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Planting and growing with the phases of the moon is an ancient practice exercised by farmers and green witches alike, and it works for making your hair grow as well. Even the well-known publication, The Farmer’s Almanac, suggests the best dates for cutting your hair in order to maximize growth. Many hair growth spells incorporate the use of magical oils and tinctures to apply to your scalp. Yet some others, are rooted more deeply in power of the moon to make those luscious locks appear.

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Biodynamic planting and your hair

Biodynamic planting is a system of agriculture similar to organic farming, that incorporates the magical interconnectedness of all living things. Often, an astrological sowing calendar is followed, in order to ensure that the proper energies are aligned with your intentions for your crops. But the same principles apply to your hair growth.

Because the moon is viewed as a regulator for growth, its power to pull upon the earth is clearly visible. The ocean tides move in and out, and the moon has the same pull upon any living thing. Remember, the human body is up to 78% water, so you bet the moon affects you too! This extends to the water content of plants and all living things.

Astrology and hair growth

Just like with spellcasting, the lunar cycles and the astrological placements of the signs in the celestial sky play a great importance! Just as the waxing moon is the time for setting intentions and manifesting new things into your life, so is it a great time to promote the growth of your hair!

The moon rules the cycles here on earth. If you think about all of the things that the moon’s phases influence, you will be shocked! The moon pulls the ocean tides in and out every day. Before the invention of electricity, women would ovulate and menstruate together according to the phases of the moon. The moon also is the basis for each calendar month.

In the same way that the moon rules the physical cycling of our bodies and the rhythm of its push and pull, the new cycle you begin for hair growth by cutting at an auspicious time will also affect the growth and shedding process of your hair.

Here are a few tips for timing your hair growth spells. For maximum growth and strength, cut and feed your hair during the waxing moon. This means when the moon is growing larger after the dark moon and up until the full moon.

Avoid cutting your hair on the following days:

  • The new moon or dark moon
  • The 9th lunar day
  • The 15th lunar day
  • The 23rd lunar day
  • Avoid lunar and solar eclipses

Zodiac signs for hair growth spells

For creating a fertile environment for your hair to grow faster and fuller, try getting a haircut after the new moon in a water sign, such as Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. This will add the characteristics of the flowing, waving, nurturing water element to the power of the waxing moon. Using the astrological signs and lunar placements to support your endeavors is called electional astrology. To read more about how this works, check out Amy Jo Gleason’s Cutting Hair by the Moon.

Magical herbs for hair growth

Herbs can be used as tinctures, sprays, or rinses, to promote hair growth and hair health. Use them in combination with your spellcasting, and you will have a potent magical potion. So, which herbs are best for your hair?

Rosemary’s magical properties are ritual cleansing, purification, and blessing. Physically, it will add strength and a sleek shine to your hair. Just simmer the rosemary leaves in water for ten minutes to create a hair rinse. Strain out the leaves and use it to rinse your hair in a ritual cleansing and spellcasting.

Chamomile is an herb of purification and protection as well. An infusion of chamomile will also reduce scalp itchiness, which is thought to contribute to hair loss.

Horsetail also promotes hair growth, whether taken orally, prepared as a tea or mixed with shampoo. It is the plant of Saturn and will help you to strengthen boundaries, make commitments, protection, fertility, as well as bone healing and anti-aging.

Birch oil can be mixed into shampoo to support current hair growth, encourage new hair growth and protect the hair against the elements. The Birch tree is the Goddess tree and with that come many magical properties, including protection, renewal, rebirth and new beginnings. This is a great oil to use during a waxing moon ceremony!

Ginko is another great herb that helps with stimulation and circulation, both of which are critical for new hair growth. It is a fertility herb as well as an aphrodisiac, and these powers can be used to boost your hair growth spell.

Crystals for hair growth

There are many ways crystals and gemstones can aid you in your hair growth spell casting. Using crystals for scalp massages can stimulate your body’s natural ability to grow and renew itself.  Also, you can make a crystal elixir hair rinse, that you can use during your spell casting or even for daily use.

Black onyx is a protection stone and will lend its power to your hair to combat baldness, lice, dandruff, and other common ailments. Using a black onyx elixir in your spell casting will give your hair and your spell extra power.

Just hold your onyx stone in your hand and cleanse it with sage or salt. Place it in a glass jar with purified spring water under the moonlight. Allow it to infuse the water throughout the night. This onyx hair rinse should be used immediately or stored in a cool, dark, dry place with the lid of the jar securely fastened.

Clear quartz will purify your hair, allowing it to grow unimpeded. Clear quartz amplifies the power of any stone around it, and it will also amplify whatever spell you choose to cast. Combine it with Mookaite jasper to give your hair strength, resilience and stimulate new growth.

Hold your clear quartz and purify it with sage, copal or salt. Charge place it in a clean, clear jar with purified spring water and allow it to charge in the sunlight for an entire day. You can now use this rinse in your spell casting or in your regular beauty routine.

Tips on creating gem elixirs

Create your elixir on the full moon to give it the highest charging power. Fill a singing bowl with purified spring water and allow the elixir to charge the entire night.

Hair growth spells

Now that you have determined the optimal timing and the proper herbs to help you with your spellcasting, check out these hair growth spells.

Hair growth potion

  • Bring 4 cups of purified spring water to a boil
  • Throw in 4 tablespoons of dried chamomile flowers
  • Add three sprigs of rosemary
  • Let simmer for 10 minutes
  • Strain the water and allow to cool
  • You can charge under the waxing moon for extra power

Grow my hair by moonlight

  • Cast your circle under the moonlight
  • Light the white candle and visualize yourself with the most perfect hair
  • Take your brush and dip it into the bowl of rosemary water
  • Chant the following while you brush your hair:

Like the mermaid in the sea
Wild hair flowing all around me
May this moon to my hair bring
Growth and fullness everlasting

  • Brush your hair under the moonlight while repeating the chant until it is fully wet.
  • Repeat for seven nights.

By the time the moon is full, you should notice new growth and fullness in your hair!

Spells to reduce hair growth

Yep, you guessed it! You can also use the phases of the moon to get rid of unwanted hair growth! Just as the waxing moon is a time for encouraging abundant hair growth, the waning moon is a great time to wax, laser, and generally, remove unwanted hair. Of course, you can always turn these beautification practices into spell work.

Turmeric is a common Indian cooking spice that happens to have a whole bunch of great health benefits. But it also has the power to lessen or even stop hair growth. After removing your hair by shaving or tweezing, apply a paste of turmeric powder, lavender oil and aloe gel to the area. Apply the paste in a circular motion against the grain of the hair and leave it on for about 20 minutes.

Repeat this about 3 times per week and you will notice that the hair will grow back finer and thinner, and in some cases not at all. Almond oil is another hair growth inhibitor, so applying it after a shave or waxing will make your treatment last longer!

Apply these natural remedies under the waning moon to enhance the power of banishment. Banishing spells aren’t just for negative spirits, in fact, you can banish anything in your life from addictions to negative thoughts and feelings, so why not unwanted hair! The power of visualization and sending intentions is powerful, and with the aid of magical herbs, crystals and timing with the celestial bodies, our energies can have profound effects.

Professional hair growth spells

Want to try something really powerful? Why not get a professional spell caster to cast the spell for you? There are lots of magical potions and spells on the internet for a fee, but how do you know that they work? The spells we outlined above are all white magic spells. But what about black magic spells? What about Voodoo and other forms of folk magic?

To find something really powerful, you will need to work with a spellcasting professional, and if they are worth their weight in salt, they will charge a fee. But just because someone is charging money for a spell, that does not ensure it will work. Spells are only as powerful as the witch casting them, and so you must take care to find someone trustworthy. In the age of scams and fake websites, how can you find someone real and legit?

Finding online spellcasters

There are several best practices for making sure you are working with a qualified professional. First and foremost, make sure the website is registered! There are popup sites, like free Wix sites, that are only put up to lure people into paying money and then disappear after a number of days. There is no way to recover your money from such a scam, so be forewarned!

Additionally, a reputable website offering psychic services will have bios of their psychics, customer satisfaction reviews and also ratings. Look for a company that is well established and has a proven track record. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau to see if your chosen psychic has ever been reported for fraudulent activity. be sure to do your homework, because, without a personal reference from someone you trust, this is the only way to be sure you are in good hands.

Most reputable psychic and spellcasting sites will also offer a money back guarantee. This is because they are confident enough in their services to give you this assurance! They understand that people can feel tentative when trying something out for the first time, and they believe in their professionals enough to give you that guarantee.

The best sites for hair growth spells

One site that has been around for a long time with a long list of well-respected psychics and spellcasters is Kasamba. This reputable site has many, many spellcasters to choose from, and all of them are reviewed and rated. You can even read the customer reviews to get very detailed information about their work. Plus, they have some really great introductory offers like the first 3 minutes for free and 50% off of your first session if you choose to continue.

Some other great sites to try are Keen and Oranum. They also have great deals and offer services like live video sessions or sessions by chat. They all offer money-back guarantees and really affordable offers for new customers. Let us know how it goes!


Pros of hair growth spells

  • Stimulate hair growth naturally without harsh chemicals
  • Common herbs such as rosemary can have great benefits
  • Easy to practice!

Cons of hair growth spells

  • If you want something stronger like voodoo, its best to go with a trusted professional