What is Psychic Energy?

We all have Chakras and an Aura that influence out body. Imagine an energy field of light all around you like your in a bubble. This is your psychic energy. Everyone has a “personal space”. Your psychic energy is that space.

One of the first lessons I learned once I accepted the fact that I had psychic abilities was to protect myself. I felt my energy depleted more and more after each reading I did for someone. I felt the need to protect my “open” energy from negativity. It is your psychic being you must protect.

Even if you don’t consider yourself psychic in any way, you can still use these ideas to protect your well being from others energy. We all at times give out sad, angry, strong and ill energy. We also share our happiness and excited and “nervous” energy. The best we share is the energy filled with love. Sometimes psychic energy can fill a room. This can be both a negativity situation or a positive situation depending on the circumstances. Positive feelings from wonderful things, like a concert, a Church wedding, giving birth, and other reasons you would cry tears of joy for others.

What happens if your psychic energy gets drained?

Not only can your energy become drained, but it can also become contaminated with others energy. This happens especially when you are open and working with clients. Always take a moment to cleanse your psychic energy as well.

The ways to protect yourself, as in the white light around you will automatically revive any loss of energy. You must just believe it is so. It happens after doing a few readings in a row. Especially if you are a medium and the dead are using our energy to communicate.

Psychic Attacks

On rare occasions, I can only think of two in my life, someone else may attack your energy. The two times I felt it, the people did not do it so much on purpose as the did it unknowingly. If you get mad enough and send someone and “evil eye” for lack of a better example. You are indeed sending energy. Know that as a fact. Just as you can send someone loving energy also. Protect yourself if you know you are going to be in that position. For example: A police officer may have experience of psychic attacks at work. Doctors also who must tell patience and their families new they might not want to hear. The firemen that work so hard for us and many more.

Tools to Protection and Cleansing of your Psychic Energy

Keep your energy protected, active, alive and clean. Be sure to rejuvenate your psychic energy through everyday experiences. I am a busy woman, but I use what I have to work with. Feel free to try these suggestions. Maybe through trying one you may develop something that works for you better. Everyone must start somewhere.

1.White Light
A. Use white light as often as you can. Call on more light from angels, guides, or God. Surround yourself in it always. I have been told that some people prefer to use a light blue light and that they feel more peaceful when they do. I use both at different times. But I use white the most.
B. Be careful not to surround yourself with white light and then trap your negative energy inside to tight. Remember to cleanse your energy first if it is that kind of situation. But, Never pretend that you don’t have those feelings, work with them and heal.
C. Imagine yourself Glowing from your center out until you are in a bubble of your own white energetic light.

2. Invest in Quartz Crystal & Other Stones.
A. Legend has it that Quartz Crystal was ice crystals formed by the Gods.
B. Quartz is used to replace negative energy with positive energy, as well as being used for Balance within you. It s a powerful stone.
C. There are a number of stones out there. Do your research. You can wear stones, put them in each room and Defiantly use them on the table during your readings. I like to wear Amethyst and Tiger’s Eye around my neck when speaking to large crowds. Ruby, quartz, aventurine, the list goes on and on. Do your Research!

3. Washing with Sea Salt
If you are a psychic or a healer who uses his or her hands while working, wash them with Sea Salt and water. Even I have heard it suggested to take a Sea Salt Bath. I have done this a few times but I rarely touch my clients unless I am hugging them. That I do often.

4.Burn Sage
You can purchase a small wrapped bushel of the herb Sage. Do your research and decide form the many ways on how to clean the negative energy from your home or work.

5. Meditate and Visualize Often
A. Even if it is for one minute that you hide in the laundry room and close your eyes. Let your body relax. Take cleansing breaths. You are rejuvenating. Then move on with your day.
B. Try to go to bed and sleep. No radio, no TV, just you and your eyes, mind and heart. Say a prayer and let your spirit breath. This is the only real time to fully meditate at the end of your day to start off the next day with fresh psychic energy.

6. Light a White Candle.
A. Lighting a white candle is just another way to invite the positive energy to enter our space.
B. Light them while eating dinner, End of the day bath, while doing paperwork, with Every Reading you do, and whenever else you feel.

7. Stand Outside.
A. Vitamin D naturally absorbed from the sun makes the body feel good.
B. Feet flat on the grass or dirt, not the pavement or cement. Feel God’s love through the Earth.
C. Sin in the sun as it naturally can neutralize your negative energy. (don’t get burnt.)
D. Have plants. Talk to them. Many plants have cleaning abilities for your home also. Take care of all indoor and outdoor plants. It makes a great positive energy field both inside and outside around your home.