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abundance vegetables money spellsMoney troubles plague many people. Are abundance and prosperity not flowing into your life the way they should be? Money spells, along with some other energy work, can help you get the prosperity flowing.

Whenever we have blocks around certain issues in our lives, money being one of them, it is important to do some deep introspection into the source of the blockage.

Our financial state of affairs is influenced via the channel of abundance. What is your own personal relationship with abundance?

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Ask yourself a few questions:

  • What are your feelings about money?

  • When did you first begin feeling a negative relationship with abundance in your life?
  • Do you believe you deserve abundance deep down?

Before you can effectively cast a prosperity spell, you must prepare yourself and your life energetically. We till the soil before we plant the crops, and in the same way, you need to do the work of preparation on yourself. It may seem a little daunting and maybe you really just want a quick fix. However, patience and diligence are attributes of a successful witch! Here are three steps to healing the flow of abundance into your life and attracting prosperity.

Three steps to prosperity

Do you want your money spell to be the most powerful it can be? Follow these three steps of preparation, self-work, and maintenance, to make sure that the impact is the strongest. By combining these three kinds of spells you can super-charge your money spells. Everything you put into the universe comes back three-fold. So go big!

money spells

  • Release the negativity around money
  • Heal and protect your heart for abundance
  • Attract prosperity through spell casting

Releasing negativity around money

In order to prepare yourself for money spells to work, you must first banish the negative energies surrounding yourself and your relationship with abundance. A powerful banishing spell requires several steps. First, meditate and identify the source of your negativity. Was money a problem for your family in childhood? Did you grow up learning that abundance was not for you in this lifetime?

This is a very powerful negative force that can follow you through into your adult life. Did you experience some kind of financial trauma that taught you to be afraid of losing money? Did it break your faith in your ability to have abundance and prosperity in your life? Or perhaps you have never had a positive relationship with abundance because you have never found joy in your work.

Maybe your jobs have always been wrong for you, boring, depressing. Making money and working toward abundance has been a burden rather than a source of joy and pride. Whichever scenario may be true for you, it is critical that you discover the source of your blockage. Once you have identified the source, begin a banishing ceremony. You can follow the detailed guidelines in our article “Spells Removal – Find a Spells Removal Expert Now!

Three steps to banish negativity

three flowers money spells

  • Identify
  • Objectify
  • Banish

First, you must identify it. By visualizing the negative energy as a black cloud of darkness, you can summon it to stand before you. You will see it before you as a separate entity that will manifest in physical form in your conscious mind. See it, feel it, study it. Notice that there is an astral cord connecting you. That is your psychic link to the negative force.

Second, once it stands before you, you will name it. This is called ‘objectification.’ You must understand that you have power over this, that it is something broken and wounded within yourself that needs to be healed. The third step is to fill the black cloud with your healing power and love. Raise your right hand in your mind’s eye and see it glowing and shimmering with starlight. This is the power of love and life from the universe. Now gather all of your strength and focus and as you breathe deeply, allow this shimmering light to begin to fill your body. Visualize your entire being becoming flooded by this light.

Third, use this light to heal the dark shadow. Direct this light energy through the cord and into the dark cloud. Use all of your psychic strength and continue to fill this form for as long as you need to. Repeat it several times if you need to. Continue until this shadow appears before you glowing. Then, the final step is welcoming this shimmering, fractured part of you back into your being. Absorb it into yourself. Merge with it. This soul healing is very powerful and a necessary first step before casting money spells that will work.

Healing and protecting our hearts for abundance

crystal cluster money spellsThe next step is to heal your heart around money and cast a spell of protection around yourself to ward off further negative influences. These spells are not difficult to do, and they will make you feel happier and freer as you learn to love yourself and attract love. You may need to recharge these spells from time to time. Find healing spells that you can adapt to perform on yourself here.

Also, consider using spells of protection. Once you clear the negativity and heal yourself it is important to preserve your hard work! By casting a protection spell around yourself, you can maintain your balanced energies. There are a lot of Wiccan and white magic spells for protection. Many can be done easily with visualization, simple candle spells, and with the use of crystals and herbs. Protection spells may also need to be reenergized from time to time in order to maintain their effectiveness.

It may seem like a lot of work, but remember the Law of Threefold Return. The love you give yourself and the universe will be returned to you threefold. If you take the time to prepare yourself body, mind, and spirit, the money spells you cast will be that much more effective. It’s like growing a garden – prepare the soil, plant the seeds, give them plenty of water, sunshine, patience and love. You deserve the same for yourself!

Casting spells for prosperity

You are finally ready to cast your first money spells! If you want to stay on the white magic side, be sure to cast general spells that attract abundance, not anything specific like getting a promotion at work.

White magic follows the principle of harming none. Accordingly, if you cast a specific spell, you might accidentally take the job from someone else, or cause another kind of consequence. That is why it is important to always think your spells through and contemplate how they might play out.

Many experienced witches will even use divination to look into how spells will play out before casting them. It is a good way to prevent negative repercussions from snowballing. By using the tarot or another form of divination, experienced psychics can find your best kasamba logo money spellsoutcome. It is a good idea to work with a trusted professional before dabbling with magic. You can get a reading and a spellcasting at Kasamba.

Here are some great money spells. They can be modified to personalize them or you can even write your own. The more connected you feel to a spell, the more powerful it will be. And remember, money is neither good nor bad, what is important is what we choose to do with the abundance in our lives. If we use our abundance to do good things and bring positive energy into the world, money can be a wonderful tool for good!

Wealth Spell

Materials and supplies:

  • One brown candle
  • An orange Paper (letter size)
  • One pen
  • Cinnamon
  • Dried orange peel
  • Basil
  • Patchouli
  • Vervain
  • A coin (preferably gold in color)

Timing: Perform this spell during the waxing moon or the full moon and/or on a Thursday


  • Gather all of your supplies and cast your circle.
  • Hold the brown candle in your hand and focus on ever-expanding wealth
  • Visualize a golden light of the energy of abundance filling your body, circle, and life
  • Meditate on gratitude as this energy fills your aura
  • Put the candle down and light it.
  • Write “Money come, Money Flow, Money Dance, Money Grow” on the slip of paper
  • Place the coin in the middle of the paper, and sprinkle a pinch of each herb onto the coin in the paper.
  • Fold the paper around the coin tightly.
  • Make an incision in the orange and place the paper-wrapped coin inside it.
  • Repeat the wealth incantation that you have just written down out loud three times while performing your abundance/golden light visualization and holding the orange in your non-dominant hand.
  • Open the circle and keep the orange on your altar for seven days.
  • On the seventh day, remove the coin from the packet, and give it to a charitable cause.

Remember that the abundance you have visualized is always available to you so long as you remain open to it. Do not allow fear, worry or any other negative feelings about money to close you off from your connection to abundance. Casting the spell is only one part, but if you want lasting prosperity, you need to make sure that you make lasting life changes. You will be happier if you rid yourself of negativity anyway, so it’s a win-win! This spell is from Wiccan Spells in case you want to read more!

Tips on attracting prosperity

So, don’t be afraid to take charge of your life by bringing abundance into your life! If you really want it to work without any unwanted side effects, take the time to work through white magic, remove any spells that need removing, heal your heart and protect your work! Dabbling in black magic might seem tempting – these spells are much more direct and clear and don’t require as much work on yourself. But shadow magic has consequences, and you might find yourself cleaning up a bigger mess that it is worth! There are also voodoo charms and rituals that you can practice if you are prepared to take responsibility for all consequences.

All in all, changing your attitude and relationship with money comes from you. Try to pay attention to the way you interact with money. What are your thoughts while you are paying for something? The next time you stand at the counter, bless your money, be thankful, and ask it to return to you! The law of attraction will respond to your gratitude and that will benefit you in the long run!

Love your money so that it loves you back. Really, money is just an expression of the abundance we have in life. If we are upset or stressed every time we handle money, then this is the message we are sending into our prosperity channel! You can even talk to your money and tell it how much you love it! Show appreciation and express your thanks!

Also, use the powers of visualization in your everyday life, not just when you are casting spells. Take moments here and there to visualize money coming to you. The powers of visualization are very strong, and the more you will prosperity into your life and remove negativity around it, the more the universe will send you what you desire. Remember the law of Threefold Return!

Don’t depend completely on money spells, but combine them with changes in your life! Good luck with your journey and comment below to tell us how it goes!


Pros of money spells

  • Bring abundance into your life
  • Remove negative blocks to prosperity
  • Teach you to have a positive relationship with money
  • Take away anxiety and stress around money

Cons of money spells

  • Several steps to accomplish for success
  • Lots of internal work to accomplish
  • Need to change your attitudes and perceptions for success

Have you had help casting a money spell from one of our spellcasters? If so, please comment on your experiences below!