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healing crystals Healing spellsHealing spells are some of the most widely used spells. They have been used since the earliest of times! Most cultures around the world have some historical tradition of healing spells and healing magic. From folk magic to modern day sound healing arts, healing spells have withstood the test of time.

Historically, healing magic was an integral part of medicine. Early folk magic still lives on today in certain parts of the world and includes elements of magical and medicinal herbalism, folk remedies and traditions and customs that have been passed down through generations.

Early folk medicine saw illness as attacks from bad spirits, black magic, witches or the devil, so medicinal remedies almost always incorporated protection spells or spells to ward off evil spirits. In the Wiccan tradition, there are Gods and Goddesses associated with healing. Whether by making offerings to them, sending prayers or performing rituals, Gods and Goddesses have often been called upon to heal the ill.

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Different tools for healing

  • crystals
  • herbs, oils, and teas
  • talismans and amulets

Crystals are also often used for healing. Amethyst, for example, can be used to treat depression and anxiety. Many crystals hold vibrational frequencies that can affect the world around them. When harnessed properly, their energy can impact the physical world including our physical bodies.

There is also the field of herbology. Whether by making oils, drying them for tea or making salves and compresses, herbs have a lot of healing properties.

Some traditions use talismans or amulets for healing. By charging a piece of jewelry or other items, the energies can continue to work on a particular illness or ailment as the person wears, carries or sleeps with it.

Healing spells using crystals, herbs, and invocation

Wiccan Healing spells
Wiccan spell casting likes to focus on self-healing and self-empowerment. The Wiccan Rede, or the central tenet of the Wiccan faith, states that Wiccan spells should not harm others. Wiccans typically practice white magic, and there are a lot of healing spells in white magic!

One way to be sure that a spell is white, or not affecting anyone or anything negatively, is to cast the spell on oneself. A self-Healing Incantation is a typical Wiccan healing spell. It is a type of healing that has been used for a very long time. As with all spells, the effectiveness of this incantation will depend on the talent of the healer, the openness of the person being healed, the degree to which the disease has progressed and the type of energy that is used when casting the spell.

Healing spells should never be used instead of traditional medicine. However, these spells can heal the body and alleviate anxiety and pain. In fact, it is a wonderful complement to the traditional medicine and procedures your doctor would prescribe. This is an elemental incantation, which means that the spell uses the energies of the elements to promote healing. You can find this incantation at Wiccan spells if you would like to read more.

To use this incantation, you can cast a traditional circle, using the cardinal four directions and the representations of each element. Then you can use visualization techniques to fill your body, mind, and spirit with white healing light as you chant the following:

“By Earth and Water, Air and By Fire, May you hear this wish, Sources of Life and Light Sources of the day and of the Earth, I invoke you here, Heal my body and mind.”

To read more about how to cast a circle and perform a ritual, check out our article “Spell Casting.”

What if you want to heal someone who is far away? Do you have their consent and blessing to proceed but you’re not sure how to reach them? The great thing about magic and spiritual energy is that you do not have to be in proximity for it to work. Healing energies sent out into the universe find their way to the intended without you having to do anything other than casting the spell. Here is a simple distance healing spell also from Wiccan Spells.

But unless you are experienced at spell casting, be sure to work with a professional advisor to avoid unintended consequences. You can find experienced spell casters for healing at That way you will be sure not to accidentally harm someone!

Simple distance healing spell

Tools and materials:

  • 3 white candles
  • A photo of the person you wish to heal
  • A quartz crystal or orgonite
  • Rose, eucalyptus, Gardenia or peppermint incense

Cast this spell on a Thursday and/or on the full moon for extra power.


  • Place the three white candles in a semi-circle in front of you
  • Light the candles
  • Put the incense to one side
  • Place the picture of the person you are healing int the circle, facing you
  • Place the quartz crystal on top of the picture
  • Invoke the Irish goddess Brigid or the Sumerian Goddess Nanna by chant or prayer – ADD INVOCATION PAR
  • Ground and center yourself and set your intention
  • Raise the cone of power through singing, chanting, drumming, etc.
  • Channel the energy through the quartz toward the photo to magnify your healing energy
  • Create a protective ring of fire around the recipient with visualization, blocking them from pain and harm
  • Then direct the energy to find the source of the illness or pain
  • Visualize the energy saturating them, relieving any dis-ease and filling them with health and vitality
  • Thank the Goddess, bless her and release her

A stronger healing spell

sachet for healing spells

Materials and supplies:

  • A small square of white cloth
  • Bay leaves(for strength)
  • Carnation petals
  • Mint(for vitality)
  • Sea salt(for cleansing)
  • Tiger’s eye stone(for protection)
  • Holy(or Pagan holy)water
  • Incense(white sage if possible)
  • Two white candles
  • Earth

Timing: This spell is best performed on a Thursday.

Spell casting:

  • Purify your body mind and spirit and center yourself completely. Healing spells require a lot of energy.
  • Write the name of the person you wish to heal on a white cloth and draw the Eye of Horus
  • Cast your circle
  • Spread your cloth on the altar
  • Place the holy water, earth, incense and one candle around the cloth to represent the elements
  • Keep the rest of the ingredients close by.
  • Chant the following as you put a little of each ingredient onto the white cloth:

“It is with love in my heart,
That I call upon every force I’ve come to know,
Water, fire, Earth, and air,
The God and Goddess,
The powers within myself,
And the powers within (name of person)
Help him/her to fight his/her obstacle,
Make him/her healthy as he/she ever was,
This is my will,
So mote it be.”

  • Tie the ingredients in the cloth into a sachet.
  • Charge the sachet with healing and positive energy
  • Place under the moonlight every night
  • Recharge it every night before you go to sleep

Once the person you are healing has recovered, bury the sachet along with an offering and a thank you to the forces of the universe that helped you.


There are many other kinds of healing spells as well, including spells that work with dark magic, or black magic. However, black magic always comes with a price, and though you may heal someone temporarily, there will be some other price you pay.

Voodoo magic can also be effectively used for healing. Any kind of magic that involves using a simulacrum can be used to bring health and wellbeing to another person, even if they are far away from you. But even with Voodoo, you are straying from the path of white magic, which can mean unintended consequences for the inexperienced witch.

And if you are concerned that the illness may be caused by a negative curse or hex, consider getting a spells removal casting. Some negative energies can manifest as physical ailments, and there are many spells out there that can remove unwanted energies, clear chakras and generally restore health. And to protect yourself from further negative energies befalling you, protection spells can be very effective if cast properly!

Healing spells can be difficult because they are very complex. Healing the physical body from illness is much more than just attracting a certain energy into your life. They also take a lot of energy to perform and can be draining. Reach out to a spells professional for a healing spell. offers real spells advisors that can guide you. But remember, never forego medical treatment in favor of spells. Rather, consider casting a healing spell to complement your or your loved one’s medical treatment.

Pros of healing spells

  • Can offer relief from pain
  • Can bring general health into your life
  • Strong healing spells may reverse medical conditions

Cons of healing spells

  • Never skip a trip to the doctor
  • Healing spells are difficult to perform

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