Ace of Cups Tarot Card Meaning Explained

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  • New Beginning
  • New Relationship – Any Type
  • Start of Emotional Journey
  • Start of Creative Project
  • Pregnancy/Birth




Meaning of the Ace of Cups in a Reading

All Aces in all suits of the Tarot Cards indicate a new beginning of some kind or another.  They are the start of things, the birth of an idea, a passion, project, relationship, business or career. Whether we get them in a Celtic Cross reading, or a simple 1 Card tarot reading, the meaning is the same. We can look forward to something new, and usually positive.

The question is, of course, what new thing we can look forward to? The key is to look at the suit. Cups is a suit whose element is water, and so talks about topics like relationships, love, children, friendship, family, creativity and emotions. This is where our new beginning may be found, and we can look forward to something along these lines flourishing in our lives. Even if we have, for example, been in a relationship a long time, this may indicate a start of a positive new journey or even pregnancy or childbirth.

Symbolism of the Ace of Cups

ace of cupsThe symbolism of the Ace of Cups is one of the most beautiful when it comes to the Tarot and to Tarot Readings. One can see a hand reaching out and holding a Cup, and the cups overflowing with four streams of water. The dove of peace hovers above the cup and there are lotus flowers gently floating along the water above the cup.

The Cup is very much like the mystical “holy grail” in mythology, and sparks the phrase “your cup overflows with joy”. We may have therefore found our soulmate or are overjoyed at the coming of a child into the family. We may even feel as if there are angels guiding our way.

The lotus flowers indicate growth coming from even the darkest situations, and new beginnings welcome us. The dove of peace shows the divine love and compassion we feel flowing both outwards from us and towards us, and the peace we find from that. The hand of opportunity.

Ace of Cups in the Past

When we receive this card in the past position of a 3-card tarot reading, it indicates that we have recently embarked on a new relationship, had a creative beginning or started something new and very positive. We could still be feeling optimistic and excited about this beginning. We may have even recently welcomed a child into the world.

Ace of Cups in the Present

We can feel very positive receiving this card in the present position of this tarot reading. And the meaning is the same whether you are doing a face to face reading, or an online spread. You are about to embark on a new and wonderful relationship, maybe even make a new friend, give birth literally or creatively, or improve your existing relationship.

Ace of Cups in the Future

Whatever difficulty you may be experiencing at the moment, there will soon come a time in which you can feel a bit of a rebirth, especially when it comes to matters relating to love, relationships, and emotional wellbeing. You should start feeling a lot better, and if you have been hoping to get pregnant, then you can feel very positive indeed.

Reversed Ace of Cups

reversed ace of cupsThe reversed Ace of Cups can talk about a few things. Whenever a card is upside down, it can indicate that the meaning is often topsy-turvy. Instead of letting our feelings flow, we may be holding back and not giving ourselves or others the chance to love and be loved. It may be time to show ourselves a bit more compassion.

If we have been hoping for a pregnancy, this card indicates that it’s not right now, but that is no reason not to keep trying! If we have been hoping for a new relationship to get off the ground, we may expect delays or obstacles and may need to think about whether this person really is right for us. We may need to develop our psychic or intuitive side a bit more.

Ace of Cups Tarot One Card Meaning

This marks the beginning of something beautiful in your life, be it a relationship or a new creative journey. You are about to embark on a powerful emotional path that could be life changing for you. You might even be thinking of having a child. Your cup is full and you have a lot of love to give at the moment.

Ace of Cups Yes/No Meaning

We all love the insightful and deadly accurate online Yes/No Tarot Reading! It’s simple; any card facing up means “yes”, and any card facing down means “no”. If face up, it is time to move forward with a relationship, a creative project or a new venture that your heart is invested in. Your partner, friends or loved one support this new path of yours and it will be very good for your relationships, emotional fulfillment and happiness overall.

If face down, your relationships may suffer if you go ahead with this decision. Perhaps there is a relationship standing in your way of moving ahead and perhaps it is for the best. Your creativity and emotional wellbeing may suffer if the answer had been yes, so the best thing now is to hold back.


Generally speaking, this is a very positive card to get in any reading. From the Celtic Cross, to the one card, 3 card and the love readings. It is especially positive in the area of love, marriage and pregnancy matters. New beginnings are favored now for us and we can look forward to happier and more fulfilling times ahead.

Affirmations for the Ace of Cups

“I am ready to be loved”

“I love to give love”

“I love myself”

“I love others”

“I welcome new relationships of all kinds”

“I look forward to my new child”

“I am gifted with creativity”

More on the Meaning of the Ace of Cups

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