Four of Wands Tarot Card Meanings Explained

Four of Wands ThothKeywords

  • Stability
  • Teamwork
  • Love
  • Harvest
  • Celebration & Joy
  • Success



General Meaning of the Four of Wands in a Reading

This is a lovely, upbeat and positive card. When it comes to Tarot Cards, this is one of the very best to get, especially when you are dealing with a Financial, Love or Business matter.

Generally speaking, this card is all about working together in partnership with someone to create success and stability, and celebrating the harvest of what you have worked for. Life is secure, and there is cause to be very joyful and happy about the accomplishments you have had along the way.

The Symbolism of the Four of Wands

Four of WandsThe Tarot offers us so many wonderful opportunities to understand life, and when we know how to read the cards, we can become that much more enriched. Studying the symbolism is one way to get to know the cards well:

This card depicts a man and woman holding their hands up in a gesture of victory and success, and just ahead of them is a wreath of grapes and leaves over four wands. Behind them is a city and people cheering them on.

The symbology is therefore pretty straightforward. The man and woman are in some kind of relationship, perhaps soulmates of some kind – in business or pleasure, and they have clearly worked together well to create success and are now celebrating, as shown by the support of everyone around them.

You can rest assured you have stability as indicated by the number 4, and that your work has paid off, as Wands is always about work in some form or another.

Four of Wands in the Past

When this card appears in the past of a 3-card tarot reading, it shows that you have recently reaped the rewards of your hard work, and success s just behind you. You may not necessarily be as stable as you were n the past, and this could be a time of change. You worked with someone very well to achieve your goals, and now is the time to build on this success.

Four of Wands in the Present

In a Tarot Reading, when this card appears in the present, we can be in a time of joy, celebration, and happiness with our partner in love or career. We feel stable, positive and can really enjoy the fruits of our labour, knowing that we are secure in our career or relationship.

Four of Wands in the Future

This is an extremely positive card to get in the future position. Whether we are looking for Love or for Career security, this card shows that it will soon be ours and that no matter how hard we are working, we can be assured of success in the future.

Reversed Four of Wands

The reversed meaning of this card is similar to getting it upside down in the Yes/No Reading. It may mean that we are struggling to work as a team in business or pleasure and that the security we are looking for is somehow eluding us still despite our efforts. This is perhaps not the time to rest our laurels and celebrate, but to rather work harder and look at ways in which we may be resisting working with others.

Four of Wands Tarot One Card Meaning

Victory and stability are yours in the area of your work and passion and there is a sense of teamwork and partnership, This can be a great time to celebrate your hard work with your partner, whether it’s a Love Relationship or a Business Partnership.

Four of Wands Yes/No Meaning

Four of Wands BergamotThe Yes or No Tarot Reading is a nice, clear and fun reading to do. When this card appears facing up, your answer is Yes, and this is a wonderful time to work together with someone, and your partner or friend. Your colleague or boss is supporting your decision now and stability lies around the corner, as well as success and celebration of your efforts thus far. Teamwork is important for your future success, so make sure you are not working alone!

When you get this card facing down, it means “no”, and that you may not get the stability and security, nor the partnership you desire, especially when it is work-related. This is not a time for celebration just yet, and you may have to work harder to get to where you want to be. This is a time to do things alone and be ready for change. Perhaps take a look at the ways you may be limiting partnership for yourself at the moment and what may be making you resistant to teamwork.


This suit in Tarot almost always relates to Career, but this card may also relate to Love or even our Financial circumstances (as a result of hard work). This Card represents all the joy, stability, success and happiness we have hoped for so far and we can rest assured that there will be a reason to relax and enjoy life very soon. Our Relationships are or will be in a very good, strong place soon and our dreams can soon come true.

Affirmations for the Four of Wands

“I love working in a team”

“I am successful”

“I love my partner’s contribution to my life”

“I can celebrate my achievements in my career and life”

“This is the time to relax and have fun”

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