King of Cups Tarot Card Meaning Explained

king of cups thothKeywords

  • Father
  • Sensitivity
  • Compassion
  • Emotional male
  • Emotional turbulence
  • Creative energy


General Meaning of the King of Cups in a Reading

Although not as harsh or rigid as the Emperor Card in the Major Arcana, the Kings in the Minor Arcana do represent powerful masculine energies at play, and Father-like or Authority figures in our lives. The Kings can talk about our bosses, the men in our love relationships or members of our family. From our Fathers to Uncles and older Brothers etc.

The Kings in the Tarot can also talk about energies that we ourselves are embodying. These could be qualities of control, power, authority and being in charge. When we get a tarot reading surrounded by Kings, like in a 10 card Celtic Cross reading, then we may be surrounded. Perhaps we are even stifled by the masculine in our lives.

The King of Cups is gentle, however. The Cups Suit tends to be more emotional and tender in nature so this King is someone who is a little softer and more in touch with their feelings and intuition. They are someone who may be very creative and nurturing.

king of cupsSymbolism of the King of Cups

Using the famous Rider-Waite Tarot Deck’s imagery, we can see in this card a relatively youthful looking man sitting on a throne wearing a blue gown and yellow cloak. His youthfulness indicates that unlike the other Kings in Tarot Readings, he’s still got some maturing to do.

In his hands, he holds a Cup and a Sceptre, representing his emotions and his control of them. Although young, he seems to be emotionally empowered and strong. However, we can see by the turbulent waves beneath him that there are powerful feelings just under the surface that he’s on top of for the moment. Although, it may be quite challenging for him to be this way. This King will talk about someone in our lives who is a sensitive Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer astrology sign.

King of Cups in the Past

When we receive this card in the past position of a Past, Present, and Future 3 card tarot reading, we may have recently met a man who was a Scorpio, Pisces or Cancer sun sign. We likely got involved romantically with him. Similarly, we could have simply had an influential man in our lives recently; someone connected to their emotions and rather creative. We ourselves may have gone through a period in which we controlled turbulent emotions successfully.

King of Cups in the Present

Getting this card in the present means that there is a masculine energy in our lives that is very influential at the moment, whether it’s in our personal love relationships, in the work environment or in the family. This male energy may be a bit of a fatherly figure; someone who is nurturing and sensitive towards us. We may feel more in control of our emotions at the moment and more in touch with our creative strengths.

King of Cups in the Future

When we get the King of Cups in the future position, we may encounter a man in our lives who could become a coach, mentor or guide. We may get romantically involved or take career guidance from him. We ourselves may step into a position of greater personal authority and get turbulent emotions under control, whilst connecting to our intuitive and creative sides.

king of cups reversedReversed King of Cups

When we get this card in the reverse, we may have problems controlling extremely powerful emotions, which could be creating difficulty for us. It’s possible for us to have a creative block at the moment or there could be a masculine energy in our lives – perhaps a lover or father – making us feel misunderstood and unheard. It’s important to maintain emotional control at this point, and to create healthy emotional boundaries for ourselves.

King of Cups Tarot One Card Meaning

There is a gentle, emotionally sensitive male energy in your life right now when you get this card in a One Card Reading, someone who may appear as if they have their emotions handled, but they might be keeping quite a lot under the surface. This may be someone external in your life, or an energy you are carrying. This man may be a Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer star sign.

King of Cups Yes/No Meaning

When you get this card facing up in the Yes/No Tarot Reading, it’s a time in which you need to get your emotions under control. You should move forward in a purposeful yet empathetic and compassionate way. There may be a man who can help you in this decision. They are someone who is kind, sensitive and creative, or maybe this is an energy you will be able to tap into.

When you get this card facing down, there may be a male figure who is interfering with your actions, or holding you back in some way. Your relationship with this person may be affected by this decision, whether it be adversely or positively. You may not be able to keep your emotions under control and things could get a little turbulent.

King of Cups Summary

When you get the King of Cups in a tarot reading, it can represent a man in your life who is one of the astrology water signs. He could be someone you are in a relationship with, even your soulmate, a father figure or a boss. The King could also represent you! This could be a time where you have control over powerful emotions leading to emotional maturity. Alternatively, it could be a time you are tapping into your intuition and creativity.

Affirmations for the King of Cups

“I am in control of my powerful emotions”

“I am connected to my intuition”

“My emotional boundaries are clear”

“I am creative”

“I am sensitive yet firm”

More on the meaning of the King of Cups

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