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General Meaning of Judgment in a Reading

The Judgment card appears in your tarot card reading when you are on the precipice of a major turning point in your life. The Fool’s journey through the Major Arcana has been fraught with many challenges, choices, and consequences, but this card is truly like the final judgment. This card indicates that you are making a huge life choice that will have a lasting impact, but you are doing this from a place of logic and intuition. There is a calling upon you – are you listening?

The Symbolism of Judgment

The Archangel Gabriel hangs in the sky. He has fiery red wings, golden hair, and is surrounded by clouds of grey. He blows a trumpet that is adorned with a white flag with a red cross on it. Departed souls rise from their places of rest beneath him. They are all rising in order to meet their maker. Their fate, whether it be heaven or hell, will now be decided. Behind all of them is an impenetrable mountain range indicating that this final calling is inevitable. You have reached that turning point in your life where you must make a choice and account for the choices of your past.

The Judgment card is sometimes associated with the element of fire and is ruled by the planet, Pluto. The number 20 is displayed on the card, which can be interpreted in multiple ways according to numerology, however, the most common method is to combine the two numbers into one. The number “2” plus the number “0” gives us “2” (2+0=2), which represents duality. The other cards in the Major Arcana that bear the number 2 are the High Priestess and the Justice card. The High Priestess urges us to connect to our intuition by trusting our connection to the Divine knowing. The Justice card is the card of logic and reason. It is perfectly fitting that the Judgment card is the perfect symbiosis of both cards. We are now at a crossroads where we must use all of what we have learned, both through our successes and our failures, in order to determine how to move forward authentically toward our calling.

Judgment in the Past

Judgment tarot card Jean DodalIn the past position, Judgment indicates that you made a life-altering decision. The card does not determine whether this choice was right or wrong, but simply that it was made and has altered the course of your life moving forward. You responded to a calling and now you are reflecting on where that decision has led you.

Judgment in the Present

In the present position, the appearance of the Judgment card is sending you a message of a spiritual awakening. It is time to embrace a higher level of consciousness and respond to your inner calling. All of the lessons you have learned along the way are now standing before you. Will you respond with honesty and integrity and take on the challenge?

Judgment is telling you that a major decision is at hand and that the time is now to use both your intellect and your intuition to make the right choice. You have practiced self-forgiveness and let go of the wounds of the past with The Moon, and you have embraced the lessons of all of the Major Arcana cards along the way. A major change is here, but you are ready. Your decision will be final and absolute, and although the Judgment card itself does not give you any insight as to what your decision should be, it does advise you to reflect upon all of your past lessons in making your decision.

Judgment in the Future

Judgment tarot card Visconti SforzaWhen placing in the future position, Judgment is warning you that a major decision is coming your way and the choice you will have to make is unavoidable. But it is a powerful card to have appear in the future because it is a card of coming clarity. A major incident will clarify everything. Whatever has been confusing you up until this point, whether it be self-doubt, guilt or other burdensome feelings, are about to be cleared away. Gabriel is coming to blow his horn and the final calling will soon be upon you.

Judgment Reversed

As with all cards, when they appear in the reversed position, they can indicate either excess or lack of the essences attributed to that card. Perhaps you need to step back and take a look at the recurring themes in your life. Are there certain patterns that keep repeating themselves? The answer to your forward motion lies therein. You may need to work on your self-forgiveness to move out of a negative cycle.

Is there a message you have been receiving from the Universe that you haven’t wanted to hear? Has there been a nagging voice telling you something but it was too uncomfortable to look at or recognize? The Judgment card in reverse points out that you may be trying to avoid the inevitable. Confront the calling knowing that The Universe will support you. These challenges always present for a reason.

Judgment Tarot One Card Meaning

In a tarot One Card Reading, Judgment appearing in the upright position is telling you that your goals and dreams are within your reach. Whatever you are trying to achieve, The Universe is supporting you in your efforts. There is a great opportunity in store for you and you must listen to the call. When appearing in the reversed position, the Judgment card indicates that what you are trying to achieve is not within your reach and that you will not succeed with your endeavor – things will fall out of your control.

Judgment Yes/No Meaning

Judgment is one of those cards that doesn’t give you a clear answer, though, in a Yes/No reading, it would tend toward a Yes. Depending on the querent’s question, Judgment in the upright position would indicate a “yes,” whereas the reversed position it could be advising you not to be “wishy-washy.” Take decisive action.

Summary of Judgment

Judgment is a card of an inevitable decision coming your way. This decision will have permanent consequences but should be seen as a card of opportunity, for it is generally a positive card. However, take heed, for decisive action is necessary. There is no point in trying to avoid making this decision, for nobody can avoid the calling.

Affirmations for Judgment

“I am ready to receive my higher calling”
“I make swift and decisive decisions borne out of honest self-reflection”
“The choices I make daily, align me with my life’s purpose”

More about Judgment

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