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Have you ever walked into a room and instantly picked up on the atmosphere for good or bad?  Or have you ever found yourself wondering why you keep experiencing the same experience over and over again?  

Perhaps you are an eternal singleton, always attracting the one person in the room who is afraid of commitment, or maybe you never bag that promotion at work even though you know that your work is good enough. Maybe you are wondering how these two seemingly different experiences are even connected too.   

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Well to answer your questions, these two experiences are connected through your aura.  Did you know that your aura helps you to pick up everything around you, but it also draws you to the experiences and energetic patterns you create for yourself?

So if you are experiencing a problem over and over again you are holding an energetic pattern in your aura which supports that problem and it’s your aura who reads the room and tells you what’s going on.  

Aura and aura healing are interesting topics, to find out more keep on reading on, and we’ll show you aura healing is and how to heal your own.


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What Is Aura Healing?

To understand aura healing fully, we must first understand precisely what an aura is and why it needs to be healed in the first place!

What Is An Aura?

We all have an aura; it’s just the vital energy field that radiates out from and surrounds our body.  It’s how we get a sense of another person, and why we don’t like to stand too close to strangers without feeling uncomfortable  (because people will stand in our energy field and if we are not familiar with them this will make us feel uncomfortable). We can often feel somebody’s presence or decide if we are going to like somebody or not just by unconsciously observing their aura.  

If we are full of energy or (vital life force) and our energy is clear and unblocked then we will project out a healthy, happy vibe even without speaking.  If we have polluted, blocked or depleted energy this will also reflect in our aura’s too and will attract experiences to us that reflect the state of our aura as will different colours.

Why Is Energy So Important?

Energy is vital to how we exist on earth, everything here is a form of energy, some are inanimate, and others have the spark of life infused into them.  Regardless of whether physical objects are a living thing or an object you can feel the energy from them.

Energy is the beginning of matter, it’s the start of form and when it compounds and forms a particular pattern an object or living thing is created.  Everything that exists including living beings can also hold onto ‘residual energy’ which will eventually form part of them.

For example; have you ever walked into a building and decided right away that you didn’t like the place and that it either gave you the creeps, made you feel uncomfortable or sad in some way? Or the opposite, have you ever walked into a strange place and thought how happy and inviting the place seemed?

The reason you make these observations is because you are picking up on energy of the property combined with residual energy that the property holds through your aura.

Some people are more sensitive and aware of energy than others though.  This means that if you don’t easily feel energy and you want to test this theory out, you’ll have to pay attention to the tiny sensations, thoughts and ideas that you might have about an object or place and start to notice how you pick it up.  For example; do you have sensations in your body, thoughts, flashes of images, uncomfortable or happy feelings about something, some place, something or some situation?

Energy is transmitted and managed in our body through a system known as the Chakra system. It’s the hub or the powerhouse for all of your energy resources including the energy that comes in and the energy you put out. You can find out more about chakras by reading this article here:

Top Three Chakra Healing Sites

In essence the chakra system is the distribution centre for the energetic life force in our body.  But if there are blockages in our chakra system, if our energy is depleted, diluted or polluted, it can cause us to manifest illness, or ill thinking which will generate energetic patterns that will lead us to attract more of what we have going on inside (unbalanced energy) or to manifest unwanted outcomes.  

The perfect example of how unbalanced energy can manifest in our lives is in the case of many eternal singletons (especially those who despite their best efforts never seem to attract the right kind of person for them).  If their energy system were to be assessed there would probably be some incongruent situation occurring in the chakra system that causes this belief to manifest and when it does manifest it compounds into a repeating cycle that is difficult to break.  

How Aura’s Reflect Our Energy.

The cycle mentioned above occurs because we show what is happening in our chakra system through our aura.  

It’s through our aura that we sense if we are like somebody or not, it’s how we seem to randomly attract the same type of person. You know, the one with commitment issues ( as an example following on from the case of the eternal singleton).   Words don’t have to be spoken, decisions don’t have to be made, but our aura will pull us to any energy that matches what is going on inside our own aura.

This is how most repeat cycles occur.  

Of course, we can say that we attract these situations mentally by not managing our thoughts which is also true.  It’s just that our thoughts if unhealthy can destruct our energetic system by creating energetic patterns or block energy.  

Everything we do has to go in or out from our chakra system, through our body and into our aura.  This energy will be reflected in our aura before we can make it into reality. This is how you can tell if somebody seems sad, mad or any other emotion without even looking to see if they are crying or assessing their body posture.  

Your aura is like the text book of you!  If you learn how to read an aura you can understand what is going on energetically with a person and if they need healing or cleansing.  

Flaws in an aura can show up as funny feelings, edgyness, or dark spots when you visualise the aura.  Faded colours, blurred edges, holes, and anything else that doesn’t look or seem to be smooth and consistent are also representative of a polluted or damaged aura.  

So if we were able to identify the flaws in our aura’s and then heal them, we would be left with a bright and positive, healthy aura that would attract positive, healthy experiences right?

Yes!  That’s exactly how it is.  

Who Is Aura Healing For?

Everybody will benefit from aura healing in some way, whether you choose to do it yourself (there are some techniques below) or if you decide to work with a professional (highly recommended so that they can work on the aspects of you that are hidden or that you unconsciously choose to avoid).  

Having clean healthy and positive energy is like being given a new lease of life, it will help to heal and regenerate your whole psyche leaving profound results on your health and experience of life!  

How Does Aura Healing Work?

There are so many different techniques for aura healing all of them involve cleansing your aura and clearing away any blockages or repairing any holes in an aura by using natural resources or by transmuting energy which is what remote healers do.   

The DIY methods mentioned below are all easy and profound ways that you can begin to heal or maintain the equilibrium of your aura and will give you much more insight as to how aura healing works.  

A professional aura healer will use either a form of energy healing to replace the energy in your body with good stuff (such as Reiki or Pranic Healing) or they may use their psychic abilities and connections with angels and guides to ask for healing to take place on your behalf.  Professional healers will often bring about more profound and faster results than the healings that you do for yourself.

In essence, any healing that works and fixes the route of the problem by shifting or transmuting energy will always result in healing the aura.  Because you are clearing up the energy and energy patterns that you have put out into the world.

A healthy looking aura is a crucial sign of a healthy individual who doesn’t have any emotional baggage, or unhealthy thought patterns (a scarce sight indeed these days!). Which is why it’s essential to make aura healing or chakra cleansing a priority for your life experience and wellbeing.  

5 Of The Best, Easy To Do Aura Cleansing Techniques

  1. A Shower

Instead of just jumping in the shower, scrubbing down and jumping back out again try mindfully showering with the intention to cleanse your aura from any dirt and debris.  This strategy may not clear up deep issues in your aura, but it will keep any surface or daily dirt and debris from entering into your aura and building up to create physical problems for you.  

The ions in water also enliven your energy field, so if you imagine them dancing around inside your aura, then you’ll also feel significantly re-energised too.  

  1.  Sea Salt Bath

Sea salt draws out toxins, both the physical toxins and the toxic energy from the body and aura. Sea salt also helps you to deeply relax which enhances healing and helps you to reconnect to your source.  Make sure to set the intention of your aura being cleansed and imagine it being cleansed and revitalised too and you’ll enhance the process.

Talking of bathing, any natural body of water will also be great for aura cleansing too so if you get the opportunity and it’s safe to,  jump into your local lake and enjoy the natural healing that is abundant around you!

  1.  The Elements

Whether it’s wind, sun, the earth, water it doesn’t matter they are all cleansing and revitalising to the aura.  

If it’s windy stand outside with your arms open and let the wind whip around you to remove any stuck or challenging energies in your aura and turn them into new revitalised and positive energy.  

The same with the sun, lie back in the sun and let it burn away the negativity, water will wash it away, and if you lie on the earth, the earth will absorb and cleanse the negative or stuck energy for you.  Mud and clay masks will also do the trick too. Just remember to keep setting the intention to cleanse your aura and visualise a positive outcome.

  1. Chimes, Bells or Singing Bowls

Chimes and bells with a beautiful, clear tone or a singing bowl does fantastic things for shifting energy in your aura. Sound healing is also extremely aura cleansing too. As you ring your chime, bell or bowl imagine its sound moving through your energy, gently cleansing, shifting and balancing energy.  All you need to do is keep doing it until you feel as though you’ve completed your aura cleansing mission.

  1. Himalayan Salt Stones

Hold a Himalayan salt stone in each hand while relaxing and imagining the energy of the stones; drawing down the toxins and negative energy from your psyche this is a great technique to take to work with you to discreetly clear up any negative energy in your aura as you progress through the day.  

What You Can Expect From An Aura Healing Reading

Professional aura healing readings are always going to feel relaxing because you will be shifting and transmuting energy and revitalising your psyche.  You may feel physical sensations even if you are enjoying distant healing.

If you manage to find a psychic aura healer  (there are plenty on the sites below) then you’ll get two services in one and will probably glean some insight as to how you can avoid attracting such challenging energy in the future or they will be able to help you clear up something specific that has been challenging you (such as those repeat patterns I mentioned earlier in this article).  

Where To Find the Best Aura Healers Online

These sites are our favourites for healers and psychics because they verify, test and monitor their readers, offer great deals for new clients, and also some of them support their clients further offering great money back guarantee’s.

Here are our picks:

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The Pros and Cons Of Getting An Aura Healing Reading Today


  • Revitalise your soul in a simple way!
  • Get remote aura healing without leaving your home!
  • Gives you control over the challenges in your life.
  • A quick and extremely healthy way to revitalise yourself.
  • Professional readers provide high-quality responsible healings and readings
  • Improved health and wellbeing 


  • You may not feel the sensations of the energy shifting (but that does not mean it’s not happening).
  • Some side effects can cause you to feel emotional.  Make sure you have some personal space before booking a reading.
  • Aura cleansing needs to be a regular thing to achieve optimum health but you can maintain it yourself and just get a top up healing from a professional every now and again.
  • If you do hire a healer you need to discern to avoid scams – the sites we recommend do that for you 

Are you ready to make your aura shine with an aura healing?  

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