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As the holiday season quickly approaches, we all begin dreading the extra pounds that usually come with it! But did you know that there are weight loss spells to help you flush that fat right out of your system?

These weight loss spells speed up your metabolism and help you to burn calories faster. Combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, you will notice the effects within a few weeks. Now that’s something to celebrate!

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How do weight loss spells work?

The trick with weight loss spells is to tackle the goal in increments. How much weight do you need to lose? Ten, twenty, forty pounds? Well, determine the goal and then give yourself time to accomplish it.

Imagine you have a bookcase full of books that you need to move to the other side of the room. Picking up the whole thing is going to be practically impossible, and you will probably not get far (plus you’ll hurt your back trying!). But if you carry one stack of books over at a time, with a little perseverance, you will have the whole bookshelf in its proper place. Make sense? Well, weight loss spells work the same way.

One Wiccan weight loss spell uses a ribbon or rope with nine notches or knots tied into it. Imagine that each knot represents the next step in your challenge, just like tightening a belt. As you tie each knot, you state your intention, working closer and closer to your goal. As you progress through your spell with patience and a positive attitude, you will be rewarded with a new waistline!

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Weight loss spell pitfalls

There are a lot of ways to drop pounds, but not all of them are healthy or sustainable. You could get food poisoning, for example, and drop 10 pounds of water weight, but you will be weak and dehydrated and the weight will come back when you recover. You can also lose all of your muscles and become weak and feeble, but that is not healthy or sustainable. So what is the goal with weight loss spells?

You need to be sure to work with your body in a healthy manner. Weight loss spells should be cast with positivity. Be careful not to bring self-hatred, self-shaming or judgment into your spellcasting. Rather, you should be trying to nurture your body with love to a place of balance and harmony, where you only consume the calories you need in a nutritious way. Complemented with regular exercise and physical activity such as walking, a weight loss spell can help to get you there, but you have to set your intentions correctly.

Did you know that postal workers have a significantly longer life expectancy than your average citizen? Why do you think that is? Postal workers that cover their routes on foot, walk an average of 15,000 steps per day! That is more than three hours of walking each day. Their cardiovascular health is much higher than people who lead sedentary lives, and their body mass indexes are also much better. Now, this doesn’t mean you should quit your desk job and become a postal worker, but are there other lifestyle changes you could make?

Weight loss lifestyle changes

In today’s world, we spend a lot of time sitting, whether in our cars or our office chairs. But are there small changes that you can make to allow your body to experience more normal and healthy levels of physical activity? Perhaps you could ride your bike to the store, or take a nice long walk on your lunch break.

There are lots of little changes that we can make during our day, and if we just pay attention to them and stay dedicated, these little changes can add up to a lot of benefits.

What about diet and nutrition? Try incorporating more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet. Go for carrots instead of chips and enjoy that hummus or dip. Go for a salad instead of french fries. Sometimes portions in restaurants are so huge, we feel compelled to finish our food because we don’t want to waste it, but is that really healthy for us? Maybe try ordering an appetizer instead and then ask yourself, “Am I really still hungry, or do I just feel like eating more?”

Lots of little changes can make a world of difference, and if you use weight loss spells to help strengthen your drive as well as shed the pounds, the effect will be exponential! So, take a moment to assess how much you walk, run play, as well as the kind of nourishment you are putting in your body, and then try out these weight loss spells!

Releasing more than pounds

In most instances, stubborn weight gain, or weight loss for that matter, tend to have a deeper underlying cause. Weight gain is often a product of a negative self-image or coping mechanisms. Do you eat when you are sad or lonely? Or maybe you eat when you are stressed? When food becomes a comfort mechanism, it can lead to weight gain. A lot of people also eat to help them cope with stress.

Take a minute to reflect on your life. Is food a substitute or medicine for you? It is nothing to be ashamed of, in fact, the problem is likely rooted in a negative self-image. You have to love yourself and your body better, by giving it what it really wants: a happy, vibrant and playful life full of nourishment and love. But the first step is releasing any negative emotions you might be harboring about yourself.

You may want to cast a banishing spell or a binding spell before you begin with your weight loss work. Why? Because you can use magic to banish the negative habits and attitudes you have toward yourself! That way, having cleared your spirit and body of negative patterns of behavior, the weight loss spells will be much more effective!

Banish and bind for weight loss prep

Banishing spells are specifically designed to rid the spell caster of unwanted energies, and those energies can be ones that we are sending ourselves! Banish that voice in your head that talks down to you when you look in the mirror! Banish the desire to self-medicate with food!

Similarly, binding spells can literally restrict you from engaging in certain behaviors. Do you have late night cravings that you are always tempted to give in to? Well, cast a binding spell upon yourself to avoid purchasing those things at the store! Bind yourself from engaging in self-destructive behaviors.

Take some time to reflect and then also ask yourself what you can do instead. When we have a crutch that we are depending on, it is a coping mechanism. Take that away and you will feel lost and out of control. Ask yourself why you get the late night craving? What is it that you feel like you are missing at that moment when the craving comes? Is it actually companionship that you crave? If so, think about setting up a regular evening chat with your best friend, or snuggle up with a good book and a cup of tea.

You need to prepare yourself and nurture yourself through the process with self-love and self-care. Then, from this place of peace and harmony, the weight loss spells will be able to make the biggest impact!

Simple Wiccan weight loss spell

yellow ribbonTiming: cast this spell on the waning moon for banishing the extra fat from your life!

Materials and supplies: A bright yellow ribbon. Also, consider adding

Spellcasting: Under the light of the waning moon, take the yellow ribbon and tie one knot as you state each line of the spell.

  • By the Knot of one, my overeating is done
  • By the Knot of two, I work out too
  • By the Knot of 3, I consume fat-free
  • By the Knot of 4, I hydrate more
  • By the Knot of five, a diet I contrive
  • By the Knot of six, my thyroid I fix
  • By the Knot of 7, this week I lose 7
  • By the Knot of 8, weight loss if my fate
  • By the Knot of 9, success is mine!

Take the two ends of the ribbon and tie them together and state:

  • Knot 10 makes this real, as I will so mote it be.

A white magic weight loss spell

Here is a weight loss spell from The Green Witch that is a little more involved. It uses candle magic, herbal magic and also the powers of crystal magic. The spell requires that you focus on the outcome of the casting and gives you courage and success in your endeavor. Be sure to set aside a little more time for casting this spell!

Materials and supplies:

  • Piece of parchment
  • Juniper oil
  • Sea salt
  • A yellow pen
  • A gold pen
  • One red candle
  • One yellow candle
  • Amber
  • Gold tiger’s eye
  • Quartz
  • A red pouch

Timing: on a waning moon at sunset


  • Draw a bath and add a handful of sea salt and 7 drops of juniper oil for purification. Meditate on your intention – this is the beginning of your spell casting! Soak for 20 minutes.
  • Drain the bath and visualize your excess weight and toxins going down the drain with the water.
  • Dry yourself with a warm towel and stand in front of the mirror taking in what you see before you without negativity or judgment.
  • Set your intention about what needs to “shrink”
  • Put on loose clothing
  • Sit at your altar and light the candles and incense.
  • Take the yellow pen and draw the outline of your current shape on the parchment
  • Take the gold pen and draw the outline of your desired shape within the yellow one.
  • Draw a horizontal line through the waistline and cross it with a vertical one at the belly button to “draw you in.”
  • Focus your intention into the burning candles
  • Take the crystals in your left hand and cover them with your right
  • Close your eyes and visualize yourself living a healthy lifestyle with exercise, healthy foods, and a positive attitude toward yourself and your appearance.
  • Open your eyes and place the crystals into the pouch and chant:

“Crystals of the Sun, Release the new me, Fitter and healthier I am to see
Magickal courage is the strengthening key so this IS my will, so mote it be…”

  • Keep the crystals with you at all times for extra strength and reassurance
  • Hang the drawing on your fridge or altar
  • Repeat this reinforcement as often as you need!

Guidance and support for weight loss spells

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Ready to try it out? Let us know how it goes in the comments below! I hope these spells and tips are super helpful to you! Remember – love yourself first and the rest will come!

Pros of weight loss spells

  • Make weight loss more manageable
  • Support your body to the real you
  • Permanent lifestyle change!

Cons of weight loss spells

  • Take time to work
  • Need support of a good diet and exercise

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