Auras and Chakras

In the 20th Century man became preoccupied with the power of the industrial age. We built all kinds of vehicles, pioneered revolutionary medical procedures, conquered the atom and built massive structures that will be the awe of future generations.

How is it, after such a century of progress, we don’t seem to feel that much better as a people? In this, the 21st Century, we have already managed to map the entire human genome. Another major advance for the human race, you would have to agree. But what is driving this scientific endeavour? Is it really our desire to make the world a better place? Or merely economics and market forces?

It was only during the tumultuous times of the 1970s when modern man began to question human advancement. Had we really advanced? Many began to explore the social, emotional and spiritual side of our lives, and discovered a lot about themselves in the process. Many detractors refer to the children of this era as hippies, but from this time came a renewed understanding of ourselves – and what it means to be human.

For centuries before, ancient races have studied the arcane knowledge passed down from generation to generation. We can choose to ignore their wisdom, but only at our own peril.

What are Auras?

Humans are not the only creatures with auras, however. Every living thing has an aura around it, which can only be seen in certain conditions and with adequate training. Auras usually appear as a glow encompassing your entire body, but can be separated into smaller elements just like your chakras. When you know what colors relate to certain moods, you are able to tell how somebody else is feeling – without reading their mind!

What is Aura

Seeing a happy couple together will produce an aura between the two that seems to be joined in the middle. This is the energy of their love mixing and merging between them. Likewise, if two friends have had an argument their auras will be thinner than usual when nearby because their energies are focussed on being angry with one another.

Auras are made up of the following auric fields:

  • The physical field vibrates at the lowest frequency of all fields, is visible to the human eye without training and changes according to health and wellbeing.
  • The etheric field is like a blueprint for the physical body. It usually has a grey appearance and changes based on how energy flow throughout the body needs the physical body to develop. It handles energy exchange between the universal energy field and the physical body.
  • The emotional field is one of the more colourful fields and changes hue based on mood and that wellbeing of each chakra. Stress and tension will affect the state of this field. It is more oval than the etheric field which tends to follow the shape of the physical body.
  • The mental field is usually more spread out than the emotional even though it overlaps. It is visible as bright yellow, usually around the crown of the head. In religious paintings important figures are seen with a yellow halo just like the mental field appears to those who can see it. It changes depending on how confused or focussed you are and benefits from work on 3rd and 5th chakras.
  • The astral field acts as a nexus between the physical and spiritual realms. It exists in it’s own plane, the astral plane, free of the confines of time and space. It generates colours similar to the emotional field, but usually with a reddish hue. Benefits from work on all chakras.
  • The etheric template field exists purely on the spiritual plane and is the spiritual equivalent of the physical field. It represents the human physically in the spirit plane.
  • The celestial field or spiritual field has access to all energies from the universe and appears as pastel colours similar to those of the emotional field. It acts as a template for the etheric field in the physical plane.
  • The causal field is named causal because it is to do with the direction your life is going to take. Appearing as a pale gold to the viewer, this field exists well beyond death and even into the next life. Energy here is used to direct our lower levels of existence based on a world without time or space. It is the equivalent of the mental field in the spiritual plane.

Here’s two ways you can get started and begin to see an aura. The first is the simplest, but may not yield results as good as the second method:

Method 1: The Simple Way

  1. Sit facing a neutral backdrop in a relaxed posture.
  2. Point your index fingers towards each other so they overlap in front of you.
  3. Move your overlapped fingers just above your nose so one of them touches your nose.
  4. Focus your sight on the middle of your overlapped fingers.
  5. Slowly move your hands away from your face and away from each other, so they gradually move to the left and right of your field of view.
  6. If you are doing it right you should see the ends of your fingers joined together in the middle of your field of view. Your eyes should be slightly out of focus and it will look like you are seeing double.
  7. Don’t focus on your fingers, but on the space around them. You should start to see colours towards the end of your fingertips. Congratulations! This is your aura.

Mathod 2: The Reliable Way

  1. Sit facing a neutral backdrop in a relaxed posture.
  2. Cover a book in blue, red or green paper.
  3. Stand the covered book against your backdrop.
  4. Close your eyes, breathe slowly and not too deeply. Focus on how calm you feel.
  5. When ready, slowly open your eyes and without focussing (using your eye muscles to squint or stare) gaze upon the area to the right or left of the covered book.
  6. After 30-60 seconds a feint color will start to appear around the edges of the book. It will build up over time and become more colourful.
  7. Don’t look directly at the book or else the aura will dissappear.
  8. Once you are finished remove the book and wait for your eyes to re-adjust to the lighting in the room.

Whatever way you practice, make sure you keep at it. Many people try once and give up, which isn’t going to do the trick. Several people mistake the afterimage you see when you look at bright lights for an aura – it is not the same ! Auras are more ethereal in nature and look like wisps of smoke around your body.

Now that you know how to start seeing auras, you may want to try the second method on plants, animals and eventually people. Once you have become confident and practiced for a week or two a few minutes each day, this skill will become an invaluable asset. But for now, it’s time to find out more – where exactly do these auras come from?

What are Chakras?

Science has proven that each cell in our bodies gives off small electromagnetic radio waves, almost imperceptible to all but the most sensitive of equipment. Our body as a whole unifies a complex array of these cells into a living, breathing and thinking organism that is a miracle of nature.

With this is mind, it isn’t much of a leap to consider that these cells, working in tandem, may be capable of something far more advanced than we are aware of. We already know that the heart, lungs and brain are capable of performing unbelievable feats on a daily basis. This is just one example of cells working together towards a common goal.

Many religious texts refer to energy centres distributed througout different regions of the human body. Often they are nearby major organs or nerve centres in our spine. These energy centres are often referred to as Chakra, a word descended from the Sanskrit word meaning wheel or disc.

Chakras are spinning vortexes of energy and light that greatly affect our well-being, whether we are aware of them or not. It is generally agreed that there are seven major chakras distributed throughout the human body. There are also many more minor energy points known as meridians which play a slightly less important role in your well-being.

Many people around the world claim to be able to see these spinning energy vortexes emanating from our bodies. While this seems ludicrous at first, with a lot of training and dedication almost anyone can learn to see them. Most experts are clairvoyant, psychic or perceptually gifted, and have practised extensively to see these fields. The field of energy surrounding our bodies are called auras, and are explained in further detail on the next page.

The 7 Chakras

We explained earlier how each of the whirling energy centres around your body is known as a chakra. But what exactly are they? Here we will explain in greater detail.

Chakra take in energy your body receives from the world around you, and manipulate it for the body’s benefit, before radiating the resulting energy out of the body.

People who can see the chakra say the vortex of light around each chakra spins inward towards the centre when a person is viewed from the front, and outward when viewed from behind. Although many are not aware of it, different people in society help to improve our chakras by restoring their balance: Doctors, Psychiatrists and even Priests. Each deals with a few different chakra.

Below is an overview of what each chakra does.

Chakra 1 is known as the root chakra, and deals with our interconnectedness with the earth. If we lose touch with reality or are “surfing on cloud nine” we need to become grounded again and that is where this chakra is important. Physically this chakra is located at the base of your spine. If you are feeling out of touch, try walking barefoot across the lawn, do some gardening or even dance with your partner. This chakra is closely related to the earth and feeling fearful.


Chakra 2 is known as the sacral chakra, and is located around the lower back and reproductive organs. It deals with our emotional state and sexual wellbeing. If you are feeling down or emotionally vacant try doing something creative or watch a funny TV show! This chakra is closely related to water and the feeling of guilt.


Chakra 3 is the chakra that deals with power and egotism. Physically located just below the chest on your solar plexus, it is affected greatly by how powerful you feel. Taking control of a situation instead of thinking ‘poor me’ will help to improve this chakra. This chakra is closely related to fire and feeling ashamed.


Chakra 4 is known as the heart chakra. It deals with love and is the great balancer of opposing forces such as mind and body, yin and yang. If you are feeling isolated this is probably the chakra affected. Try going out to a party or dining with friends. This chakra is closely related to air and the feeling of sadness or grief.


Chakra 5 is known as the throat chakra. It deals with expressing oneself vocally and the vibrations of sound reaching the body. If you are feeling like nobody notices you listen to some music or speak out more emphatically. This chakra is closely related to sound and being deaf to other’s needs or overly vocal.


Chakra 6 is known as the brow chakra. The brow shakra deals with the intuitive and psychic abilities as well as physical sight. If you a feeling tired or confused, or seeing things in a difficult light try meditating or having a lie-down. Closely related to light and therefore disillusionment.


Chakra 7 is known as the crown chakra. It deals with knowledge, both in a physical and universal sense and higher level thought processes related to the frontal lobe. If you are having trouble concentrating this chakra is probably affected. Try moving to a quiet location after taking a short break. This chakra is related to thought and mental attachment or affinity with others.

Now that you have a better idea of each chakra’s role in energy exchange between your body and the world around you, it is important to realize that balancing your chakra will help resolve physical, emotional and spiritual issues. Once all of your chakra are in balance your entire body will begin to resonate and give off slightly higher frequencies than before. This is often felt as a state of relief. It is only after the issues have reappeared several times that you will be able to appreciate them from several points of view, and therefore be empowered to deal with them more effectively and hollistically. From then on, the world is your oyster!

It has been fiercely debated in the scientific community over many years whether or not living cells store records of their lives as a type of biological memory. If we accept that such a memory exists, then it is possible that a record of our health is constantly being recorded on to that memory. The memory would therefore be passed down from generation to generation, making the energies your children emit a direct result of those you have come to emit. This means the human race has a chance to evolve emotionally as well as spiritually.

Fine Tuning

We explained earlier how each of the whirling energy centres around your body is known as a chakra. But what exactly are they? Here we will explain in greater detail.

Since each energy centre is receiving and transmitting energy via our bodies, we may be able to improve our sense of wellbeing by changing the energies that are entering our bodies. Even though the effectiveness of such procedures is highly controversial and unsubstantiated, it never hurts to give it a go – you may find it beneficial.

All energy that enters your body changes the appearance of your aura, depending on how open you are to outside energies. People who are being defensive are obvious to those who can see auras – it shrinks significantly instead of radiating when somebody is open and free.

For now let’s think of the body as a piano. It needs to be tuned properly or else it won’t sound right. In a similar way, each part of the body needs to be operating in balance with the other parts or else it won’t work as well as it could. Likewise, When each of your chakras are in balance, or finely tuned, you feel more in tune with the world around you.

Ways to improve the condition of different chakra include:

  • Yoga (different kinds are tailored towards different chakra)
  • Meditation (great for chakra 6 & 7)
  • Breathing exercises (breathing with diaphragm or breathing fresh air
  • Humming, singing, repeating a mantra or listening to music (for chakra 5)
  • Rest, lying down, enjoying quiet environment (chakra 6 and 7)
  • Laughter and creative pursuits (great for chakra 2)
  • Rubbing you stomach (for chakra 3)
  • Socializing, being compassionate and empathetic (useful for chakra 4 problems)
  • Love and tenderness towards close ones

Apart from the above techniques, you may also want to consider trying some of the other alternatives available. These include tuning forks that emit pure sound, which may be targetted to each chakra from 1 to 7 by striking notes at a pitch of C through B respectively.

Gemstones or crystals are also a great if unorthodox way to modify the waves of light reaching certain areas of your body. (Use red, orange, yellow, green blue, indigo and violet for chakra 1 through 7). Ingredients in food you cook yourself can also be modified to cater for the needs of different chakra.

In essence, there really is no limit to the ways you can help reach a healthy balance between your chakra. Which means there’s no excuse not to give a few of these suggestions a try ! So start today – you’ll never know how well it works if you don’t give it a go.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do colored crystals help people?

To be honest, nobody really knows if or how crystals help people. It is believed that crystals and other gemstones can resolve a wide variety of chakra problems people experience. These range from reducing anger to identifying fears so we can handle them more effectively. There is a vast array of crystals and gemstones that can be used for a multitude of purposes. It is believed they work by releasing energy into the aura in different ways.

Before use, the negative energy inside crystals needs to be removed, which is known as cleansing or clearing. This involves releasing the energy into another element such as water, air, earth or fire so only the purified effects of the crystal are harnessed. Crystals may be programmed to release positive energy slowly over time or simply moved into contact with aching areas of your body. They may also be used for protection and can be worn if necessary. When choosing a crystal you need to remember what colors are associated with certain chakras so you can make an informed decision.

You have no proof auras exist – why should I believe you?

As with anything science cannot prove, auras and chakras may at first be hard to believe. There is, however, a lot of material around that suggests people are experiencing a phenomenon of some kind in a wide variety of situations. Whether or not this phenomena comes from energy fields in the body remains to be seen – at least until science can prove or disprove this theory.

It may have more to do with the human eye or even the way we are taught to see auras in the first place, than an external phenomenon arising from something we cannot control. In essence, this means it is totally up to you what you believe. We can only explain the facts, the rest is in your hands.

What is the difference between chakras and auras?

Chakras are the spinning energy centres where electromagnetic energy is believed to emanate from. Auras are the resulting magnetic field that some people claim to be able to see. Chakras cannot be seen, but the effect of chakras on the aura can be perceived.

How do I know if the colours I am seeing are actually an aura or an afterimage?

If you stare for too long at an object and then look away, a reverse image of the object will persist on your field of vision for a few moments and then disappear. This is most likely an afterimage. Auras will not persist for such a long period of time and will disappear as soon as you look away from your subject.

How does the aura change between living and non-living things?

The aura of living things changes according to how an organism is feeling at any particular time. Inanimate objects also have auras but they vary depending on the color of the object. Some are less intense than others. Certain psychics try to pick up the energy remaining on objects you provide. This ‘leftover aura’ can sometimes be used to obtain information about that object you may not be aware of. How effective this practice is still remains to be seen, and probably depends on the skill of the psychic.

I’ve heard you can get a picture taken of your aura. Does this really work?

There is no way known to actually photograph auras just by pointing a camera at a subject. There is, however, a device known as a Kirilian camera that records electrical impulses from your fingertips onto photographic film. Some interesting results have been obtained using this camera, which is quite expensive to purchase compared to a normal camera. For examples of the photos taken, check out

In most cases cameras that claim to photograph auras do so using LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) or similar means to generate an effect that looks similar to an aura around the subject’s body. Many websites appear to have photos of people with auras but these are usually digitally enhanced and have been doctored.

How do meridians relate to acupuncture?

Meridians act as pathways for energy between the chakras and the organs they relate to. Acupuncture and acupressure uses knowledge of these meridians to resolve energy distribution problems arising from musculoskeletal issues people may have. People report differing levels of success with acupuncture and acupressure. Knowledge of chakras and meridians helps experts in different disciplines obtain a more holistic view of the human body.

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