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We all know meditation is good for us, but did you know that it is healing too?  Even a regular meditation can be healing but when you amplify that with healing intentions and creative visualisation or allow somebody else to heal you through their meditative effort the benefits of a healing meditation can be quite profound and extremely reassuring!

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What Is A Healing Meditation?

Even a regular meditation where you sit still or walk around with your mind empty of thoughts will be healing, just because you are giving your body and mind time off from doing endless work, every second of the day.

Our minds unconsciously seek more, and more so it’s very easy to fill in quiet moments with thought, we might even unconsciously strive to fill these moments in with thoughts too – it’s almost as if we are scared of ourself! But in reality, we are probably just addicted to thinking and in a negative mental pattern.  It’s just that these negative mental patterns create energetic patterns which turn into reality!

When we quieten our mind, we prevent our thoughts from overworking which will calm down the neurological pathways and promote relaxation of the mind, body and nervous system which in turn will relax the soul.  

But beyond a standard meditation, a healing meditation is a specific meditation where your mind will be full of thoughts but ‘controlled thoughts’ that will encourage your body to regenerate, relax and heal itself.  I always like to think of them as a creative visualisation which is really what they are, but you will have relaxed into a meditative state rather than just imagining something while you are fully alert.  

This is the same process as hypnosis too.  It’s just a state of deep relaxation that your hypnotherapist puts you into, and then encourages you to visualise or heal your emotions, change habits or anything else you might need to work on.  You really can heal yourself it just might be a bit slower than if you worked with a professional because you’ll be figuring things out yourself.  

How Does A Healing Meditation Work?

A healing meditation will start off by ensuring that the person participating in the healing meditation achieves a meditative state.  If you are doing this yourself, you’ll need to practice meditation first to develop the habit. But if you hire somebody like a meditation teacher, then they’ll help you reach a state of relaxation by talking you ‘down’ into a relaxed state.  

Healing Yourself

During your meditation, you will need to either visualise yourself healing parts of your body, or your energy. You might choose to do that however you see fit (by using your imagination). I have found that when I have done this that usually, my visualisations take their own form. For example, I might start to see colours flowing into me or around me, or I might feel that I want to focus on a specific area of my body and stay there with my focus there for a while (and during that time I might feel tingling sensations as the energy is moving around).  

Other types of healing meditations might include imagining or using crystals or angels and allowing the energy to flow in and around you, or using colours, or music and using the music while focusing on an area you want to heal.  Some people will use a pre-recorded guided meditation where they play a CD which guides you into an overall body healing (although the latter will always be quite general).  

Personal Guided Meditations

If you choose to work with somebody who will guide or teach you to meditate, then they will use their tried and tested techniques which will be exclusive to them to help you shift and heal parts of yourself that you want to heal.  If they are psychic, they will psychically intuit what needs to be addressed and guide you to work on that.

Healing On Your Behalf

Any kind of remote healer or energy healer will always use mediation as part of their healing process whether that be before, during or after (or all of those times) it’s part of the process.  They are essentially handing over themselves and becoming a channel for energy to flow through you and to do that; they need to meditate and focus on allowing that energy to flow. Your healer will also receive healing as they work on you too.  

Different Types Of Healing Meditations You Could Try

There are plenty of different types of healing meditations you can try, that are only limited by your imagination here are some examples;

Meditating With Colour

Colour holds different vibrational frequencies that heal us.  The Chakras represent some key colours that you might like to start working with because they’ll indicate what part of your body the colours you are bringing into your psyche are healing.  

Meditating With Crystals

Crystals all have different properties and are profound healers.  There’s a reason why so many people work with them, and the beauty of it is that you don’t have to have one in your physical presence to enjoy the benefits, you can just imagine or meditate upon them!

Meditating With Your Chakras

Imagining your chakras and cleansing them in your imagination is a great healing meditation.

Meditating With Your Body

In meditation, move around your body imagining how each part feels, does it feel happy, healthy, peaceful and flowing – if not, then focus on sending loving healing energy to that part of your body.  

Meditating In, Or With Nature

You can either meditate in nature or imagine it. Your unconscious mind doesn’t actually know if it’s experiencing something or not which means if you imagine yourself by a peaceful lake surrounded by wildlife and fresh air, but really you are lying on your bed, indoors, in a city block – your mind won’t know, and that’s very healing.

Meditating With The Elements

Imagining or meditating in the wind, sun, water, or on the earth as it heals you will have profound healing benefits.  

What Are The Benefits Of A Healing Meditation?

The benefits of a healing meditation are endless, here are just some examples;

  • Better sleep.
  • Relax and the vital systems in your body.
  • Heal and rejuvenate the organs.
  • A deep sense of peace.
  • Find your purpose.
  • Healing and processing emotion.
  • Unblocking and shifting energy.
  • Improved confidence and peace of mind.
  • Reduced guilt, fear, sadness 

Who Is A Healing Meditation For?

If the world could mediate what a wonderful place it would be!  

Meditation will benefit everybody – it’s a natural state.  Healing meditations don’t just benefit those who are sick they also can help to prevent sickness and keep you in your optimum health which is why it’s particularly beneficial.

If you suffer from any of the problems below though will be very likely to feel immediate changes. It will be worthwhile to  learn how to meditate to help you manage and heal these problems;

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Hyperactivity
  • Nervous disorders
  • Slow reproductive systems
  • High blood pressure 

Can You Find Meditation Healers Online?

Yes, you can!  And there are lots to choose from just clicking on the links below and searching for ‘meditation’ to find plenty of advisors who can teach you to meditate or who can help you enjoy a mediation.

Searching for ‘healer’ or ‘healing’ will bring up plenty of advisors who can heal on your behalf too, and to learn more about meditation the Osho site is a great resource.   

Where To Find the Best Healing Readers Online

These sites are our favourites because they verify, test and monitor their readers, offer great deals for new clients, and also some of them support their clients further extending a great money back guarantee.  

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What You Can Expect From A Healing Meditation Reading

The outcome of a healing meditation reading really depends on what it is that you want to gain from the reading.  Because there are plenty of options to choose from here are some examples;

Receive Coaching On How To Meditate.

Have your advisor teach you a healing meditation that you can participate in with them. Take advantage of your advisor’s experience in meditating and the healing skills they’ve learned as a result.

If you contact an advisor to help you learn how to meditate, they will work with you over the phone and teach you the techniques that will suit you best for meditating.  Once you’ve mastered the basics and have implemented it, then you might want to contact them again to learn how to take your meditation further because there are different types of meditations for different purposes.  Not just relaxation and healing, but also to grow spiritually, learn more about yourself and your life purpose and even to learn more about transcendental meditation.

If You Choose A Healing Meditation

A healing meditation with your advisor will help you to reach a relaxed state and will either ask you what issues or illness you would like to heal or be psychically guided to healing.  That will depend on you and your advisor. The advisor will stay alert during your meditation so that you can stay on the phone only for the amount of time that you want to, and they will gently bring you around when your time is up.  

You will feel totally relaxed and rejuvenated after a healing meditation session such as this.  

If You Choose To Enjoy The Benefits Of Your Advisors Meditative Efforts

In this case, the options are endless, an advisor who meditates will have honed and developed their psychic or healing skills, so they are likely to give you an in-depth and accurate reading.  Because they are so connected and knowledgeable spiritually they will be able to provide you with fast and insightful information about how you can improve your health or anything else in your life for that matter!  

You’ll leave a reading with a psychic advisor who meditates much more aware of what is occurring in your life or body and aware of the steps that you need to take to improve your life and achieve your goals.

The Pros and Cons Of Getting A Healing Reading Today


  • Improve your health and wellbeing.
  • Get a guided meditation without leaving your home!
  • Find insight into how you can change your experience in life
  • A quick and extremely healthy way to rebalance yourself.
  • Find insight into why you might be feeling the way you do and how you can make changes to support healthier and happier goals.
  • Professional readers provide high-quality responsible readings
  • Learn a life-changing technique that will keep you happy and healthy. 


  • Learning how to meditate can be challenging, it takes practice, effort and discipline but meditating with somebody guiding you can be much easier.
  • You’ll need to be in a quiet, calm place where you won’t be disturbed for a healing meditation to work.
  • You do need to discern and seek out reputable advisors to avoid impersonation and con artists but using the recommended sites and checks above you will find the right healer for you. 

Are you ready to change your life with meditation?  

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