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Theta healing may or may not be something that you have heard of, but we assure you that it’s a real thing and it’s the real deal.  

Theta healing is a type of healing that really can generate profound results especially if you are trying to change something about your life, or something within your psyche and you can enjoy theta healing remotely too!  

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August 2022

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So if you didn’t know what theta healing is all about please allow us to enlighten you.


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What is Theta Healing?

In essence, Theta Healing is based in hypnosis and creative visualisation which harnesses the spiritual or metaphysical laws of quantum physics.  It’s just that the person who has founded Theta healing has practised and created and documented a proven system that has brought about fantastic results for the clients who enjoy Theta Healing.  They have then taught that system to others and called it Theta healing.

Aside from the fancy name, the good thing about such a system is that it eliminates the risk of finding a below average hypnotherapist who has not achieved such good results(there are great hypnotherapists and not so good ones just like everything else) .

Theta healing has been created by an above average healer who is focused on helping people to attain health and wellbeing.

Usually when such a system has been built and gains momentum, then it is always full of integrity, and proven results and that takes the hard work away from you in having to seek out a good healer!  

How Does Theta Healing Work?

As the name suggests, theta healing uses the theta brainwaves to access the unconscious mind and rewrite the negative stories that you have in your mind turning them into positive stories instead.  Which is essentially how hypnosis works too.

Theta healing claims to access the theta brainwave to connect to the creator of all so that we can co-create significant positive results in your life.

I believe that there may be a difference of opinion here, not just from a religious perspective but also from a theoretical perspective.  Some (including myself) may consider handing our own power (the power of our own unconscious mind) over to ‘the creator of all’ to be  quite disempowering.  And since I know that people can heal themselves through the process of hypnosis (which uses theta brainwaves to access the unconscious mind) and achieve incredible life-changing results, I’m not certain that theta healing connects with the ‘co-creator’. I believe that it’s just your own higher power.  

However the healing comes about though there is no doubt  that theta healing works. 

During the process of theta healing, and after identifying your goals, a practitioner will help you to become relaxed so that you can access the theta state and then they can begin their work.  By asking the unconscious mind (or the creator of all ) ‘what is causing this?,’ you’ll soon find out the cause of a problem because you always know the cause of your issues subliminally.  The trick is to facilitate access to this so that the cause of the problem can be redirected into something positive.

Facilitating change is simply done by understanding the cause of a problem, and then healing the ‘trauma’ or ‘reprogramming’ the decisions made into something more positive.  This is usually done verbally with the use of creative visualisation until the unconscious mind acknowledges that things have changed. I’m not sure if theta healing is the same but in hypnosis, checks are made during and after any change work has been done to make sure that things have changed.  

When a problem has been changed, the person who was holding onto the problem will frequently forget that they even had that problem or belief in the first place.  A test is often carried out certainly with hypnosis to ask the the client how they feel about a related situation to see if the problem still exists or if a different version of the problem has replaced the original one.  The unconscious response from the client will advise the hypnotherapist or theta healer whether their client has let go of their problems or decisions, or if there is more work to do. 

Who Is Theta Healing For?

If you are interested in any form of healing, or in dealing with any issues you might experience in life, then Theta healing can help you.

The list of ways that Theta Healing can help you is enormous – it pretty much can help with any problem or issue you might be experiencing such as;

  • Anger management
  • Grief and Loss
  • Anxiety
  • Confidence
  • Esteem
  • Emotional issues
  • Relaxation
  • Money issues
  • Guilt
  • Health
  • Life Purpose
  • Loneliness
  • Negative thoughts
  • Personal development
  • All the psychological problems (except for severe mental health issues). 

What You Can Expect From Your Distant Theta Healing Session

All Theta Healers work with you to identify and release any blockages that are causing problems in your life.  Some of which you may not even realise you are holding onto. The first session usually involves discussions surrounding your issues so that you can create your goals for the outcome.  

Face to fact theta healing sessions can involve muscle testing, body reading (aura reading), DNA work concerning quantum energy, and changing beliefs.  

Whereas distant theta healing may not involve muscle testing but a psychic theta healer (or another type of healer online) can also scan auras, read energy, and conduct DNA work. How decisions and beliefs are changed remotely without using some form of energy work (such as Reiki healing, Pranic healing is unclear).  I can attest that I can shift and clear energy remotely as a hypnotherapist and psychic, but it’s not something that would be easy for somebody to learn, and I’m unsure how this would occur if the healer were not psychic.

If you decide to enjoy some remote healing, it’s well worth considering using a psychic healer or asking a ‘traditional theta healer’ exactly how they can shift and clear energy and beliefs remotely – just so that you can see how it’s done and be assured that you are hiring the right person for you.  

If you enjoy a distant healing session, you’ll still feel some physical sensations despite being nowhere near your healer physically!  

Examples of such sensations are:

  • Yawning
  • Flushes of heat, or feeling cold
  • Nostalgia and flashbacks
  • Feeling sleepy
  • Sensations in the body such as tingles, twitches and pinches
  • Nausea, dizziness, foggy thinking or disorientation
  • Laughing or crying
  • Reminiscing and talking about topics you left behind long ago
  • Images in your mind
  • Suddenly clearing out clutter at home 

Where To Find the Best Theta Healers Online

You can access theta healers through the creators of Theta Healing, Bourgeon who offer distant healing sessions along with training courses for those who might be interested in becoming a Theta Healer.  

If you are looking for an alternative healer, who can bring psychic ability, theta healing and other skills to the reading (and potentially pay less) then searching for ‘healers’ or ‘theta healers’ on the sites below will bring you plenty of choices.

Here are our favourite sites for ONLINE HEALERS.

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

Kasamba– Get three minutes free!  

Oranum – No offers but a wide variety of different types of spiritual readings.

Psychic Source– Low priced readings right now!

Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99

Life Reader – 4 minutes free plus 50% off your first reading 

Theta Healing Online – Recommended Readers

Inspired Within

Inspired within is a clairvoyant psychic theta healer who has over twenty years of experience in providing readings to those around her.  Her ethics are strong, as is her five-star rating and top-notch feedback.

You’ll enjoy Inspired Within’s down to earth approach and her attention to working with you to help you achieve your goals in life.  

Book a reading with Inspired Within right here.


Magdalena Loves You

Magdalena is highly trained.  She’s a US government trained hypnotherapist.  She’s also a medium, psychic, Reiki Master and Theta Healer.  So if you book a reading or healing with Magdalena, you are really going to be getting some great value and reliable experience.  

To find out more, or book a reading with Magdalena you can do so right here!  


Other Forms Of Remote Healing

Reiki Healers

Reiki healing is a form of spiritual healing that transmits pure spiritual energy into the body and aura of the client.  

Reiki clears blockages and purifies energy, and can be sent remotely.  It may take a few sessions before somebody is cleared entirely of blocked energy, and the quality of energy is replenished (depending upon the current state of your psyche).  

Most Reiki healers online also have other skills in their repertoire such as psychic ability which aids their ability to serve you well.  

Here are some of the best reiki healers online.  

Crystal Healers

Crystal healers also usually have a toolkit of different psychic skills that will help you align, clear and adjust your energy. Essentially a crystal healer will use crystals to send healing to your psyche, which may sound strange when you consider that a crystal is a physical item, which may seem difficult to transmit energy from remotely; however, crystal energy can travel.  

Did you know that you don’t have to own a crystal to receive its power?  You just have to imagine a specific crystal or allow its energy to be sent to you by a crystal healer to receive its properties, which is fascinating – at least to me.  This is also exactly what a crystal healer will do to help you heal holistically. They may also advise on what types of crystals to work with independently and even suggest regular exercises with crystals that you can do yourself to enhance your healing.

Energy Healers

Energy healers will visualise and move energy around psychically to help you heal and realign the critical aspects of your ‘self’.  Sometimes this process can be draining on an energy healer, but it will depend on the type of energy healing your holistic healer uses.  

For example, they may use Shaman practices to move energy, quantum healing, or psychic healing through visualisations.  

This is a profound type of energy healing.

Angel Healers

Angel healers will help to heal you holistically by harnessing their well-honed relationship with the angels to direct energy to you on your behalf.  They may meditate with angels on your behalf or specifically direct them.

Angel healers may also provide you with visualisations, meditations or other techniques to use independently so that you can realign and heal your energy.  

The Pros and Cons Of Getting A Theta Healing


  • Experience a profound healing technique that can eliminate problems.
  • Enjoy distance healing from the comfort of your home.
  • Take control over your life.
  • Uncover the root of problems so that you can let them go in the future.
  • Enjoy a proven strategy for assisting with healing. [/su_list


  • You have to be able to relax - some people can’t.
  • Distant theta healing might not be as intense as face to face healing.
  • You have to have faith that the healing has worked otherwise you may undo the process.
  • You do need to discern and seek out reputable healers to avoid impersonation and con artists 

Are you ready to find out more about theta healing online by trying out your first healing?  

Don't forget to give us feedback after!


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