Five of Wands Tarot Card Meanings Explained

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  • Conflict & Arguments
  • Different Perspectives
  • Clashing
  • Change
  • Resolution
  • Challenge



General Meaning of the Five of Wands in a Reading

Like the Fire signs in Astrology, the Five of Wands is a dynamic, passionate, powerful and intense card to get in a Tarot Reading. Like these signs, this card talks about getting things done and taking action!

However, like all the Fives in Tarot, it promises change and sometimes change is not all that easy. Because the suit of Wands is often about work and is the element of fire, these changes may be tough to navigate and may even have the energy of aggression or impatience.

Generally, whether we are doing a longer Celtic Cross spread, or more simple one card reading, this card does promise change especially when it comes to your career, and talks about the clashes that come at work when many people have different ideas of how they want things done. The best thing about this card is that although the changes and challenges can be tough, they usually create a good, and much-needed resolution.

The Symbolism of the Five of Wands

five of wandsThe symbolism of this card is rather straightforward and easy to read. One can see five people, all holding a staff that they are attacking others or defending themselves with. These staffs look like they are being used as weapons, and the expression on the faces is that of confusion and anger.

This clashing is certainly representative of the clashes we face when we get this card. However, one can also see that it’s not violent, nor is there blood or any real wounds. It simply seems as if everyone wants to have their own way. The staff talks about different drives conflicting with each other, as the Suit of Wands talks about our drives, the action we want to take, creation and general work.

The ground these folks stand on is hard. It shows the difficulty of the situation at hand and how perhaps everyone is trying to get onto the “higher ground”.

Five of Wands in the Past

When we’re doing a 3 Card Tarot Reading and we get this card in the Past, we can breathe a sigh of relief. The worst is behind us and we have more to look forward to than to worry about. We may have recently come through a work clash or a conflict situation, which has led to a much-needed way forward.

Five of Wands in the Present

This card may be tough to negotiate in the Present, but we can rest assured that a good solution will be reached…eventually. We have to try and let all different opinions and ideas be taken into account so that a workable way forward will become clear. This relates to our career most of the time. It may, however, also be related to general relationships or even our Financial situation.

Five of Wands in the Future

It’s important to get ready for change when this card appears in the Future. We may have to look at the arguments and different desires that are coming up between us and others, in all of our relationships, work or pleasure, and see what kind of a way forward may be found. We need to prepare for a fight and be ready to have our energies thinly spread, yet also be aware of when we are fighting just for the sake of fighting, or taking on too many things for the sake of being busy.

Reversed Five of Wands

The Reversed Five of Wands can be similar to the “No” interpretation in the Yes/No Tarot Spread. The interpretation is more positive in the reversed card than when we get it facing up – it means that change is not yet on the way, that we won’t have to worry too much about an argument when it comes to work or our personal lives. You may be able to relax after some struggle.

However, you may be avoiding conflict or change that is needed right now, so look at any passive-aggressive tendencies and try to be more assertive where you need to, and less afraid of change.

Five of Wands Tarot One Card Meaning

There may be conflict and challenge in your workplace or in your team regarding your opposing ideas and desires when this card appears in your One Card Tarot Spread. There can be change, but it could be very positive. The conflict could lead to positive outcomes when you all learn to work together. Try to find harmony in your different passions.

Five of Wands Yes/No Meaning

five of wandsIf you are using the Tarot Spread called the Yes or No Reading, and you see this card facing the right away up, then change is upon you. This is particularly in the area of work, and so you should embrace it. The different ideas will create conflict but there will be a resolution to the problem you are facing now. Out of the crisis will come the answer.

When you receive this card upside down in this reading, then you will not encounter much conflict. The change you are worried about will not come to pass, especially when it comes to work. You should have a fairly easy road through this problem. People will likely be more agreeable to your leadership and ideas. The path ahead seems smooth.


We cannot avoid the change as proposed by the Five of Wands, we simply have to go with it. Trust that a good outcome will result from the conflict we face. This mostly relates to work, but can also come down to personal relationships or sometimes even our family relationships. Possibly even our own personal projects which are clashing against each other. Look at people or situations in your life that seem to be at odds. Try to negotiate where change can happen and remember to take everyone’s desires into account, including your own.

Affirmations for the Five of Wands

“Embrace change”

“I am ready to assert myself”

“I will find a way to work with everyone’s needs, including my own”

“Conflict is a chance for growth”

“I will try and focus on one thing at a time”

“I know the difference between aggression and assertiveness”

Exploring the Meaning of the Five of Wands

Purple Garden Five of WandsMost people are scared of change, even if it is “good” change. Finding someone to advise and guide you through conflict at home or at work can be very helpful in times of need. We think Keen and Purple Garden are great choices with wise and experienced advisors who are easily available.

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