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quartz healing crystalThe exciting thing about working with crystals is that you don’t have to have the crystal in your presence to work with it or to feel its energy.  Which means that crystal work is much more profound than most people give it credit for.

Crystals can be overwhelming because there is so much choice and each crystal has it’s own properties, messages and meanings that it’s easy to overlook crystal healing and move onto to something else.  

But, are you missing out on something special if you walk away? Did you realise that there’s a way for you to select the right kinds of crystals for your personal use, your home, or even your car and place of work?

Whether you did or didn’t realise this, there will be plenty of information in this article to enlighten and inspire you to start embarking on a crystal healing journey right away.  

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What Is A Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing is a form of healing that can access and adjust our vibrational energies by using the differing vibrational properties of crystals (which are essentially glamorous stones obtained from the earth) that can heal us.

A hands-on crystal healer will divine the appropriate crystals to use for each client and will usually place the selected crystals on, or near, the appropriate chakras in the client’s body to allow the crystals to transfer their vibrational energy to their client.  

Knowing what crystals are used during healing can help you to bring the causes for any energy blockages in your chakras into your conscious awareness too.  

If a crystal healing is conducted online, the energy of the crystals will be directed to you, and your crystal reader, or healer may recommend what crystals you should buy to help you achieve your goals.  

Why Are Crystals Beneficial To Us?

Crystals are magical stones that are right here in the earth balancing, cleansing and filtering the energy so that all life on the planet, including the earth itself, can reinstall harmony.  It’s almost as if crystals are little (or large) energy centres that drive energy down into the earth through all life that is in its path.

So if you need the energy from a crystal, it will deliver it to you if you are nearby and if you don’t need the energy, it will just move through you and onto its next target.  

From the scenario above, it’s not surprising to assume that you have to be physically near to a crystal to achieve healing from its properties but that’s not the case, you can have somebody send the energy, or even imagine the crystal to bring it’s properties to you

For example; many years ago I saw a crystal that was far too expensive for me to buy but I was fascinated by it.  It was one that I’d never seen before and it seemed hypnotic to me. The energy of the crystal represented spiritual awakenings and new journeys in life and for a long time after I saw it, it just stayed in my mind (even though I didn’t try to keep it there).  Over the years, every now and again, that crystal appears in my mind bringing it’s energy with it. I assume that it appears when I need the energy which usually happens when I experience big change in my life!

So, instead of going to find a crystal in the earth (which might be a bit difficult!), you can purchase, visualise or have a crystal healer work with the crystals that have the properties you need.  

Crystal healing is a potentially ancient and  traditional form of healing and scrying. There has been records of crystals being used even in Egyptian times, (although it’s unclear what they might have used them for)

You can use crystals to;

Crystals can clear energy and aid healing even if we have sick, blocked or unhealthy energy, they can revitalise, rebuild or rebalance your energy and can also empower you and your goals, protect you, and support you.  

Which is why many people so frequently use them!

How Can You Work With Crystals?

There are so many ways to use and work with crystals that it would be difficult to list them all, but to give you an idea, here are some fun ways to work with crystals.

To Aid Sleep

Putting a rose quartz crystal underneath your pillow or on your bedside table can help to support restful sleep, and they look lovely too!

To Protect You and Your Home

You can protect yourself and your home from negative energy, intruders and self-inflicted harm.  

There are many protective crystals that you can use, some are stronger than others, but an Amethyst crystal is one of the most versatile and popular crystals that is frequently used for protection.  

The energy of the amethyst also compliments the rose quartz under your pillow very well.

To Prevent Or Reduce Pollution From Electrical Equipment Such As Phones or Laptops

Keep a citrine crystal or salt lamp (or both) in every room, place it by your electrical products as much as you can,( or have more than one of these crystals nearby to increase potency) to clean up the energy and pollution in your home.  

Citrines are cleansing crystals, and they are self-cleaning, so if you want to clean your other crystals, you can put them next to your citrine for a quick cleanse.

To Support Your Pets

Crystals are as beneficial to pets as they are to humans, and there are plenty of ways to use them.  We like this guide for cats in particular.  Did you know that if you have a cat who doesn’t like being left alone, adding a pearl to their collar or environment in some way (but not so they can accidentally swallow them) can prevent them from feeling lonely when you are gone?   

To Protect You When Driving

Adding a crystal to your keyring, or dangling one from your rear mirror will serve to protect you as you drive.  Favourite crystals for this purpose can be amethyst, rose quartz, turquoise, black tourmaline, smokey quartz or a garnet.


To Create A Loving and Peaceful Vibe in Your Home (or whatever vibe you prefer).

You can use crystals in your home to influence the ambience and general mood of the house.  If you spend some time researching the best ways to use crystals around the home and play around with their location you can enhance the atmosphere in your home as much as colour, design, lighting and scent can!  

Your crystals will need to be cleansed regularly especially if you have a lot of visitors though.

Clear or Reduce A Headache or Other Pain

By using a citrine and placing it on the affected area, it will start to cleanse the energy causing the pain.  

By Enjoying A Crystal Reading, or Crystal Healing

All of the above ideas can be discussed and enhanced by speaking to a crystal reader or healer, who will also be able to psychically divine information about what types of crystals are the most beneficial for your intentions.  They can also help to heal you and rebalance your energy too.

The Different Types Of Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing Online

It’s easy to get a crystal reading online, and the purposes and benefits are enormous, we’ve explained in great detail how crystal healings and crystal readings can help you in this document, and it’s so simple to access a crystal healing especially online.

DIY Crystal Healing

You can start to work with crystals and explore them yourself, by starting out using them in and around your life, in some of the ways mentioned above and beyond.  

You can also use crystals on your chakras, but if you don’t know what you are doing, you will benefit from using some of the gentle crystals such as rose quartz, amethyst, smokey quartz, or citrine.  Or you could seek advice from a Crystal Reader to help you to understand what crystals you should or could be using instead.

Tip! The energy of a crystal can be intense, and sometimes too strong for a particular situation which can cause you to feel unsettled or uneasy which is why it’s essential to research and play it safe, or seek advice from a Crystal Healer or Crystal Reader before doing chakra work with crystals.

Physical Crystal Healing

A physical crystal healing will involve visiting a crystal healer and having them place their crystals on you to aid healing.

For a physical crystal healing session you can expect to lie on a massage table, while your healer works with the crystals – placing them around you. Some crystal healers may advise you to use crystals at home to further the healing process.

Who Is A Crystal Reading or Crystal Healing For?

  • If you are feeling emotionally, mentally or physically overwhelmed or injured then crystal healing can support you.  
  • If your home has paranormal activity, crystals may help you to tone the experience down or get it under control.
  • You could get a crystal healing or crystal reading to learn how to heal or reassure your pets.
  • Perhaps you’d like to find out what crystals you should keep in your home – if you do, a crystal reading will help you.
  • If you feel stressed, suffer from anxiety, or migraines you might benefit from a crystal reading or crystal therapy.
  • If you want to achieve a goal, for example; to lose weight and you need your environment to be more upbeat and motivating a crystal reading will support and guide you with this.
  • If you are experiencing grief or loss, crystal healing will be highly beneficial.

What You Can Expect From Your Crystal Healing?

While the energy of crystals is powerful, some of them can seem to be very subtle.  But you can expect to carry the energy around from the crystals used to heal you for as long as you need it, even if you don’t feel as though you can sense the energy.  

Over the space of time after your healing session, you’ll find that the problem that you have been working on has either subtly changed for the better, or is healed.  

You’ll also be likely to gain some wisdom and insight into how you can change your life so that any problems that you have had that required healing can be avoided in the future, or managed.  

If your crystal healer considers your problems to be long-serving, they may suggest further readings, or for you to purchase a or a few specific crystals to work with and they might teach you how to use them too.  This all depends on the individual style of the reader.

Where To Find the Crystal Readers Online

There are many crystal readers online, the types of crystals they use will be different, but you’ll find yourself contacting the crystal reader who has the most beneficial crystals for you anyway. That’s the beauty of divination!  

It’s easy to find crystal readers from the links below or you might like the crystal readers we’ve pre-selected for you (just click this link).  

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Still not sure if crystals are for you?  

The Pros and Cons Of Getting A Crystal Reading Today


  • Find out what crystals you should use to enhance all areas of your life.
  • Avoid crystal overwhelm by having a crystal reader help you find the right crystal energy for you.
  • Recieve the right crystal healing that you need without having to purchase a crystal
  • Each crystal reader or crystal healer will work differently
  • Immediate access to powers that can be transferred no matter how far the distance is between you and the relevant crystal.
  • Learn more about crystals so that you can start to work with them yourself in the future.


  • Working with crystals is not the same as dividing.  The crystals won’t tell you what’s going wrong, they’ll just send the right energy to you in the right quantities as and when you need them.
  • There are so many crystals it can be overwhelming which is why a professional crystal reader is beneficial.
  • You may not always like the delivery style of your chosen reader.
  • Crystal energy can seem to be gentle, so it might look as though nothings happening but remember energy travels in ways that we cannot fully comprehend or perceive.

Are you ready to enjoy a crystal reading today?  

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