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   Psychic Success Story of the Month
Each month the Universal Psychic Guild will feature someone who has gained great success out of their use of psychic readings from the Guild. We hope these examples will give you insights into how psychics are able to help you and how someone who maybe in a similar situation as your own has been assisted and has changes their life for the better.

From merely getting by to achievement beyond the normal person Vanessa tells us:

How I changed my life with my own personal Psychic

.Vanessa Tells it all
Hi my name is Vanessa and I have a special story to tell one that has changed my life and given me a totally new outlook on life, an outlook that I wish I had had forever and indeed one that would benefit so many others if only they had the gift of the knowledge that I have now.

"I thought I had done all the right things..."  
My life started in a small town east of Melbourne called Moe. It was here I grew up and spent most of my youth. It was also here that I was taught the facts of life and how to try and get by. By the age of 21 I had done all I could with the limited knowledge I had been given and began to wonder if what I had experienced so far was all there was to life. I thought I had done all the right things, I had got married, worked hard and was saving my money, I respected my fellow man and went to church on Sundays.

Everything changed when I found out my husband cheating on me.
But that all changed when I discovered my husband was seeing someone else. I had been relatively happy but I was not ready for this and I got the shock of my life. He convinced me in the end that it was my fault and he left me. My life was shattered. All I had seemed to get swept before me. I was devastated; my life had been limited to what I had been taught, get a good job, get married and have a family and be a good Christian. It all sounded so good, but for me it hadn’t worked. I found little real support in those that loved me or said they did because they just didn’t understand.

I had nowhere to go and no one to turn to
What do you do when you have no where to turn and no where to go.

"for the first time in my life I sat down and had a psychic reading"  

For over a year I lived in a small flat and my life grew worse, the support mechanisms that I had been taught to rely on, especially religion just didn’t work. I had no where to turn. One rainy day over a year after my difficulties had started I went to a country fair and there was a psychic doing readings. As I walked past, he asked me if I wanted a reading. What a joke I thought, I was already down and out I didn’t need his helping hand to make things worse. Anyway, I had always believed these people where a waste of time, but as that thought ran through my head i thought, things cant get much worse, so for the first time in my life I sat down and had a psychic reading.

The reading changed my life
Well to my amazement the reading set me on a new path.
He laid down the cards and began to read them.

  "an inner feeling that urged me to look beyond my sheltered upbringing"

Instantly he looked up and asked me why I ignored the voice within my heart, I said I didn’t know what he was talking about, but deep inside me I knew that I had had many times in my life, a voice, an inner feeling that urged me to look beyond my sheltered upbringing and the confines that religion had placed upon me. I mean I'm not against religion but it failed to give me the answers in my life and to show me a road to free my self from my misery. I yearned for something else; something that would give me the knowledge and skill to reach my true potential.

He continued and revealed many things about me, which in shock and embarrassment I denied and paid him and walked away.

He changed my life forever
That moment has stayed with me for the last 5 years because it was that moment when this small skinny fellow from who knows where convinced me, although he may never know that there was a deeper current to life than that which I had been told to believe. A love and strength was available that I was never told of; that I was taught to believe wasn’t available. And it is that love and strength which I live my life by now everyday and my life just keeps getting better.

It didn’t come to me easily I had to go and find it and I went from one city to another to eventually find it within myself. I also rang many different services like counselors, but it was eventually another psychic that was the real change in my life. Yes she told me my past and some of my future, which I had from my extensive research gained an understanding about and no longer doubted like so many people who are closed of to the real current of life may do. But what the real turning point was, was when she told me about the power in myself. My religion had always put the power in the hands of someone else but now this beautiful old woman had given me the keys to unlock the power within my self. She had given me the power to build my own future before me and control my destiny. She had given me the greatest gift anyone can ever receive in their life, freedom and strength to know who I was and control my destiny. I was at last in control of my life and I just can’t tell you what a feeling that is. To know who you are and be able to make firm decisions and make things happen in your life.

That was now 5 years ago and I haven’t looked back since but if anyone ever tells me that we can not control our lives and make things happen for ourselves i can tell you for a fact right now they are wrong. Dead wrong. The world is changing and the most successful happy people are the ones that take control of their lives through the knowledge I have received.

Why have I bothered writing this?
I write this purely because I know what’s its like to be alone, to have no where to turn and to be confused beyond belief. Don’t ever let anyone tell you, you cannot control your life. It is an old way of thinking and if you believe it you will suffer the consequences. Since finding the skills now through the many psychics I have called I have now found one place that I can rely on for accurate, confidential caring advice and answers and it’s the only place I would ever recommend. The Universal Psychic Guild. These people care and to prove it they even refund your money if your not happy with the call. But even better they have a web site that has so much FREE useful information that you will never need to go anywhere else. They will help you grow and live the life you where born to have.

My life has changed forever

"We can all have it. All we have to do is ask"  

I have a great life now, but the better it gets the more it pains me to know there are so many people like myself who could be living a life like mine but through the old ways never are enlightened to this joyous way of living our lives. I hope through this letter that many more people can join me and enjoy the thrill that the life we are really meant to be living brings. We can all have it. All we have to do is ask.

   Message from the Universal Psychic Guild:

Thank-you Vanessa for your story. As a gift for sharing her story, Vanessa will receive a free email reading.

Vanessa is one of thousands now enjoying a way of living which is the birthright of us all. If you are completely happy with your life please don’t call but like many of us if your inner self yearns for more love and satisfaction and control in your life call those who know and start living today. With your first call you’ll know your on the right track. If not we will refund your money.

The Universal Psychic Guild, giving you the love and freedom that has always been your for the taking.

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