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Breakups are terrible – everyone hates them and no one wants to feel the pain of losing someone dear to you or the pain of being hurt. The tarot can be a wonderful counselling tool for something like this and can shed some light on a very difficult, confusing or painful situation.

These types of readings can be done for a short, long or any kind of relationship that has been close, even if it’s a friendship breakup, as the cards will reveal what the lessons have been and where there are lessons to be learned – and of course, if there is a chance for reconciliation.

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It might also be important to search for your Soulmate reading, or do another Love reading simultaneously if the breakup is very recent and it is still fresh, and there is a chance of reconciliation, and something to be learned.

This reading can only really be done when you are one hundred percent READY for it and are ready for the answers – the answers might sometimes be tough to face in this situation, and so it’s important that you have done some work around clearing and balancing so that you can approach the reading with a great deal of objectivity, regardless if you are aching to get back together. The Tarot always gives the REAL answer, and so you have to be ready to understand what Spirit might be trying to say to you, regardless of your own desires and needs.

We recommend that you try and read the cards without consulting a book or an online source, and rather let the images speak to you, take note of the colours and the symbols, the general “feel” of a card before you try and intellectualize and rationalize things. Letting your intuition guide the way is very much recommended here, and we also recommend you do this reading when in a clam space, rather than in a very emotional space, as the reading will be coloured by those emotions and perhaps not be as clear as you would ideally like it to be.

We also recommend doing a few Love Meditations to open your heart and become willing to be guided by a Higher Source, to let go of anger and fear and to embrace Compassion and Forgiveness, as these emotions can help ease the reading even when it brings up big triggers and difficulty for you.

It takes a great deal of emotional maturity to deal with a Breakup Reading and take the lessons, so without further do, let us look at how we can prepare for our reading to get the very best out of it:

Preparing to do your Breakup Tarot Reading

  1. Meditate and try to clear your mind and heart. Focus your energy on your Heart Area and find a glowing green energy here – try and connect to the feelings of Love, Compassion and Forgiveness and let those feelings flow through you so that you can approach your reading with a clear, objective eye.
  2. Determine what you really want from the relationship – do you want to get back together and if so, why? Write or journal this down so that you can put is aside to focus on the messages of the cards.
  3. Then, create a space for your reading, somewhere quiet and peaceful and where you won’t be disturbed. You can do the reading on your altar, or on a piece of lovely material where you can lay your cards out.
  4. Pick a good deck to do the reading – perhaps one that has a bit of a Love focus, like the Goddess Tarot Deck. Make sure it is a deck you feel comfortable and familiar with.
  5. Ask for guidance, if you need it, from your higher self, your angels or the Gods or Goddesses you believe in. A Love Goddess like Aphrodite or Hera can be very useful energies here.
  6. Try not to project anything onto your reading and remain as objective as possible.
  7. Shuffle the cards however you like, then cut them into three decks. Pick the one that calls to you the most and put the other two aside.
  8. Either fan the cards out and pick them out one by one or simply choose from the top. Lay them all face down in the beginning, as you will turn them over one by one.
  9. Have a journal nearby to write out the reading so that you can refer back to it when needs be.

How the Breakup Tarot Reading Spread Works

This five-card spread is relatively easy, even for newbies to the Tarot. The cards are laid out in a simple horizontal live, from the “Why we split” card at the beginning and the “Resolution” card at the end.  

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How to Interpret the Breakup Tarot Reading Spread

The card layout is not difficult to read, and the placements are very clear – this reading is built to shed light and bring a sense of conscious awareness to the split, to empower rather than disempower you. The most important part is to approach the reading with a great deal of compassion and willingness to forgive and accept.

Card Number One: Why we split

This is an incredibly important card which will reveal to reason as to why you and your ex split up in the first place, and even if there is a “positive” card here, it can be insightful. If there is a positive card here, perhaps such as the Two of Cups, it might then be important to look at the more Negative interpretations of that card – much like reversed cards. Hence, this card in this place could mean that sharing and giving was a PROBLEM in the relationship rather than a strength.

Card Number Two: What did I learn in the Relationship

This can be a wonderfully insightful card, showing the all-important lessons you have learnt inside the relationship, even if the card here is ore “negative”, the lesson would be important. It can be very interesting to see if the card here is a Major Arcana or a Minor Arcana, as Major cards tend to be very powerful spiritual lessons.

Card Number Three: What do I still need to learn from the Relationship

The lessons don’t really stop – this card may be linked to the second card, but whereas the second card might already be integrated, this card may not be as yet learnt, or still in the process of being learnt. Both negative and positive cards are important here, and if there is a negative card, the lesson might be a touch more challenging, For example, the Tower here might be a lesson you still need to learn around change, breaking down to break through or dealing with the breakdown of the familiar.

Card Number Four: Are they good for me?

This is a very telling card; if the card that appears here is appositive one, we can be assured that your ex is a good influence on you, and that friendship or a resolution can be approached with some confidence. If the card is more negative, then you should stay away and let it go, however hard that may be.

Card Number Five: Resolution

This can serve as an “Outcome” card, and guidance for the future, for better or for worse. It can show what’s coming up, what is ahead for the future and what can be done going forward.

Example of a Breakup Tarot Reading

John has recently split from a five-year relationship in which his partner felt as if she wasn’t growing enough or spreading her wings. He is understandably devastated, and he would like to try and resolve the relationship and has turned to the Tarot for some answers.

Card Number One: Why we split

The card that comes up here for John is the Nine of Pentacles Card, which is perhaps a confusing one at first, but as we will see, this card has a great message to reveal. It depicts a young, beautiful woman in a garden, well dressed and clearly satisfied, especially financially as shown by the Pentacles Cards. The card conveys Financial and physical independence and fulfilment, which is precisely the reason his ex broke up with him – she wanted more independence in her life, and wanted to experience the material pleasures of life on her own terms. As hard as this might be to admit for John, it can be a good way to get a bit of insight as to what she wanted and why they split.

Card Number Two: What did I learn in the Relationship

This card shows what John has learnt from the relationship; and the card that comes up here is the Four of Swords. This card is also perhaps a touch confusing, but upon further investigation it can be very revealing. John has always been an anxious person, always in a difficult mental and emotional state, and he has learnt, through the relationship, to take a step back to rest, contemplate and relax, to stand back and withdraw instead of becoming tied up in a mentally anxious place. He may have learnt how to take time for himself when needed and nurture himself mentally and emotionally, which is a very important lesson, and as shown by the four, it’s something that has stuck and become stable in his life.

Card Number Three: What do I still need to learn from the Relationship

The card that is pulled here is the Queen of Cups, yet another interesting one to pull. The focus is on a very strong Feminine energy, and she talks about compassion, love and care. She gazes at her creation lovingly and is surrounded by water – she has a mothering energy, and she has a loving heart, is affectionate, sensitive and intuitive. These are all qualities that John might need to learn in his life at the moment, and through the relationship and what it was, he can distill these qualities and turn them onto himself, become a Mother to himself rather than relying on his ex to give him that feeling of love and nurturing.

Card Number Four: Are they good for me?

The card that has been pulled here is a very difficult one, which immediately suggests that John should not be thinking of going back at the moment. The card is the Nine of Swords, depicting a woman crying in her bed with none swords above herm ready to pin her down. The impression is that of mental pain, insomnia, problems and grief, and shows very clearly that John’s ex is clearly not very good for him. She clearly causes him pain and grief, and she is causing great stress as well. He might even have felt very alone in the relationship and that he might be deluded as to her influence on him.

Card Number Five: Resolution

The card that is pulled here is the High Priestess card, which is a Major Arcana card and a fairly positive one, and once again, a bit of an emphasis on the Feminine energies, which is a theme for John here. It seems as if the Four of Swords, the Queen of Cups and the High Priestess are guiding him to withdraw a little, to go inward in a nourishing, kind and gentle way, rather than in an invasive, harsh way as shown by the Nine of Swords. The High Priestess is a very gentle card indeed, and she asks for John to use his intuition in the future regarding the relationship, to let that be his guide and to begin listening to the still, small voice within. It asks John to perhaps to a difficult thing, and to let his reason be put aside in favour of intuition, and that he currently doesn’t have all the facts to make any choice as yet. The two shows that he needs to work on balance and diplomacy within himself and be a mother towards himself.

Pros and Cons of a Breakup Tarot Reading

  • The pro of a reading like this is that it can go a long way to resolve a problem that may be unresolvable in any other way; t can bring a great deal of closure to the relationship.
  • This reading means that you don’t have to necessarily confront the person and can quietly review the issue on your own.
  • If your ex is open, good for you and willing to work on it, you can share this reading and open up a window for discussion and resolution.
  • It can be very difficult to accept some of the cards of this reading, especially when you are wanting to get back together and the cards are advising that they might not be good for you.
  • Sometimes the meaning of the cards might elude you, but it is them important to keep working on it and use your journal, and if you really need to, use a book to help you with interpretations.

Where can I get advice around my Breakup online?

These websites offer fabulous relationship advice if you feel that you need to take your reading further and get some deeper insight into yourself and your breakup. These psychics are ready and willing to help you deal with your relationship questions with compassion and divine guidance.


Oranum has a special section dedicated to Love and Relationships when you land on their page to the left. They have especially selected psychics to assist with all heart related matters and they offer 9.99 FREE credits when you register for the first time.


Keen has a badge on their site that says “100% satisfaction guaranteed” – and their satisfied customer stats are quite admirable. New clients to Keen can get a special of $1.99 for 10 minutes. What are you waiting for?


AskNow has been around since 2004, and has an impressive array of advisors on their site ready to help you with your relationship questions. They also have a fabulous free 5 minute offer to all newbie sign ups when they buy a 20 or 30 minute package!


“Find your way to Love and Happiness” is what Kasamba promises when you land on their friendly website. They have a special menu especially for relationship questions, and you will get 3 Free Minutes with a Psychic when you sign up and when you get a detailed reading, you can enjoy 50% off for the rest of your session.


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