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four leaf cloverWhat does it mean to be lucky? Is it just chance? Like the Goddess of Fortune is smiling upon you? Or are there deeper things at work that determine whether we have luck in our lives or not? How does luck magic work and can luck spells really help? The answer is, “Yes!” So, let’s find out how.



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Luck and synchronicity

Have you ever felt that everything is going right in the world? Like synchronicity is all around and everything you try to do is smooth sailing? Opportunities present just when you need them and everything seems to be swimming along?

And then at other times, it feels like you just can’t get ahead! You do everything right, but everything goes wrong. Like trying to walk forward on a moving sidewalk but in the wrong direction. I know we have all been there! So, what is it about this alignment and how do we find it?

What I have noticed is that when I am working toward my true purpose, things flow. When I am out of sync and going down the wrong path, or there is a lesson I need to learn, things do not. It tells me that there is something that I need to change. It is important to listen to these messages. This is how we find synchronicity.

Luck spells and energy

magnetSo, what are luck spells and can they really change our lives from day to day?  We’re going to take a look at several different luck spells, but there are other things that we need to consider before we begin. For example, there may be blockages and things that you need to change in your life before luck spells will really work their best.

For example, sometimes we bring blockages into our own lives. Sometimes our attitudes about things or the way that we see the world attract something different than what we really want. We all know that our thoughts affect our lives just as energy does.

We all know the law of attraction. What we put out into the world is what we receive back in return. Well, if you believe in this, then you need to believe in luck in order to be lucky! So, the first step is to take a look at what isn’t working. Where do the obstacles in your life present? Is there a common theme? Is there some kind of pattern that seems to keep repeating itself?

Luck spells and self-reflection

mirrorPerforming a luck spell can be a really great opportunity to take a moment for yourself to reflect on your situation. Then, as you create your luck spell or modify one of the ones that we will present here, you can do some introspection which will give you great insight into your current energetic state. One of the first steps is looking at your current situation and determining where luck is needed.

So, what are the things that might be standing in your way? Maybe you feel insecure about something, so you bring some negative energy into that task at your job. Then, as you go through your day, that negative energy becomes attached to your work. Consider adding positive energy around this task. You can write your luck spell to give you more self-confidence in this particular area, which will also attract luck into your life in general.

Or perhaps you have a job interview coming up tomorrow morning. You feel you just need a little extra luck to make sure that you’re confident. Adapting a spell or writing a luck spell for yourself can be a moment to reflect upon why you are feeling insecure about this interview. What’s the reason that you need more confidence? What are you insecure about? Where are you lacking self-assurance exactly?

When you come to terms with these feelings you may very well realize that there’s no need to be insecure at all. Then you can supercharge your new determination by filling yourself with positive energy. The luck charm will give you an extra boost but the real work is being done inside of your own mind and spirit. This energy work is super important because our magic comes from inside of ourselves. If we really want to manifest our intentions, one of the most important things is identifying and refining them.

Magic and luck spells

Let’s take a look at a couple of Wiccan luck spells. Wicca and its adopted practice of white magic is a very safe way to bring luck into your life. With white magic, you don’t have to worry so much about unintended consequences or the Law of Threefold Return coming back to you with negative energy.  There black magic luck spells out there which might be even more powerful and effective, however, the possible side effects can be worse than the original problem you were trying to solve!

So, what is white magic and how is it different from black magic or gray magic? White magic ensures that nothing or no one will be harmed by your spell casting. Wicca abides by one central tenant, that you shall harm none with your magical work. Wicca also adopts the belief that whatever energy you send out into the world will be returned to you threefold.

Therefore, whether you’re casting a spell or not, if you’re sending negativity out into the world by thinking you’re unlucky and perhaps believing that you don’t deserve good luck, for example, then you are going to attract the same back to you! On the other hand, by setting your intention, making it very clear, and sending positive energy into the world, a bountiful return should be coming your way!  White magic and Wiccan spells ensure that you don’t harm anyone else or hamper their free will with your spell casting.

Here is an easy Wiccan luck spell from Wiccan Spells. This is something you can use if you feel like you’re just stuck on a bad luck streak, having one mishap after the next. This spell can help you turn everything around. Or even if you just need a little extra boost before an important event.

Easy Wiccan luck spell

This is a beginner luck spell that is very safe to perform. Don’t worry about negative consequences with this one.

materials and supplies

  • a black spell candle
  • frankincense oil
  • Carrier oil

Spell casting

  • Anoint your candle with the frankincense oil 3 times while chanting:
  • Black candle turn my luck around bring prosperity and joy abound
  • Thank the candle and light it
  • Place your hand on your heart chakra and chant:

flame and fire candle burn, work to make my luck return

  • Visualize the joy and excitement of the new possibilities that lay before you
  • Continue this visualization and chanting until you feel filled up with the energy
  • Blow out the candle

Keep this charged candle for use it in future rituals. You can read more about this spell here.

Wiccan good luck spell

This Wiccan good luck spell will give your luck an extra push. Use it to boost your luck on anything that you were trying to accomplish in your life. Find it here.

materials and supplies

  • Frankincense
  • three orange or gold candles
  • a pen
  • a piece of paper

Timing: cast this spell during the waxing or full moon, when there is an abundance of manifesting energy.

Spell casting:

  • Cast  your circle
  • Chant the following:

God and goddess spirits and guides, thank you for all that I have. I ask you now for [insert what you want]. Aid me as I work to achieve this. Please bring it to me when the time is right. So mote it be

  • Visualize your life with this fully in place
  • Envision yourself filled with good luck, success, and achievement
  • As you meditate allow a symbol to appear in your mind’s eye
  • Draw the symbol on to the piece of paper
  • Place the image within the triangle of candles
  • Light each candle and chant:

Fire, ignite my dream for the highest good

  • As you stare into the candles, visualize good luck coming your way
  • Feel the gratitude for what the universe is sending you
  • Take the paper and bury it in the earth and chant:

Seal my dream for the highest good

Don’t forget, this spell may bring you luck in unexpected ways, so remain open minded. Your luck will always manifest for the highest good on your true path. Keep your eyes open for opportunities and perhaps unexpected abundance.

Good luck herb jar

If you like working with herbal magic, then check out this good luck herb jar! This magic spell can turn a bad luck streak around or just attract good luck in general. Herbs are very powerful and easy to use. Collect the following magical herbs and imbue them with your intention. If you can’t find all of them don’t worry. Even a combination of only some of these herbs can be very effective. However, do not substitute with other herbs unless you are sure that they have the appropriate magical properties.

Materials and supplies

  • Buckthorn Bark
  • Chamomile
  • Clover
  • Dandelion
  • Frankincense
  • Heal-all
  • Honeysuckle
  • Huckleberry Leaves
  • Irish Moss
  • Job’s Tears
  • High John the Conqueror
  • Khus-khus
  • Lotus
  • Lucky Hand root
  • Mistletoe
  • Mojo Wish Bean
  • Myrrh
  • Nutmeg Peony Root
  • Queen of the Meadow
  • Rose Hips
  • Rosemary
  • Sacred Bark
  • Sandalwood
  • Spearmint
  • Star Anise
  • Thyme
  • Tonka Bean

Timing: The waxing or full moon

Spell casting: 

  • Collect all of the ingredients and place them into the jar
  • Seal the jar tightly. place your hands upon the jar each morning and chant:

To god and goddess do I pray
Guide me through another day
Let good fortune come my way
Good luck hither now I say

  • Visualize positive energy, good luck, and abundance and send this intention into the jar.
  • Shake the jar and place it in a sacred space.

You can find this spell and more on the Witches of The Craft website.

Sometimes all it really takes to bring good luck into your life is finding the blockages or negative thought patterns in your life, and making a commitment to removing them and replacing them with positive intentions and thoughts.  I know that is easier said than done, but with the use of these luck charm,s you can have good luck flowing your way and no time!

And if you really want to give you luck spell an extra boost, try having a spellcasting professional cast the spell for you. Advisors at Kasamba are very professional, thoroughly trained and vetted, and have loads of experience. You can even get your first three minutes for free when you are a new customer. So, if you have a really big job interview coming your way or some other big event where you really need your luck to be flowing, try reaching out for some extra support. New customers even receive a 15% discount on their first session! And all of the spellcasters are reviewed online, so you can really do your homework and find the on that is best for you!

Give the spells we outlined a try and comment below to let us know how they worked out for you! Or if you decide to go with a professional spellcaster, tell us all about it! The more reviews we have out there, the better decisions we can all make for ourselves. That’s why we would love to hear about your experiences! Wishing you lots of luck on your journey! may the four leaf clover be with you!

Pros of luck spells

  • Clear away bad luck in no time
  • Give special occasions a luck boost
  • Easy to cast
  • Very safe to perform

Cons of luck spells

  • Must self-reflect on blockages for them to work well
  • Might need to recharge them in the future