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The humble 3 card spread is extremely underrated when it comes to Tarot Readings. We can develop our innate Psychic Abilities with this Fortune Telling tool which guides and lights our way, in an easy and quick manner.

In fact, one never really has to go to bigger readings, as this type of reading ticks all the boxes, gives great clarity and excellent guidance to you, the seeker. When you feel lost, you can always check out our top-rated, best Online Tarot Sites for a bit more guidance on how to read the cards.

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Preparing and Asking the Right Question

3 card tarot

The MOST important part of ANY reading is always the question. It can be very easy to simply pick up the cards and lay them out, but if you haven’t formulated a clear question, the cards won’t show you anything useful – what you put out is what you get in. Hence, take some time to really think about what you are asking, and try be as CLEAR as possible. Fortune Telling doesn’t work when you don’t ask the right questions.

If possible, make the question one that is actually happening in your life, so rather than asking what could the future holds for you, ask what the future holds in terms of Love, or the house you want to buy, and then lay your Past, Present and Future cards out, the same goes for any other reading.

Create a space to lay your reading out – it could be your desk at work, or it could be a special altar you have created – wherever it is, make it sacred and special, and perhaps you can have a scarf or lovely material laid out to put your cards on.

This is the fun part – pick the deck you would like to use, if you are lucky enough to have more than one deck. I like to use different decks for different things i.e. I like to use a Rider-Waite Deck for external world stuff (money, work etc.), and the Osho deck for spiritual guidance, and the Goddess Tarot for love-related questions.

Ask for guidance, if you need it, from your higher self, your angels or the Gods or Goddesses you believe in. When reading, try and do your best not to let any of your own expectations interfere – be as objective as possible here. Shuffle your cards thoroughly, and then lay them out in the layout that you prefer, depending on the reading itself.

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