What is Clairsentience?  

Have you ever wondered what the meanings of all of the different types of extrasensory perception (ESP) might be?  Do you know your ‘clairsentience’ and your ‘claircognizants’ from your ‘clairvoyants’ and ‘clairaudients’?  And if you do know, do you know how they might influence your life, how the different types of ESP can influence a psychic reading and how to recognise your own ESP skills?  

Well if you don’t, and you’d like to know more, look no further, because in this article we answer the question what is clairsentience? So that you can start to understand the not so subtle differences between clairsentience and the other types of ESP and discover if you have any clairsentient ability.  Plus we’ll also discuss why a clairsentient reading might be the perfect type of psychic reading for you.  


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What is Clairsentience?

Some people say that clairsentience is one of the most underrated of all of the psychic abilities, and while I’m not so sure whether that’s really the case, it certainly is one of the lesser known ESP abilities. Most people will understand that if somebody says that they are ‘clairvoyant’ that they have advanced psychic skills whereas they may not realise that clairsentience is also a profound and sophisticated psychic ability too.  

Clairsentience is the ability to sense energy and emotion. It’s an overwhelming ability which is compounded by the fact that to be clairsentient you also have to be highly sensitive and empathetic.  So when you are highly sensitive and empathetic, and you happen to sense the sadness of another person (or even worse, in animals), it can be debilitating because you experience that sadness yourself.   

Which means that the world can become overwhelming often if you are clairsentient.

A person who has clairsentient ability can sense emotion, they can tell if somebody is angry, insecure, or overwhelmed with sadness, and they can empathise with the person holding onto the emotion. In its most basic form you can expect somebody with clairsentience to know how you feel.  But it doesn’t necessarily mean that they know what to do about how you feel. They can just relate and feel that emotion.

A person with clairsentient ability will also be able to sense energy; they might be able to sense when something big is going to happen in the world (in my case I become ungrounded and anxious) and also when something is going to work out well, or not.  They can also tell whether energy is being manipulated, and can sense the good and bad energy that is present in pretty much everything (but more famously in property and belongings).

Even down to working with plants, animals and nature, a clairsentient person can feel the different energies.  

A clairsentient person will be forced to have to develop coping strategies and learn how to deal with the intricate beauty and overwhelming darkness that surrounds us every second of the day because they cannot avoid it.  Which means that they will probably find themselves in caring professions or working with animals and plants. Helping in someway because they care and empathise and want (or need) the world to be a happier place.

They are also likely to have other psychic abilities because their sensitive nature will naturally lead them to develop further skills and insight.  

There are some benefits and disadvantages to being clairsentient though, here they are.  

The Disadvantages Of Clairsentient Ability

  • The gift of clairsentient ability can cause you to feel uncomfortable in your environment, especially when it holds bad energy or is uninspiring.  
  • A Clairsentient person can be oversensitive and impossible either as a child or an adult because they find the world so difficult to live in.  
  • All external information can influence a clairsentient person, all media (except for books) can all drain a clairsentient person fast.  
  • The world can feel unsafe, uncertain and heartbreaking to a clairsentient person. They live the heartache every day that most people would experience in a lifetime,  and if they don’t learn how to handle it, they can become anxious, overwhelmed, burned out, frustrated, angry, insecure, low in confidence and esteem and even mentally unstable.  And if a person doesn’t know that they are clairsentient, they won’t know why they are like this which will compound the problem.
  • Clairsentient people are subject to their environment.  When it’s good, they’ll feel vital, happy and alive and when it’s not good, they will feel sluggish, and even take on the feelings that have been absorbed by the environment from the people and experiences that have occurred over the years.  
  • It might seem like a gift to be able to feel the beautiful souls of animals, but in all honesty, it’s heartbreaking and a huge responsibility.  
  • Clairsentient people can become disillusioned with life.  Because they experience the suffering daily.
  • Because of the nature of clairsentience, the person who has the ability will need to learn how to handle their sensitivity.  Unlike some of the other ability, where they might be able to live with that ability and live their life normally to a certain extent.  This is not possible for a clairsentient person because energy and emotion surround us all of the time.
  • Clairsentient people often feel guilty because they can’t help everybody.

The Advantages Of Clairsentience

  • We often take our sense of humanity for granted especially in a world where most people are desensitised.  A clairsentient person will never become desensitised. Although they will have to learn how to manage their ability and accept that they can’t change the world alone, or take on the world’s problems.  
  • A Clairsentient person will be able to understand the needs of their family, friends and partners deeply and are usually approached for advice.  
  • The world is a much more profound and special place from a clairvoyants perspective.
  • A Clairsentient will excel in careers such as helping careers, working with caring for animals conserving nature, as teachers, counsellors, and even interior designers (they’ll be able to balance out the energy in a home to make it comfortable for the dweller).  
  • When a clairsentient person applies themselves to something that they are passionate about, they are likely to excel because they go in deep –  but it might take them a while to do so 

Why are Clairsentient Psychics Different?

Sometimes, it’s hard to express how we feel inside. It’s hard to get even a talented therapist or other types of psychic to understand what’s happening in our inner world.  

But so often we need somebody to understand our inner experiences so that we can understand what’s happening and bring it to the light of day, or get some help with anything that doesn’t feel good inside and that we want to be free from.  This is where a clairsentient psychic can stand out.

You won’t need to explain how you feel to a clairsentient person, they’ll know, and that’s half the problem solved which means they can then get on with helping you solve the problem you are calling about.  

A Clairsentient also helps you to understand the deeper issues and energy surrounding you or your situation, including how others feel in a situation, and how the energy might change, along with what impact any changes in energy might have.  They can get to the heart of any situation fast and help you make sense of it,they don’t need spirit guides to do so, and they do so in a way that no other type of psychic can do.

A clairsentient psychic can also connect to energy in a building for example, and check to see if the energy is comfortable, or not.  Whereas a medium might tell you what spirits are around.

The difference being that some spirits that are around create wonderful energy and other energy that is in a property is residual, meaning that it’s in the walls like a patina and it’s this energy that a clairsentient will be able to sense too.  

If your pet or animals are having problems, a clairsentient person might be able to tap into the energy of the animal and help you to help your pets. (Although not all will be experienced in doing so, so it’s best to look for a pet psychic with clairsentient skills if you want to try this).

The Benefits of Having A Clairsentient Psychic Reading

  • Get to the heart of the problem fast (save money on your reading minutes)
  • Find out what other people involved in a situation are feeling (including your romantic partner).
  • Find out if your new home is going to have a good vibe.
  • Get help with releasing emotion.
  • Understand the deep, intricate details of a situation that might be influencing you.
  • Discover what energy your potential options might create.
  • Improve the quality of life for animals.
  • Find somebody who you can talk to who understands or ‘gets you’. 

Signs That You Might Be Clairsentient

  • Being highly sensitive and often influenced by your surroundings or other people.
  • You don’t like violence or any other harmful activity and don’t like being in areas where such acts have occurred.
  • You can instantly tell what’s happening in a room.
  • Some things make you feel heavy or light.
  • You are a great judge of character.
  • You can easily relate to others and get their perspective but sometimes feel hurt or confused by the fact that others don’t return the favour.
  • You can feel the difference in energy in plants or animals
  • Your common phrases will be ‘I feel’, ‘I sense’, ‘I know’.
  • You easily relate to children, animals and old people.
  • You can become anxious for no apparent reason. 

Who Is A Clairsentient Reading For?

Clairsentient people usually have other psychic abilities too and can provide general all round readings.  However, they specialise in energy and emotion.

If you are experiencing a difficult and emotional situation, then a clairsentient psychic will be a great help to you and probably very comforting too.  They are the experts at dealing with emotion and will undoubtedly have lots of tips and experience with helping you through.

Similarly, if you want to know what the potential outcome is on a decision or what is causing a problem in your life,  or even how to harness the best energy for the best outcome, then a clairsentient person is for you.

A clairsentient will automatically locate the heart of the problem and then will be able to help you find your way through.  

What You Can Expect From Your Clairsentient Reading

You can expect buckets of empathy and understanding, from a clairsentient reading along with practical guidance to help you with your problems because that’s how a clairsentient person has navigated their own challenges and believe me they have had plenty due to the nature of their psychic senses.

Clairsentient people know that sometimes to get to the good you have to face the bad. They can also tell when somebody is manipulating emotionally so they’ll probably be honest with you so that you can see what you are dealing with. But they’ll also guide you too, step by step and will always intend to leave you feeling uplifted at least as much as they can.

Where To Find the Best Readers Online

There are plenty of fabulous clairsentient psychics about; we’ve listed below some of the best places that you can find them (they also have the best deals too!)

Here are our picks:

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Here are the Pros and Cons Of Getting A Clairsentient Reading Today


  • Get clarity on any situation right now.
  • Better than therapy!
  • Gives you control over your life
  • Plenty of choice of readers and reading styles to suit your tastes
  • Professional readers provide high quality responsible readings
  • A reading will never be intimidating  


  • You won’t always hear what you want to hear
  • You cannot control the message.  If you are not meant to hear something you won’t and vice versa
  • You do need to discern and seek out reputable readers to avoid impersonation and con artists
  • Your spiritual readers are human, and they rely on the messages, they cannot control anything either.
  • You’ll always be given what you can handle but you might not feel as though you are ready to hear it (even though if it’s given to you – you will be ready). 

Are you ready to take the plunge and try out your first reading?  

Don’t forget to give us feedback after!

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kimberly love
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kimberly love
kimberly love
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See its kinda of lonely when you just know.. Meeting someone stronger is far and in between.. its best just to keep to your self.. I get tired if I tell to much. It took a long time to figure that out.. I am 52 and tired..

kimberly love
kimberly love
1 year ago

Its been this way since it was born..

2 years ago

I’ve been Clairsentient since childhood I always wondered why I was so different from everyone else when I was a child.

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The reading was very eye opening… Thank you…

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