Eight of Wands Tarot Card Meanings Explained

eight of wandsKeywords

  • High Energy
  • Many Projects at once
  • Burn Out
  • “Up in the Air”
  • Travel
  • Action




General Meaning of the Eight of Wands in a Reading

This card is far easier to handle than the frustrating Seven of Wands! The tightness and frustration we experienced with this Tarot Card are very much loosened up with the Eight of Wands’ forward-moving energy. We have succeeded in our battle and dealt with the pressure.

Whether we are doing a one card spread or a lengthier one, this card promises very much the same thing – action, movement, travel, and enthusiasm. We have released our projects into the air, and whilst none have yet “landed” or found fertile soil to be planted in, we may feel very excited and inspired. However, we do need to be careful that we haven’t tried to take too much on Yhe danger with so much going on is always burnout. Focus is essential here so we don’t become frazzled with too much activity going on.

The Symbolism of the Eight of Wands

eight of wandsIn this card, we see eight staffs speeding through the air, leaves budding on them, rich soil beneath. Seeing that the Suit of Wands is all about Work, we can see these staffs as our different projects that we have launched, and that none have yet landed to grow yet.

Being in the air, one may also say that this card relates to travel in some form or another, and quite a bit of it!

Eight of Wands in the Past

The Past, Present and Future 3 card spread is the most popular Live or Online Tarot spread around. When we get this card in the Past position, we can assume we have just come through an extremely busy period. This could have been a time of travel or a period of movement and many projects taken on. We may still be spinning from how busy we have been, and feeling satisfied at which projects have “landed” and taken root.

Eight of Wands in the Present

This Tarot Card in the Present shows that we are in a state of movement. We have figuratively “thrown” many projects up into the air and are now waiting to see which of them “land”. We may need to take some time out to focus on what is important to us as we could feel a little ungrounded or even burnt out if our focus is all over the show. We may need to take it one step/project at a time.

Eight of Wands in the Future

Whatever is going on in our lives now, whether we feel stuck or overwhelmed, things are bound to get loosened up. The Future feels very exciting very soon! We will have more than one passion project coming up and our main challenge could be to choose which project is more important to us. We may also travel soon in the future and it will be fast-paced, exciting travel related to our Career/Work.

Reversed Eight of Wands

eight of wandsWhen we get this card reversed, we may feel stuck, frustrated or uninspired. The things we wish to get moving may feel delayed, and we have to cultivate patience. Angel Card Readings are a useful add-on tool to see what we can do to ease the process or feel less frustrated.

It may also be a time to not proceed with the things you want to do yet, for whatever reason, as hard as that feels. Try not to push things or force things now as you could make reckless mistakes in your impatience to move forward. Let things come as and when they should.

Eight of Wands Tarot One Card Meaning

You have many projects up in the air, and it’s hard to say which ones will “land” and take root to grow. Be careful of burnout and taking on too much at once. It may end up in a struggle, resentment or feeling overburdened with too many tasks. However, do also embrace the forward movement. Simply make sure that you focus on one thing at a time for ultimate success. Get ready to travel!

Eight of Wands Yes/No Meaning

The Yes or No Tarot Reading is a simple, yet very insightful online tarot reading to do! If you get this card facing up, then your answer is yes. Throw as many projects as you can into the air because one of them will land eventually; perhaps even more than one. Embrace being busy right now, and even though you could feel ungrounded, there is an air of excited uncertainty in your situation. Be careful of burnout, however.

If you get this card facing down, your answer is “no” – this is not the time to throw everything up into the air. Rather pursue certainty than try and juggle too many things at once. Things are a lot more stable, especially work-wise, than you may think, and it’s time to focus on just one thing at a time.


Whether it’s Love or Work related, this card can mean an exciting time of moving forward. It’s a time for doing lots of inspiring things and of potential travel. The only danger here is too much enthusiasm, too much excitement. Try and focus on one thing at a time to reap the greatest rewards and avoid burnout.

Affirmations for the Eight of Wands

“I feel inspired”

“I love to be busy”

“I embrace more travel in my life”

“I will focus on one thing at a time”

“I will not rush or be too impatient”

“I am grounded”

“The right project/s will find fertile soil to grow in”

More about the Meaning of the Eight of Wands

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