Aura Cleansing – How to Cleanse Your Aura Online

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel exhausted, or can’t clear the fogginess out of your mind?  Perhaps you have an essential task to complete, or you are about to go on holiday, but the strange sluggish, and the foggy feeling persists?  It feels like you are walking around with a cloud on your shoulder literally.

Well, the causes of the fogginess could and probably will show up in your aura. And if you have anything lurking around in your aura that shouldn’t be there, you’ll probably want to clear it away!  So that you can feel refreshed and allow that cloud float away.

Aura cleansing is the perfect solution to this, and more!  And you can even have your aura cleansed online!

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What Is An Aura Cleansing?

What Is The Aura?

Auras are energy fields that surround us everywhere we go, we all have one, and it’s almost like an extra sense that we have.

Have you ever stood in a queue and the person behind you stands a little too close, how did it make you feel? Probably uncomfortable right?

You’ll feel uncomfortable if somebody you don’t know stands too close to you because when they do, they are essentially standing in your auric field.  Which will be alerting your spidey senses to something that doesn’t quite feel right.

Take that further, and you’ll probably notice yourself saying things like ‘I dunno, something just doesn’t feel right about that place’, or ‘I don’t get a good feeling when I’m around x’.  

These are examples of when our auric field is reaching out and touching another auric field and is then reading and translating the data it has received into something that makes sense to you, which in the case of an aura is usually a sensation that something is either good or not quite right.  

Why Aura’s Need To Be Cleared

If we wondered around barefoot without washing, we’d find our feet get dirty, we have to wash our clothes, body and hair regularly to keep our body clean, and similarly, the auric field can pick up dirt and debris from its adventures.  

The trouble with a dirty aura is that it can become blocked, cloudy, murky or just dark in general.  It can also cause our chakras to overcompensate with their energy which put’s their distribution of energy out of whack. And a dirty aura can cause us to attract (with the blocked and dirty energy) things that we don’t want (because like attracts like).  

Which means that if we have some dark energy hanging around in our aura, we will attract others with dark or blocked energy, or situations that enhance the dark energy.  

Which doesn’t always create a happy and healthy life or lifestyle.  

For example; A single person might say ‘why do I always attract the same kind of guys who cheat’?

But what she doesn’t realise is that she probably attracted a guy, who just happened to cheat, in the first instance but the disruption to her psyche and sense of self as a result of the cheating caused her to hold some ‘dirt’ or dark energy from her experience in her aura.  Which then makes her a prime target for any other guy who has cheated or fancies his chances of playing around.

He won’t consciously realise what’s happening and neither will the single girl, but the energy will have had a metaphoric conversation that told each other, ‘you have this energy and it matches to the energy here (hence a connection!)’.  

If you keep your aura clean, then you will only attract whatever you project out, rather than carrying debris from your past, or other experiences.

Why It’s Important To Cleanse Your Aura

It’s as important to cleanse your aura, as it is to cleanse your body, hair, clothes, home and also your chakras.  And because our energy is a vital part of life it’s useful to check in for a regular MOT to make sure that your auric field and chakras are clean and clear

Why is Aura Cleansing Beneficial?

An aura reading and cleansing are both beneficial.  The cleansing makes sure that any residual energy that has stuck around in your aura is cleared away, leaving you fresh, and able to attract good things to you.  It will also leave you feeling clear and more energetic generally.

And an aura reading will help you to understand the energy that keeps returning, perhaps because of repeat patterns, and  how you can adjust your energy to heal these patterns, or meet your goals and needs and can they can highlight any energy that is stuck, or potentially harmful if it hangs around for too long.

If you’ve ever noticed somebody who seems sparkly or like a ray of sunshine unless they are acting, they will have a clear auric field.

The Process Of Aura Cleansing

Aura cleansing can occur in many ways, through creative visualisations, psychic cleansing, using crystals, sound healing, herbal baths, hypnosis – the list is endless.  

Ideally, if you haven’t cleansed your aura before, it’s worth having a professional help you to clear out anything that has been hanging around for a while easily.  

How To Have Your Aura Cleansed

  • Local Aura Cleansing

There may be local aura cleansers or readers available at your local alternative health centre.  But for convenience, you can get the same thing (probably for less money) online!

  • DIY

You can cleanse your aura yourself, and we’ve a technique that you might like to try below.

  • Professional Online Aura Readers


Many online aura readers also specialise in cleansing auras too, and the beauty of these online healers is that you can be your most vulnerable at home, alone without even having to be face to face with anybody.  

A Quick Smudging Technique To Cleanse The Aura

To smudge, you’ll need to burn herbs and waft the smoke around so that it covers your auric field (and it won’t hurt to waft the smoke around your environment at the same time!).  

Here is a list of some herbs that have been explicitly chosen for their aura cleansing and healing properties.

  • Thyme – Helps to release emotions and trauma from the past.
  • White sage – An all-purpose cleanser that clears away negative energies too
  • Cedar – Release fear and encourage courage.
  • Mugwort – Repair psychic damage

To cleanse your aura with herbs, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Choose your perfect herb or combination of herbs and head to a place where you won’t be disturbed.
  2. Light the herbs and as you do, say out loud or in your mind your intention for what you are doing.  For example; to completely clear your aura from all harmful debris and energy.
  3. Pass the herbs up and down around your body, from your head to your toes and beyond.  Make sure you cover your whole aura. If you can’t reach around, allow the smoke to build up and turn around in it.  

The Challenges Of Cleansing Your Own Aura

Cleansing your own aura is a handy skill to learn for maintenance purposes but unfortunately, we all always have a blindside (parts of ourselves that we don’t see, or that we deny) and we won’t notice these aspects in our aura even if we cleanse them.  

You also won’t always know what to do with any imbalances, whereas a professional aura reader will know exactly what you need.

Who Is An Aura Reading Online For?

  • If you’ve already decided that you need or want an aura reading, you can get it done immediately and in the comfort of your own home.  Instead of having to treck along to the premises of a local aura reader.
  • Anybody who likes to learn more about themselves.
  • Anybody who likes convenience.
  • Aura readings online are also suitable for anybody who is feeling tired, stressed or sluggish, unwell or lacking in clarity.  I
  • If you ever experience difficulty in relating with others, an aura reading can help you to understand what you might be projecting out from your aura that might be influencing other peoples opinions of you.  
  • You can also use an aura reading for understanding how you could adjust your aura so that it aligns with your goals, or to promote relaxation and improved sleeping habits.
  • Aura readings can also help you to understand how compatible your auras might be with your partner.
  • You can also assess the general overall health of your energy field, and learn how to protect and heal it.

What You Can Expect From Your Aura Reading Online

Every aura reader will have their unique style and process, and will often be using other skills such as psychic ability or tarot reading to help give you as much insight and support for your problem as possible.  

All readings will provide you with facts and information about your aura, what issues are showing, how you can resolve the issues, how to cleanse and adjust your aura (or the aura reader might cleanse your aura psychically for you).  

At the end of your reading, you’ll have found new ways to make your life a little bit smoother in all ways.

Where To Find the Best Aura Readings Online

There are plenty of aura readers online, some read auras only, while others will cleanse auras too.  Ideally, you’ll want to take a look and pick out the aura reader that you feel most drawn to. They will resonate with your energy.  

If you choose to have another aura reading online in the future, it’s worth repeating this selection process perhaps from a different site so that you can make sure that you attract somebody who resonates with your new aura.  

This is because if your aura reader doesn’t work on anything that may have resonated with you both in the time between your last call, but you have, you don’t want to be pulled back into that state; instead, it’s wise to move forward.  

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The Pros and Cons Of Getting An Aura Reading Online Today


  • Plenty of useful applications for aura readings.
  • Better than therapy!
  • Gives you control over your life
  • Very convenient form of personal development.
  • Professional readers provide high-quality responsible readings
  • Get your aura cleansed from the comfort of your sofa!


  • You may need to keep selecting new aura readers that resonate with your new vibes.
  • Adjustments made to your aura will be subtle, you may not feel anything immediately, but the effects will start to ripple in your life.  
  • You may not always like the delivery style of your chosen reader.
  • There any more cons. An aura reading is always going to help you to feel great.

Are you ready to assess your energy with an aura reading?  

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