact, infertility in men was never even considered to be possible.

Ancient rituals included instructing a woman to pee on a plant and if the plant survived, she was fertile. If it was scorched in the morning, she was infertile. Clearly, this method was not accurate! Another bizarre test involved inserting a clove of peeled garlic into the vagina, and if the woman could taste the garlic in her mouth the next day, she was fertile and able to conceive. This was based on the false notion that women had a tube running from their vaginas to their mouths and that in barren women, this tube was obstructed.

The rhythm of the female cycle

Thankfully none of these spells require anything as crazy as that! One thing that the ancients did understand correctly is that a woman’s body is in natural rhythm with nature, especially the moon. As a woman’s menstrual flow and ovulation change with the phases of the moon, so is a woman’s fertility affected by the seasons and in constant rhythm and harmony.

In today’s society, the constant artificial light and city dwelling has many women disconnected from their natural rhythms. This can make conception more difficult. It is a good idea to reconnect with nature if you are trying to conceive and to begin aligning yourself with the moon’s phases. As you reconnect with the Goddess, the Goddess within you will also reawaken.

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White magic fertility spells

White magic is a popular form of witchcraft because of the central tenet that “Ye shall harm none.” For people who are exploring the use of magic and witchcraft for the first time, white magic is a great place to start. It focuses on attracting into your life that which you need, without you having to worry that anything bad could happen.

Nothing is ever done against another’s free will, and by using only the law of positive attraction, you are helping others as well as yourself. If you are new to witchcraft but are concerned about accidentally involving someone in your spell in a negative way, then a white magic spell is the best bet for you.

Animal totems for fertility

Animal totems and familiars can help you with conception. Cats, goats, pigs, and rabbits all have very high fertility rates and procreate quickly. Consider bringing an animal into your life, or surround yourself with their images or representations. Concentrate on their characteristics and try to embody their energy in your everyday life. Allow their reproductive energy to rub off on you!

Did you know that the purr of a cat has healing powers? Not only does the presence of cats magnify the practice of magic, but their actual touch and purr sends healing energies into your body. So the next time your cat sits in your lap awaiting a petting, go ahead and enjoy the purr and allow it to wash its healing energy all over your body!

Spirit allies for fertility

Here are some of the spirits that are tied to contraception and fertility. Consider invoking these deities into your spell casting. You can simply light a candle and send a prayer. Some of the Goddesses you can invoke are:

  • Baba Yaga (Slavic)
  • Freya (Norse)
  • Hecate (Eurasia)
  • Isis (Egypt)
  • Kali (India, Nepal)
  • Tlazolteotl (Aztec)
  • Persephone (Greece) – for conception specifically
  • Kapo (Hawaii) contraception and abortion
  • Artemis (Greece) – also for labor

Crystals for fertility

moonstoneThere are also crystals that aid in fertility and spellcasting. Consider placing them on your abdomen over your womb. Lay them strategically around your home and next to your bed to raise the energies. Also, incorporate them into your spellcasting for an extra effect. Crystals have immense powers that can boost your spellwork and also change the vibrational energies within your body.

  • Rose Quartz – is a stone of unconditional love and will aid in fertility
  • Moonstone –  is the connection stone to the Goddess of the moon, which regulates the menstrual cycle and everything to with the feminine including contraception, childbirth, and menopause.
  • Carnelian – benefits both sexes and has a healing influence on the female reproductive organs. It also combats impotence in men.

You can also make a bracelet or necklace with these stones so that you can carry their energy with you at all times. Their healing properties work constantly and over time can help your body to transform itself. Be sure to cleanse your crystals from time to time. A good salt bath should do the trick!

Herbs for fertility

Carry bistort in a sachet if you wish to conceive. And by the way, catnip isn’t just for cats! It can also be used in fertility sachets. Ginseng will enhance male virility and mistletoe will generally enhance fertility. You can add any or all of these to your fertility spells!

There are also trees that are known to be magnets for fertility! Almond, Apricot, Ash and Date palm are just a few. In Mediterranean regions, bunches of basil are hung over the wedding bed to promote fertility and conception. Here is a white magic spell from “Pure Magic” by Judika Illes.

Frog fertility spell

  • Place two porcelain frogs in a bowl and cover them
    with water.
  • Put the bowl under your bed.
  • Put two whole, uncooked eggs around the bowl.
    (Replace the eggs every week or as soon as you can
    smell them. Bury them in Earth: do not eat.)
  • Keep the frogs wet and pray that a child be sent to

Artemis fertility altar

You can create a fertility altar that will continuously attract the energies you need to conceive. Artemis is the Greek Goddess of fertility, childbirth, and the wilderness and animals. Create this altar in her name and ask her to bestow you with her gifts. Tend to it daily and make sure to keep it clean and beautiful. Fresh flowers and such things are always welcome. The more attention and positive energy you bring to the sacred space, the more you will transform the energy in your body and in your life.

Materials and supplies:

  • A childhood doll
  • Figures of her beloved animals (deer, dogs, bear and wolf)
  • Dried or fresh mugwort
  • Silver charms
  • A moon-shaped candle

Spellcasting: Decorate the altar with all of these items in a sacred and safe space. It will act as a living petition to the Goddess for fertility. You can light candles, chant an invocation and decorate it with beautiful crystals that will also attract help you to conceive.

Yemaya fertility ritual

Yemaya is the Yoruba matriarch of the sea. She represents women and fertility and is sympathetic to those who are unable to conceive. She is motherly and protective and loves all of her children deeply. She is often depicted as a mermaid and is associated with the moon, the sea, and feminine mysteries.

Materials and supplies:

  • Watermelon (with seeds)
  • Small blue or white candle (biodegradable)
  • Lighter or matches


  • Bring a small watermelon to the beach.
  • Cut a well into the watermelon.
  • Dress the candle
  • Hold the candle in your hands and charge it with your intention
  • Insert the candle into the watermelon’s well and light it
  • Send it out to sea while praying to the Goddess

Yemaya fertility ritual #2

Materials and supplies:

  • 1 pomegranate
  • Honey
  • Paper (dioxin free, please!)
  • Pen
  • A strand of seaweed


  • Bring all of your supplies to the nearest beach
  • Slice the pomegranate in half
  • Spread honey over both sides of the pomegranate
  • Write the name of the person who wishes to conceive on the paper
  • Place the paper between the halves of the fruit and bind together with seaweed or string
  • Send the pomegranate out to see with your prayer

Yemaya will not bring a child into a situation of domestic violence and may remove a child from such an environment. If you have any connection to such toxic energy, you must sever yourself from it completely. She can help you with that if need be.

Voodoo fertility spells

Ya Ya powder is a Voodoo fertility powder that you can sprinkle on yourself to increase fertility, prevent miscarriage and increase male potency as well.

  • Ingredients:
  • Vetivert
  • Cinnamon
  • Sage
  • Rose

Combine a handful of each ingredient and grind down to a powder. Add this mixture to a base of cornstarch.

Infertility curse removal

If none of these spells seem to work, there is a chance you might be the victim of an infertility curse. These curses are really rare because they are extremely difficult to cast and not just anyone can do it successfully. But there are cases where curses or hexes can be passed down through generations, so even if you don’t know anyone in your current life who would have cursed you, there is a possibility the curse is much older.

But don’t worry. Curses and hexes can be broken and returned to their originator! There are many banishing spells that focus on breaking negative or black magic. There are a few steps to take if you think you might be the victim of an infertility curse.

First, determine where this curse might have come from. Do you know anyone who wishes you ill? Perhaps someone who is very jealous of your relationship? if you answered yes, remember that not just anyone can successfully cast a curse.

Is this person capable of practicing black magic? Do they have the magical prowess to do so? Or do they have access to a professional spell caster? if not, think back on your family history or the history of your partner. if you have ruled out genetic issues, but there still seems to be negative energy around conception and childbirth, you ought to ask a professional to look into it.

Professional spellcasters and psychics can use divination tools to assess whether there is past life energy affecting you negatively or if there is indeed a curse or hex upon you. Professional spellcasters have many tools at their disposal to break curses or past life karmic connections.

Professional fertility spells

With something this important, you definitely don’t want to dabble around. Professional spellcasters will help you to determine the cause of your infertility when Western medicine has failed you. They will find the best spell for you, using their psychic abilities and tools such as divination. Then with this trove of information, the spellcaster can do the spell work for you.

Casting successful spells, whether white magic, folk magic or black magic, is not easy. It takes special materials, lots of concentration and most of all, lots of experience. Magic around fertility has its roots in ancient history and these practices have persevered because they work.

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Pros of fertility spells

  • Help you to achieve conception naturally
  • Put you back in rhythm with your true nature
  • Easy and safe

Cons of fertility spells

  • Not intended for use in the place of medical care
  • Always see your doctor for possible underlying medical conditions

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