Eight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning Explained

eight of cups thothKeywords

  • Emotional Journey
  • Walking away
  • Solitude
  • Abandonment
  • Avoidance
  • Inner Strength
  • Farewell

General Meaning of the Eight of Cups in a Reading

When it comes to this card in all Tarot Readings, from the humble 3 card tarot spread to the more famous Celtic Cross Tarot Reading, there is always a sense of loneliness or walking away from something. Perhaps even running away. The Cups Suit is generally emotional in nature, and often related to our love relationships, so it may be that we have to leave an emotional situation in a relationship, or that we are avoiding it entirely.

Sometimes it is necessary to leave a situation, no matter how stable it appears, and to look at your relationship goals for the future. This will give you strength as you go on your solitary journey. Just be careful of trying to escape without addressing the important emotional issues that have arisen.

Symbolism of the Eight of Cups

eight of cupsThis card can be rather gloomy to look at. Eight large cups stand in the foreground, representing some kind of emotional situation, perhaps some sort of family wound or relationship problems, the situation seems stable, o even stuck to a degree and so the figure is walking away towards the mountains, leaving it all behind.

This figure may either be escaping or moving on; it depends on your personal context. The journey ahead seems lonely and tough, and the Moon shows a sad face, showing the depth of emotional suffering that may be present here. The red cloak can denote talking one’s power back.

Eight of Cups in the Past

This card in the Past position shows that you have recently removed yourself from a very difficult situation, whether someone you thought was a soulmate, a family problem or some other issue. You either escaped or realized you had different goals, and have been able to go in search of those. It seems to have been a long and hard road for you recently.

Eight of Cups in the Present

When you receive this card in the Present position of a 3 card tarot spread, then you are currently in a situation where you feel that leaving is the only option. This could be through actually leaving someone you care about or leaving emotionally. You may feel alone or sad, but you have the strength to go ahead. Beware of escaping problems without really dealing with them.

Eight of Cups in the Future

Getting this card in the future indicates that no matter how entangled you may feel now, whether it’s a relationship problem or a family challenge, you will soon be removing yourself and going solo. You may experience a divorce soon, although you will need other indicators such as the 3 of Swords card or the Tower Major Arcana Card.

Reversed Eight of Cups

eight of cups reversedIt may be hard for you to decide to walk away when you receive this card in the reverse. Whether it is a difficult relationship you are dealing with – be it a friend, lover or family member – or another kind of situation, you may feel rather stuck. It is time you left, but something is making you stay. You keep wanting to give it another chance, but you may be feeling hindered in your goals if you do.

Eight of Cups Tarot One Card Meaning

When you get this card in a One Card Reading, it’s time to walk away from an emotional situation and go on a solitary journey, even if it is difficult. You are feeling strong, and are able to climb the mountain ahead of you and reach your goals. Dig deep and trust yourself and take that first step.

Eight of Cups Yes/No Meaning

When this card appears face up a Yes/No Tarot Reading, then this decision will incur you walking away from an emotional situation, and even if the situation seems stable, there is a need for you to do this alone, however hard it may be. This can be a lonely path, but one full of emotional growth for you in the long run.

When this card appears facing down, it means “no”. As stable as the situation may seem, it is not a time to try and go off alone and exit. The path ahead for you is less stormy than you may think. Engage in the problem instead of walking away and you will be rewarded.  If you do walk away, commit to that decision.


Although this card is not an easy one, it will lead to emotional satisfaction and joy in the long run if you make the right choices now. Discern if you are escaping a situation or actually leaving it, and if leaving for the sake of your emotional health, then know that your decision is the right one. You may feel a little alone, but this journey will ultimately build your inner strength and self-esteem, especially when it comes to your relationships.

Affirmations for the Eight of Cups

“I am strong”

“I am able to do this on my own”

“There is a difference between escape and walking away that I am aware of”

“Bravery has allowed me to deal with my emotional issues”

“I trust myself to handle this”

“I will follow my own goals”

More on the Meaning of the Eight of Cups

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