Telepathic Influence and Remote Hypnosis

In books, movies and theatre, there is a long tradition of showing an evil character with the power to control minds. Normally this person seduces young women and uses undo influence to gain money that is not rightfully his, or some equally despicable set of actions, to make sure we know this person is evil. The cautionary content is clear, power corrupts, so it is best not to use such power lest you become the soulless bad guy.

Seldom is it mentioned that such an ability could be used to help people as well. Indeed, the greatest potential of telepathic influence is in helping others, as most people will respond far more actively to helpful suggestions than to orders that will hurt or embarrass them!

The techniques outlined here are real and effective. With enough self discipline and practice you can indeed influence the way others think and what actions they are likely to take. This can be used, as any tool, to help or to harm. It is my most sincere hope that you will use them to help. It is also my strong belief that most truly uncaring and selfish people will find these skills too much effort to practice regardless of their wish to control others.

Start by finding a quite and comfortable space inside your mind.

All telepathic and empathic influence require certain properties. The influencer will need focus and synchronized brain-wave patterns. These can be reached through meditation, bio-feedback and perhaps, on a temporary level by brain-wave synchronization technologies such as Hemi-synch.

The influencer will also need to be able to hold concepts on a sub-conscious level. This sounds difficult to many at first, but while it does take practice and effort, it is very useful in active psychic practice. To do this you want to think of pure ideas. You will know you have it down when you understand what you are thinking, but are using no word or pictures in your mind.

Last, it is useful to have a plan before you start, trying to “wing-it” while in a deep mental state does not work very well. In fact it is often enough to kick you into a less mentally organized and synchronous state!

These following steps are needed for each level of influencing. You will want to start at the very beginning with the “Basic Telepathic Influencing” information each time you start a project, then work your way through the more complex levels.

Telepathy and Empathy: Getting Started

Most of us have had some experiences with “knowing” what someone else was thinking or feeling. A good percentage of the time this is written off as taking things in context and guessing what comes next. The things that stand out though, are those that have nothing to support them, such as a sudden change in subject matter perhaps, or knowing when a person is simply lying to you.

What I am going to discus breaks down into two main subjects, how telepathy works and a few basic methods to improve your overall ability in the area of mental communication.

To start with, it is important to understand that telepathy (transference of thought) and empathy (transference of emotions) are part of the same basic process. They often seem separate because of the different ways people handle the same basic internal information. Some people focus more on emotional content, others focus only on words and pictures, this creates an artificial differentiation between the two.

Both telepathy and empathy take place all the time. Hundreds or thousands of times per day, your subconscious mind collects information about what those around you and those important to you are thinking about, especially if they are thinking things about you! This is a normal part of every day life. The only thing that keeps us from knowing this is happening on a conscious level is a difference in the way our forebrains use language as apposed to the more “primitive” levels of mind that receives psychic information most clearly.

“Don’t try and start with a full blown message, just think about them, hold the idea, the “feel” of them in your mind.”

This means that we already have full telepathic and empathic abilities and that they work very well. The problem? As far as our conscious minds are concerned all of this information is in a different language!

So in order to improve telepathic and empathic skills it is important to learn to think in a slightly different way. In brief- you need to quite your mind and think in concepts. In ideas. When you get an idea you will want to try and except it without interpreting it immediately into words or mental images. This will help to keep your Imagination out of the loop. Nothing wrong with imagination on the whole, but we do want to keep it from distorting our telepathic and empathic information.

Now, this will help you to receive information more clearly, but what if you wish to send information to someone else?

The key to projective telepathy, or projective empathy, is a concept known as entrainment. This is a fancy way of saying that your brainwaves match those of the other person and you are both in the same mental state. The easiest way of achieving this state is just to sit quietly and focus on the person you are trying to send information to. Don’t try and start with a full blown message, just think about them, hold the idea, the “feel” of them in your mind.

After a bit you will feel a much closer connection to them. This is a good sign that you are getting in sync with your target person.

Once you have managed that you can send your message to them just by holding the idea in mind. At the same time you will be privy to what is going on in their subconscious mind.

Now that we have this basic information down, we can use it to come up with some techniques that will make our telepathic efforts more reliable!

Basic Telepathic Influencing

Start by finding a quite and comfortable space inside your mind. This will aid you in focusing your thoughts and in holding concepts later.

Next, focus your thoughts on the person you are going to be influencing. At this point you are really just holding the mental “feel” of the person. Let a feeling of relaxed connection come over you. There is not need to force it, or even try to make it happen, as it is a natural process that takes place whenever a person with more synchronized brain waves focuses on another person.

Once connected, let your mind shift into a deeper and more focused state. This will draw the other person into deeper entrainment and condition their mind to reflect your thoughts.

Now all you have to do is hold the concept you wish them to receive in your mind. Because you are linked with them, you will feel when they have accepted the information.

At this point you have successfully passed information to their subconscious mind. If you wish this information to have an impact on the conscious thought process you might have to continue to hold the concept for a while. Generally I have found that a minute or two is more than enough, as long as the idea I am transmitting is clear and easily acceptable to the other person.

For instance, the desire to stand up and stretch is a normal and simple thing that everyone can understand and are willing to do in most circumstances. (Most circumstances. I know that if I was lying on a table having an operation, I would not be hoping up to have a good stretch!)

However getting a person that is very shy to suddenly stand up and start singing in public would be a much harder thing to do! You would also have to think about whether this benefited them in any way. If they are standing on stage to perform in front of a group it will be easier to influence them than if they are in the middle of a crowded restaurant.

At this level of influence though, you can easily help to calm an upset person or cheer up a person that is feeling down. It is also a simple enough method that with a little practice you can do this anywhere at anytime.

Basic receptive telepathy/empathy:

You will wish to start by quieting your mind until there are no overt words or pictures. You don’t have to do this perfectly, it helps to keep your mind in a very clear state though, practice will help things to come more easily.

Then hold the idea of the person you wish to connect with in your mind. Try to hold the idea without using words or picturing the person. This will help to get you into a solid receptive mindset that won’t bring your imagination into play.

Pay attention to the ideas that come to you. To an extent you will find that very clear and powerful ideas are instantly translated by your conscious mind into words or pictures. Don’t let this fool you into thinking that this is the only valid information you can get. It is often more valuable to pick up raw emotional states and the general topics that a person is thinking about.

Note: You are going to be picking up the information from the persons subconscious mind. This means that you can be getting very good and solid information from them and they would not acknowledge that this is what they are really thinking, their conscious mind may not even be aware of it. In a very real way this division between conscious and subconscious thought means that you may have more direct knowledge about them than they do!

Basic projective telepathy/empathy:

Begin by getting into synch with the person as above. Once there, make an extra effort to calm your mind, while holding the idea of your target person. This will help to “lead” their mental state. It gets them used to following your thoughts, entraining them to you, rather than just being in synch.

Now you simply pick the concept you wish to communicate to them. If you keep the idea simple and straight forward, they will resonate to it on a subconscious level. If you hold this long enough the concept will be passed in some form to their conscious mind.

Note: This passes along information. It will not cause a person to act on it if they normally wouldn’t.

These steps may seem very simple to you. In some ways they are. They are also extremely powerful. Once the basic techniques are grasped and used you will find that you are able to use telepathy and empathic abilities at will, on a very effective level.

Please use these skills well, to help others and gain understanding of the world.

Complex Telepathic Influencing

You can add to the complexity of your sending by linking concepts in an order that is understandable to the person you are influencing. It is important to link things in a fluid manner that will not cause the other person’s subconscious mind to skip to another topic.

For instance, lets say you wish a person to think about eating fruit for lunch, to help them reach their weight loss goal. You could start with the idea of an orange, with an emphasis on how tasty it is. Then you shift the orange into an apple, smoothly merging them so that one becomes the other subtly, then you could shift to another fruit. Remember to connect the idea of tastiness, as this is what will influence the actions taken. If you thought about how awful these same things tasted you would have a very different result!

Because, by shifting the focus concept, you are creating links to many types of information in the other persons mind, you are far more likely to have the desired effect. Basically, the more times you can get their minds to link with similar information, the more times they will pass this data to the conscious mind. Since all thoughts and actions start on this deeper level, you will find that most of the time your complex sending will be easily accepted. You will be working in a way that is natural to the normal though pattern.

Now you can add subtle imperatives to the concept. Things such as, “This is the right thing to do” or that a powerful person that they respect or love would “really be proud of them”. It is important to pay attention to how they are handling a given concept. You must be sensitive to the fact that they personally may not respect the same class of people you do.

“Mommy would be proud of you” is far less than useful if they hate their mother!

You should be able to determine, due to feedback on a psychic level, how they are adapting to the information you are sending. Don’t keep hammering on one concept in if it is making them upset, switch to another that might work better. It is better to keep a person in a relaxed and happy state if you wish them to do what you request.

At this level of complexity you can get people to perform fairly complex actions and influence choices that they make in a reliable fashion. You could use this to help them diet more easily, lead them to find joy in exercise, improve study habits, stop smoking and change bad habits into better ones.

As with most things in life, you should get the other persons permission before doing this type of work. While you could influence them without their consent, everyone will be happier in the long term if they know that they control their own thoughts!

Remote Hypnosis

Using complex suggestions, deep complex conceptual forms, you can lead a person into a state in which they are very suggestive and willing to carry out instructions. Care must be taken with this though. Significantly deepening the internal mental focus of another person can be disruptive to actions such as driving and working with heavy machinery.

So the first thing, the very first thing you must do, is make sure the person being influenced is in a safe environment. If they would not be safe if they drifted off to sleep, they are not safe enough to attempt remote hypnosis.

To induce the correct state of mind, you will need to hold certain concepts in a smoothly, but slowly changing chain. Give about one minute for each. The states you will want to work through are a relaxed and calm state, working into a deep level focus, that leads to a focused and receptive feeling.

This will only take a few minutes but is key to helping the person open up to the coming ideas.

Once induced you may carefully create triggering concepts. While it is possible to create word triggers it is generally better to use concept triggers. For instance, the concept of sitting down for dinner triggers a desire for salad. Or the trigger of the television being turned on makes them desire to read a book.

The ultimate level of complexity can be very great. In some ways this technique is more useful than modern hypnosis as it by passes the conscious censors and does not give a stubborn person a chance to fight induction as they might with clinical hypnosis. Most of the same things can be helped and worked with, though some things, such as past life regressions, are not going to be very useful at this level, because instant verbal reporting is a big part of the process.

In general positive thoughts will be received and acted upon more readily than dark or negative ones, so keep thing positive. It is almost always easier to convince a person to help themselves than to harm themselves. Still it is important to take care and place a good deal of thought into whatever project you undertake.

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1 year ago

Hi i would like to know if there is a way to stop remote hypnosis? I’m starting to seeing things that aren’t supposed there.

1 year ago

Why did you make me say this is bullshit?

4 years ago

Thanks so very deeply for this. Nowhere have I seen how to send emotion or healing, which is what I want to do. The ‘how’ is never discussed – anywhere. Keep up the great work.

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